The Devilish Lord Will

Will Mackenzie usually works alone but then Josette will come to him with a request to help her group find a trove of gold. He will team up with Josette to help find the gold that is lost somewhere in the highlands, which will help Highland women who lost a lot in the war. Will trusts Josette, they had worked together as man and wife and she was the woman he loved.

The Devilish Lord Will is the tenth book from the series Mackenzies & McBrides by Jennifer Ashley. I have followed this series from the beginning and have loved most of the books. Anything with Ian has always been fantastic to read. This book was good but by no means was it my favorite.

I think it was a good story but I found it a little boring at times. It didn’t drive me to read and want to know more. I am not always a big spy reader but it wasn’t even that. Maybe there wasn’t enough to really draw me into that story. Although, it was still good just took me longer to finish. I did enjoy the characters of Will and Josette. I liked that they had been a team beforehand which of course turned to lovers. I enjoyed their teamwork and I think Jennifer Ashley wrote them well. There was sweet interactions between them that showed Will truly loved Josette and her daughter.

Of course when the next book to the series comes out I will read it right away because I really can’t get enough of this series.


BurnJenner Redwin had gotten lucky when she won the lottery which had been seven years ago. Her life changed forever. Seven years later she is planning a trip with her best friend Sydney when they will both be kidnapped but held in different places. If Jenner wants Sydney safe she has to play her part in the kidnappers scheme.

Burn is a novel by Linda Howard. For a while I actually wanted to try this book as I had kept seeing it in my library. I was glad I picked it up as it was a really entertaining book to read. Linda Howard spins a suspenseful tale where a group of people are trying to stop one man from doing something terrible to others.

I was hooked on the story right away as I wanted to know what was going on with Jenner who looked to be in a situation because of her friend. You find out what happens after you get a little information of how Jenner had come to a be a multimillionaire. Jenner is a woman who had a amazing luck to win the lottery. It was sad how quickly the people around her changed when she received the money. So then Howard fast forwards seven years later when she will be kidnapped and taken on the cruise where she will have to play her part because her friend Sydney would be hurt. I liked that she fought every time and did not back down when she had to deal with her kidnappers.

So the kidnapper, Cael, and his group were not necessarily bad guys. There were stopping a bad guy from doing a terrible deed. There was a line that Howard wrote where Jenner was thinking about her kidnappers, they did not wear white hats it was more like gray hats. I liked that description of this team. They were a group who was doing what they needed to do for the greater good. I will admit in the beginning I thought Cael would be too harsh but as the book went on he softened some when it came to Jenner, and of course the lust between them did not hurt.

The bad guy was Frank Larkin. I was confused at first with what was going on with this man. He didn’t seem like a villain but as the book went on you knew he was the villain without a doubt. The ending served justice to Larkin. There was an epilogue in the book which gives a little surprise about Jenner, Cael and his group.

Shadow Woman

Shadow WomanLizette Henry wakes up one day and realizes that the woman looking back at her is unrecognizable. She will find that flashes of memory were coming back to her. She will also realize that she is being watched.

Shadow Woman is a novel by Linda Howard. Alright now overall I liked the book. I thought the beginning pulled me into the story with the shooting that had happened. Then with Lizette and how she did not know who she was. I was intrigued but at points I lost somewhat interest in the story. I think what threw me off the plot a little was this brainwashing. It was a little strange. Also I was frustrated as I wasn’t getting answer right away. Though Howard will give you answers of course and I will say that towards the end I was back into the story. I was getting a better insight with what was happening.

With this book it was hard to tell which person was the villain. I had a good idea who the bad guy was but there were other options. The qualifications of a hero was blurred which made that person almost villain like.

I do think that Linda Howard can write a well written suspense romance novel and I am looking forward to reading from from her.

Kiss Me While I Sleep

Kiss Me While I sleepLily Mansfield is a hired assassin who works side jobs for the CIA. She has been an assassin since eighteen and very good at her job but on this next mission it will be going against the agency she worked for. She was out for revenge against the man, Salvatore Nervi, who killed her good friends their daughter. She will have to watch her back as the agency will try to take her in.

Lucas Swain was on a job for the CIA to bring in Lily Mansfield and he was to do whatever he could to bring her in. He will be drawn to the woman and will find himself walking a thin line as he helps her discover the truth with what happened to her friends and what Nervi was do up to which would harm numerous people.

Kiss Me While I Sleep is the third book to CIA’s Spies by Linda Howard. I absolutely loved the first two books and although I did like this one I wouldn’t say it was my favorite. I suppose that in the previous two books I felt I connected with the characters a little easier. In this book I was drawn in but I couldn’t get into the characters all the way as there was too much deceiving going on. Then again that is what Lucas and Lily have to do, deceive. It is their job when working for the agency.

What I liked about the story was this mystery of why Lily’s friends and their daughter were killed. I thought how Howard developed that story was really well done. She kept you going with one small clue to another and another. I didn’t know how it was going to end with the mystery but when all was said and done there was justice to be found for those who had died.

I wasn’t too into the ending. Yes it was a happy ending for Lily and Lucas which for me was the problem. I wanted them to have a happy ending but with how things were shaping out to be it didn’t seem right. It seemed too force at the end for that happy ending. This ending though of course did not throw me off from Linda Howard as I plan on reading more because she is a very good writer and her books are enjoyable.

All The Queen’s Men

All the Queen's MenCIA Black Ops John Medina is a legend among those in the field and has a new mission he must complete. To get close to his target he has to enlist the help of Niema Burdock who he worked beside five years ago. Not leaving on the best terms John will have to work hard to get her to agree to the mission.

Niema Burdock had stopped living her life once her husband was killed on a mission. She has recovered but was not prepared to have John Medina back in her life. She will be tempted and agreed to come back to the life, but she will be tempted in a new way when working close to John.

All the Queen’s Men is the second book to Linda Howard’s series CIA’s Spies. Linda Howard is a storyteller and a very good one at that. I was captivated with the story. I was quickly brought into this book with the tragic beginning which gave a quick insight to the two main characters and after that I only wanted more.

Reading the first book I knew that I would want to read the second for the sole reason of John Medina. I wanted to know more about this man who was an enigma. He was a hard man and one who has been trained to survive on these missions that are almost impossible. In the beginning of the book I found John a hard man but one of compassion. As the book continues he is still that hard man but he has some humor and a lot of sex appeal when he is squaring off with Niema. Now Niema’s character was one I instantly gravitated towards. She was a strong woman but very weak in parts of the field that she needed to survive. She grows stronger when facing this new mission which also gave back her life in a way. She has been like a ghost just walking the earth since her husband was killed, now she has a chance to live once again.

The bad guy is stated in the book but I didn’t necessarily hate him even though he was an arms dealer. I kind of liked him especially when Howard shows his soft side which is also his liability.

To finish off the series I picked up the third and final book, Kiss Me While I Sleep which I will be reading next.

Three Nights with a Scoundrel

Three Nights with a ScoundrelJulian Bellamy needed to find his best friends murderer while trying to make sure the woman he loves finds security in a marriage for her station in society. Julian knew that he was not the man for her. He had too many secrets and would never be of her station but he will find himself spending more time with Lily and falling harder for her.

Lily Chatwick had barely survived her twin brothers death but knew that if Julian would fall to his death she would not. She wanted to have Julian stop looking for her brothers murder and she knew the only way was ask him to help her find a potential husband, even thought the only husband she wanted was Julian.

Three Nights with a Scoundrel is the third and final book from Tessa Dare’s series Stud Club. This was a very good finish to the series and it wrapped up everything that needed to be said. Julian was a surprise to me with who he was and his childhood, not to mention what he was doing to make money. You felt for him and you wanted him to find happiness with Lily as he loved her without a doubt. Lily was a surprise as well as at how she was being deaf. It was part of her and she learned how to handle social situations without too much of a problem. I loved how Julian protected Lily but didn’t do it because he thought she was weak, he had a connection with deafness from his past. Now even though Julian was persistent with keeping his distance with Lily they do have a happy ending. The epilogue wrapped it up for all the main characters with a look into the future and how their families were growing.

It is interesting as the mystery does finally come to an end with who killed Leo and it is definitely wasn’t what I thought was going to happen. I liked the surprise of who Leo was in love with and what really happened that night which I really did not see coming. I liked that Dare’s novel left you guessing and actually surprised me with the events that happened.

No Longer a Gentleman

No Longer a GentlemanGrey Sommers, Lord Wyndham, has been trapped in a cell for ten years in France. He will be rescued and brought back to England to live a life he was born to. Grey will have troubles adjusting but will have help from Cassie.

Cassie is known by many names. She gave up the one she had long ago as her family was killed. Cassie will go on dangerous missions and Grey’s was no exception but she will be finding her become closer to the man even though she knows they have no future.

No Longer A Gentleman is the fourth book to Lost Lords series by Mary Jo Putney. As this was my first book from the author I thought this was a good introduction to the author and her writing. I really enjoyed the book. At first it was a little slow but that was due to building up the background and all that had happened to Grey to have him come to his circumstance.

Grey’s character was someone you warmed to right away. Although he wasn’t the smartest ten years ago he grew into something more and his life would never be the same. I liked that Cassie was the one to free him from the cage and was his future. Cassie was unique with the disguises that helped her throughout France. It was interesting as her past came back and gave her something more in life.

The enemy was definitely Durbad, the French lord, who really disliked Grey. He was only in the beginning and end of the book which made sense as he was in France while Grey left for England. Durbad does come back right at the end to try to finish what he started.

I am intrigued to continue the book and find out more on the Lost Lords series.

The Handbook to Handling His Lordship

The Handbook to Handling His LordshipEmily Portsman was on the run most of her life hiding who she really was. Her past was starting to catch up to her and she had to be ready. She is blindsided with Nate Stokes who is not your average gentleman.

Nate Stokes, Earl of Westfall, liked to find things that were missing because he was good at it. His biggest paying assignment just landed in his lap to find a murderess. His theories lead him to the Tantalus Club and in the arms of Emily Portsman who he hopes is not the woman he is looking for.

The Scandalous Brides series has been one that I have enjoyed since the very beginning as it was different with a woman owning a gambling establishment only employed by females with the occasional men for security.

The Handbook to Handling His Lordship, the fourth book from Suzanne Enoch, takes you back to the club where Emily’s identity is being threatened to be uncovered. I thought Emily’s character gave a lot of little surprises especially with who she was as Enoch kept you guessing. She was stubborn and non trusting as she had to keep looking over her shoulder afraid that she would be found out. Nate was fun to read about as he was not your average gentleman. I liked that he made earnings with finding items that were lost or taken. He was a hero but no one could ever know what he had done.

Spies and secrets filled this book more so than the others and Enoch writes the story well. She builds up the story and entices you to want to know more of what really happened as you trust Emily is not the murder but victim. I also liked how Enoch had Emily and Nate interact. They were both watching each other to see if the other one will slip and let loose information they needed. Of course passion flares between them and they have to choose to trust each other.

The villain is easy to decipher as he is the one who is after Emily for killing his wife. Of course that is not the truth but what the Marquis spins so he can find Emily and have his own justice. But villains rarely get what they want.

A happy ending will follow that gives Nate and Emily a chance. I wonder who Suzanne Enoch will be writing about next.

When A Scot Loves A Lady

When A Scot Loves a LadyLord Leam Blackwood was going back home to Scotland but with unplanned snow he was stuck at an inn with several of his friends and a temptation in the form of Kitty Savege.

Kitty Savege didn’t expect to spend the holiday at an inn. With the arrival of Lord Blackwood she found that her guarded heart started to beat a little more for this man who wasn’t all that he appeared to be.

When a Scot Loves a Lady is the first book to the series Falcon Club by Katharine Ashe. I had read one book from the author and I wasn’t floored by the story. I thought When a Scot Loves a Lady had potential.

The story was easy to get into but it was hard to understand at first. What was hard to understand was Leam’s words that were written. I had to stop and reread what Ashe had written as Scottish brogue is not something I read every day, but you do catch on. Other than that the story was easy to follow and I liked it.

It was fun to start of with a spy who was at the point of retiring but instantly getting sucked back into his old life. I also liked the band of men who were part of the group along with the one woman.

The character of Leam was all that you wanted in a hero as a handsome roguish Scotsman. Kitty was kind and had a wildness about her that sent Leam’s character spinning. It was fun to read as they interacted. Ashe will also keep you on your toes as there were several twist and turns throughout the book along with a happy ending for Leam and Kitty which was needed.

Sins of a Virgin

Sins of a VirginMadeline Valdan is a scandalous courtesan to the noblemen of English society. She will shock society by holding an auction for the suitor to take her virginity. The auction is unbelievable to everyone but bidders line the up. Madeline though is not all she claims to be, but she will make sure that no one will find the truth except for a bow street runner.

Gabriel Huntford wants to find his sisters murderer along with several other girls who were murdered. Every turn he took lead him to a dead end. Now he finds himself with a chance to continue with the investigation with his new job, protecting Madeline Valdan.

Sins of a Virgin is the first book to the Sinners Trio series by Anna Randol. I had previously read one book from her and I liked it but it wasn’t my favorite. Now Sins of a Virgin is not ranked up in my ultimate favorites but I certainly liked it better than the previous book. For me I found myself connecting more with the characters. Gabriel was a fantastic character that had fought hard in his life and things kept going wrong. Madeline had to hide and face many demons that made her cold and guarded. This was not a happy romance novel, it was darker especially with the murders. I did like that Randol gives us a conclusion on the murderer. The villain was not seen coming until the end. I had a feeling about the character but wasn’t sure what the motive would be.

I thought Randol does a very good job splitting the book into a mystery/suspense romance book. The mystery took over as spies were what this book was about. I have read book on spies who have tended to be more lighthearted. Randol does not make them lighthearted at all. The trio are all flawed and damaged from the job or what life has shown them. There were a lot of layers in the book that you kept having to uncover. I thought that it was interesting to make the trio two men and a woman. It gave diversity. I will definitely be looking forward to reading about the other two in the series.