Only With a Highlander

Only with a HighlanderWinter MacKeage was special according to the priest and had a destiny that would save everyone. Winter was unaware of this destiny and will be shocked to find out that the enemy that was after them was closer than she thought.

Only With a Highlander is the fifth book to the series Pine Creek Highlander by Janet Chapman. I have liked this series since the start but I really liked this book, more than Robbie’s story. I guess its because Winter was talked about since the first book and I was curious to read how her character would be.

I liked Winter. She had a peaceful way of her but very connected with nature. That kind of way about her is in reflection to her destiny and what she really is. I liked that Winter was special but I liked it more that there were choices. That came about towards the end by a loved one which gave Winter that chance and happy ending. Matt is the other main character in the book and he was more than he appeared to be. There is a struggle between villain and hero and he will choose one side.

The magic keeps growing more and more within the series. It takes a bigger part to this book since it is Winter who will be coming into her powers which had been proclaimed since the beginning of the series. I liked the increase of powers and the strange things that followed.

Well there are several surprises with how certain things turned out. Some of them I liked, some I didn’t at least right away. The one I liked the most was one character who was also not from this present day. They are a surprise at the end which shows that Matt and Winter can have what they want.

When I had read the sixth book of the series I had thought it was over. Well there are two more to the series which look to be finishing up the series. I will be first reread the sixth book and move on to the last two books of the series.

Tempting the Highlander

Tempting the highlanderRobbie MacBain is a foster parent trying his best to help troubled teens who kept scaring away housekeepers. He will find help from Catherine Daniels who was on the run from her ex-husband who had abused her. There will be another burden thrown on his shoulder when the old priest tells him he has to save the highlanders from traveling back in time. Robbie will have to travel back in time to find a book of spells to stop the spell from happening. As Robbie travels through time Catherine will help keep the teens protected.

Tempting the Highlander is the fourth book to the series Pine Creek Highlander by Janet Chapman. I liked this book. I thought there was more action in this book with what was going on, which would make sense as Robbie was time traveling back to his father’s time.

Catherine’s character was someone I liked. She was abused by her husband but she kept going for her kids. She did not break down but made a move that would get them away from their past. Robbie helps Catherine by giving her the housekeeper job. Robbie’s character turned out to be a strong man with good morals and a kind heart. I think there was still some of the highlander teaching in him with being a little demanding but it wasn’t overbearing. There will be a romance building between Catherine and Robbie. My hope was that Robbie didn’t get stuck in the past so he could keep his relationship strong with Catherine.

I liked that Chapman had Robbie needing to time travel to save his family. There will be several surprises when time traveling happens. I am reading the fifth book next. I only have a few more to read to finish off the series.

Practical Magic

practical magicFor two hundred years the Owens women have been talked about and their unusual powers that are part of them. It had been said that any Owens woman who falls in love will only be with that man until he meets an untimely death. It will take Gillian and Sally to break the spell that had been with their family for two hundred years.

Practical Magic is a novel by Alice Hoffman. It surprised me that I had not reviewed this book before. I have read this book many times and have loved it since the first time I read it. I have liked stories with witches since I was little which has lead me to enjoy paranormal romances.

Sally and Gillian are sisters and enemies at times which I find it true to a lot of siblings. I know at times that was how it went with mine. Well I never thought of my younger brother as an enemy but he knew how to push my buttons and I did the same to him. There were times in the book that I didn’t like Gillian but underneath it all she is a good woman and good sister. Sally was always the good sister, anyone could see that, but there were times when she was a little controlling of the situation. She needed to protect everyone which wasn’t a bad thing.

The spell aspect was throughout the book. I liked how Hoffman wrote the Owens using their powers. It wasn’t always spells but more with how the Owens were feeling. Their emotions took over and caused some effect to objects or to those around them.

Now I will say that I had watched the movie first because I didn’t know that there was a book at that time. When my mom told me that there was a book she insisted that I borrow her copy. The movie and book are obviously very similar but there are differences. In the book the daughters of Sally are older than in the movie. I enjoyed that more as you got to see them grow up some and read about the difficulties they encountered being part of the Owens, just like their mom and aunt. In the book you also got to know more about Sally and Gillian. In the movie you get to know the characters but the book expands on the details.

I think that both movie and book are well done, and enjoyable to read and watch over and over at least for me.

Vampire Academy

The Vampire AcademyI started the series Vampire Academy from Richelle Mead several years ago when it first came out. But it was a series I had to wait for and I got tried of waiting specifically as she left the book Blood Promise on a cliff hanger. I took a break from her. It turned out the break was for several years and now that the series is complete I decided to revisit the first four and then finish up on the final two books which have been plaguing me.

The six books to the series Vampire Academy are:

1. Vampire Academy

2. Frostbite

3. Shadow Kiss

4. Blood Promise

5. Spirit Bound

6. Last Sacrifice

So first off this series is about vampires but Mead has created this world with a different take on them. Vampires are not the word but Moroi and then there are dhampirs, half humans, who act like guardians for them. Mainly the story takes place at the school, St. Vladimir’s, where they are trained to do the job. The story circles around Rose, the guardian, and Lissa, a Moroi royal. There are many fights and it gets dicey when Dimitri gets into the mix and feelings form between Rose and Dimitri which is against the rules. What then starts to come is Dimitri will be turned to the worst thing which is a strigoi, but all it not lost as there is talk they can be brought back.

Alright so the first four books went quick as I have already read them, so it was more of a reminder of what had occurred with Rose and Lissa plus Dimitri, who I love in the books. Now came Spirit Bound and Last Scarfice. I will say that reading the series again was needed to remind me of the characters who were part of the series. This is something you need to start at the beginning. Back to the fifth and sixth book they were worth the wait. I was in agony for how the story was going especially with the love triangle between Rose, Dimitri and Adrian. Now I did like Adrian but compared to Dimitri he was weak and Rose needed someone who could be by her side.

Now Mead doesn’t make it easy for a happy ending. There are bumps in the road causing nonstop obstacles and of course feelings get in the way with doing the right or wrong thing. I was very satisfied with the ending as I got my way even though one was hurt because of it, but for me the better man or the right man was picked for Rose’s character.

The enemy that was the one behind the murder of the Queen left a blank for me. I had several suspects and the murderer turned out to be one of them but I was never sure until right before they were revealed. I felt bad for the person but not so much when they purposely harmed Rose almost killing her.

After this long wait on the series I would have been steamed if the ending was different but Richelle Mead wrote the series well with all the action, forbidden love, and new hope. The Vampire Academy series is a very good addition for young adult books.

Garden Spells

Garden Spells

Have you ever seen or read the story Practical Magic? Well that is what Garden Spells reminded of immediately as I started to read the story.

Waverleys were known for their strange behavior and the legend that surrounds them. Claire Waverley has lived in the old house for years but has never been completely embraced because of who she is, but things are starting to change with a new neighbor and a sister who is coming back home.

Garden Spells is written by Sarah Addison Allen and was magical. I was drawn into the story even as I compared it to Practical Magic. Allen writes the story well and you can hear her own voice very clear.

I was drawn in how the sisters, Claire and Sydney, were almost enemies but learned to love again and found love from good men who saw beyond the legends. This was a sweet romance story but also of forgiveness and trust. Those categories also followed with the villain, Emma who I think of her as a villain, of the book who turned a new leaf in the end. The actual villain, David, got his own justice at the end which felt right.

What was fascinating for me was the apple tree and what it could do. If you were to bite an apple from the tree you either see the happiest moment or your death. This plays in to the story and gives a twist at the end that I didn’t see coming but was happily surprised.

Garden Spells was a book I was recommended to read by my cousin who really has not let me down on her recommendations. This will not be the last time I will be reading something from Sarah Addison Allen.

Swallowing Darkness

Swallowing Darkness is the seventh book to Meredith Gentry series and Hamilton does not disappoint.

Merry has won the battle of who would become pregnant but before she can celebrate she has to survive the attacks on her and her men. This will become increasingly more difficult as the attacks are closer to home than she realized. Her men will protect her but what will they have to give up to save them all.

I was kind of shocked how much I liked this book. It was darker and a lot more fighting went on through the book which really pulled you into the story. The men who are the fathers have been named and now because of Cel’s escape Merry’s life is even in more danger. The big fight in the book was really well done.

There were more spells and twist in this book that left you wanting more. I kind of started to dislike Sholto because of the ignorance but he redeemed himself later. I loved the ending on what was given up by Merry and Doyle to save the one they loved.

I loved how Hamilton created Cel to be even crazier if that was possible and to show the Queen truly having a weakness and not fit to rule.

From the looks of the series it seemed over but Hamilton has published another book. For me the seventh book had finished the story for Merry but I will definitely pick up the next one to find out what happens next.

A Lick of Frost

So I was wrong partly. A Lick of Frost did not really have Frost center stage in fact Frost plays a disappearing act.

Staying in a small conference room was bad enough without the pressure of defending themselves against the King of Light. Three of Merry’s guards have been accused of rape of a Seelie lady. They are lies all part of the King’s plot. Merry will now start fearing the king more as his attentions become clear that he is interested in her more as a woman. With a battle looming in the background Merry will not only fear the King but now mourn the loss of one of her beloved guards and for the safety of her children.

A Lick of Frost was not as quick as the fifth book but it was a quick read for me. You are pulled into the story quickly with the turn of the first page. I liked the addiction of lawyers in the first part especially the one that was more immune to them.

I was happy that Hamilton finally had Merry get pregnant but the surprise is who is the father to these twins. I liked the twist and not terribly surprised especially as this is supposed to be the fey and magic is all around them.

As far as the series goes I am liking it more and more as we are coming to more an a conclusion especially with the ending of this book. Of course the ending is really nothing much to be too happy with except wanting to see the King killed for his actions.

I am very interested in the next book to find out what will happen with Merry and her men.

A Stroke of Midnight

A Stroke of Midnight is the fourth book of the series Meredith Gentry. Laurell Hamilton is upping the anti with the amount of  threats that will be coming Merry’s way.

Getting pregnant can be stressful enough but with the added threats that were building it was almost impossible. Merry will come back to her Queen as the threats had gotten worse that even the police were called in to help. Merry will find little support of the sidhe until they find out that the ring has come back to life and children of the sidhe were not impossible.

Having the ring act as matchmaker for the sidhe was inventive on Hamilton’s part. I liked that Nicca was in this part with the matchmaking. You will meet the character Biddy who will be for Nicca. With more power the Queen is not happy. I like to think that maybe Merry will become stronger than the Queen even though she is still mortal. That would be a good twist at the end.

New powers are also coming back with tattoos being displayed on some of the guards bodies and Merry’s. These tattoos were a thing of the past.

Hamilton does a good job with keeping Cel in the book as well even as he is still being tortured. His followers are doing his bidding. Of course punishment will come swiftly as the Queen will deal with the traitors. She will punish the traitors but never the real traitor, her son.

More guards are introduced female and male. A healer will join Merry and the other guards. Along with Mistral who will be making his presence known.

The fifth book will be all about the storm guard, Mistral.

Seduced By Moonlight

Finding a chalice in bed was not what Merry expected to find after she and guards went to sleep. All of them know what the chalice means and fear what is to happen when the Queen finds out. Merry and her guards will keep the chalice hidden but it will be difficult as it will unravel in the heat of passion waking up dormant powers of her guards.

The third book, Seduced By Moonlight by Laurell Hamilton steps further into the world of the fey. Merry is encountering with more of the fey in this book and I find it interesting that magical objects keep finding their way to Merry.

I like that Merry is gaining power first with the ring and now the chalice. She is becoming stronger and almost like a goddess herself.

Doyle is still my favorite but really I like all of the guards. I think Hamilton does a good job making each guard distinctive and their own personality and power.

I am looking forward to the fourth book to find out if Merry will yet win the race to the throne.

A Caress of Twilight

Finding the first book intriguing I went off to search for the second, A Caress of Twilight.

Merry is now surrounded by her guards and in America away from the queen. Her task is to get pregnant as fast as she can but something will interrupt their effort. Hollywood actress and exiled sidhe will come to ask for help. Maeve Reed wants a child with her husband who is about to die. Merry will help but more trouble is brewing beyond the horizon as the Nameless has been released.

I found the book fun and different to read. By now I am used to Hamilton’s way of sex in her books. There was a good amount but not tons, of course the series is still early. There will be more to come especially as the plot is all about Merry getting pregnant.

I liked the concept of the fey. I don’t read a lot of books with magical creators. The characters of Merry and her guards were fun to read. I of course like them all but my favorite is Doyle so far.

Maeve Reed was a piece of work. I liked that she still acts like a royal of the Seelie court. I think that the King of light will be a problem through the series. Looking forward to reading the next chapter with Merry and her guards.