Thrill Ride

Thrill RideRock Babineaux has been a member of the Black Knights team but now he is on the run and has gone rogue. Anyone around him would not believe he has betrayed his country. He will not be surprised when he will be in a manhunt by the CIA and his team, but running was necessary as it will be the only way to protect them.

Vanessa Cordero could not believe that her partner had gone rogue and she wanted to prove that he was innocent. Her team was on her side but in order to protect Rock they had to first find him. Vanessa will be determined to find Rock and she will be successful but they will quickly have to cover their tracks as trouble will be finding them.

Thrill Ride is the fourth book Black Knights Inc series by Julie Ann Walker. I liked the book. I still think for me the best were the first and second book but this one was no slouch. I was intrigued by these two characters from the previous book and how their interaction had not changed only got steamier in this book. Rock was a man who was not afraid to show how he felt about a particular woman, namely Vanessa. But Rock has a lot to deal with so starting something with Vanessa was not a smart idea. Vanessa was another one of the team and she was tough when she needed too be but with Rock she fell apart. She wasn’t a girly girl as she couldn’t be with the men around to tease her, then again with Rock she felt nothing but being a woman.

The danger is all around the team and Rock as they try to clear all that has happened. There is a lot more investigation that happens in this book but that is needed as they need to find out the truth and how to clear Rock’s name.

I will say I was happy with the ending but I felt that Vanessa forgave Rock a little too quickly as he nearly broke her heart towards the end. But as I said I wanted them to get that happy ending so finishing the book I satisfied. The last book that I have to read is Born Wild which I will be starting next.