Hard to Hold on To

Hard to Hold on toEdward “Easy” Cantrell job was to protect Jenna Dean but wasn’t there when she truly needed him. Now he will make sure that he is there for her after her traumatic experience with the drug dealers.

Jenna Dean had survived her torture but was not sure if she would survive after the ordeal. She found herself terrified every moment. She will bond with the one who had helped rescue her that night, Easy. She will find that she is not the only one that needs to be healed.

Hard to Hold on To is a novella which is part of the series Hard Ink by Laura Kaye. This novella is number 2.5 to the series, it was a novella that was worth the read and fit right into the series. It had been a while since I read the first two books but I will say that I fell right back into the series. The novella starts right off where the second book ended. Jenna is being brought back to Hark Ink Studio, she had been hurt and drugged.

I was intrigued to read this novella because I had gotten to know her character from the previous book. I wanted to know what had happened in that room as she sounded broken, luckily she had not gotten the torture that her sister had received four years ago. Nevertheless Jenna was harmed and was traumatized over the event. She makes a bond with Easy. I liked Easy, he was quiet but there was a dangerous side and damaged. They were both in need of healing.

The mystery of what had happened to these men was still up in the air. They are retrieving some information that is helping them decipher what had happened thanks to Sara from the previous book. What happened to these men to me was not the focal point of the book, it was Jenna and Easy. I didn’t mind that as I wanted to know more about Easy and Jenna. I’m sure that more information will come in the third book, which I will be reading next.

Wild child is running back home

Pepper Prescott is running away. After witnessing a murder she ditched her fake name and went back to her original. She knew there would be little left for her at her old place but she had nowhere to go. Pepper did not expect to find Dan there or that the only person she loved had died on her but Pepper was determined to make best of a situation. She would get Dan to leave so she could hide out and hope the General wouldn’t find her, but those plans would not be easy with Dan kissing her all the time.

Dan Graham was on a mission and that was to lure the bad guys so they could get them, but he didn’t expect to see Pepper. Kissing her would be out of the question but there he was as like nothing had changed. But Dan had changed. He knew he couldn’t trust her and he had to get her out of there but the temptation was driving him crazy where he just wanted to give in.

I was excited to read the second book, Almost Like Being In Love, of the series Lost Texas Heart. I wanted to know more about the wild child Pepper. I liked on the side the story of Hope was being told within the pages of the book. Dodd let the reader know how close they were to finding Pepper.

Dodd brings in the past of how the two characters, Pepper and Dan, had ended up with their own past. I liked how Pepper was in control and strong but very weak when it came to following the heart and Dan was the same way. They parralled almost exactly and it was interesting to see who would come out on top.

The villain gave a good twist as you didn’t know who would be working for who and which character would they be after. Dodd kept you in suspense as you read through the book.

As a second book to the series I was thrilled by the story and the dynamic characters. I want to read more but can’t as I read all of the series. Lost Texas Heart series is one you want to check out from Christina Dodd’s collection.