The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband

Cecilia Harcourt was on her way to find her missing brother when she will find instead his friend Edward Rokesby. She will care for Edward and pretend to be his wife to do so. She hoped that he would be able to tell her more about her brother but then she found out Edward had lost his memory .

Edward Rokesby could not remember the last three months of his life which is why he didn’t question that he married Cecilia and could not remember. He will try his best to remember what he had lost which will bring questions about who was telling the truth.

The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband is the second book to the series Rokesby by Julia Quinn. I found this to be a sweet story especially towards the end, the romantic in me was cheering.

I liked Cecilia’s character. I thought she was brave to go to New York and look for her brother. There could have been many things that could have happened to her as a woman on her own. Edward’s character was a good man and what I loved about him was that he truly loved Cecilia through reading Thomas’s letters. You knew the lie would hurt Edward but it was not one that was done maliciously. She lied to everyone to help find her brother.

The ending left us with the knowledge of the next Rokesby to have his story, which will be Andrew Rokesby.

Full Throttle

Full ThrottleAbby stays out of the limelight of her father’s political career but she will be sucked in when men will be after her. Abby will have her secret service but it wouldn’t be enough, it will take Carlos to save her and protect her from danger.

Carlos “Steady” had loved Abby from afar and he would do anything he could to protect her. When she is taken Carlos will go on his own to bring back Abby. As he keeps close to Abby, Carlos will realize that he doesn’t want to be parted from her when she is brought back home.

Full Throttle is the seventh book to the series Black Knights Inc by Julie Ann Walker. I really liked this novel mainly because of the two characters of Abby and Carlos.

I liked the character of Abby. She was someone who went about and did her job but mainly kept to herself. She wasn’t really able to live her life since she was the presidents daughter. The mystery of what was her fault kept me reading. Well it wasn’t that much of a mystery as I had guessed pretty early on in the book. But I thought that Walker did a good job writing Abby’s guilt that ate away for the last eight years. So Carlos was a favorite of mine. He was very charming, thoughtful, and of course lethal in a fight. He was someone who would do anything to protect those he loved. My heart broke for Carlos when tragedy had struck him but that was what made him into the soldier he had become.

The threat is obviously the men who are after Abby and they are determined. I thought there was a good amount of action and danger which kept me entertained throughout the book.

Well there is one more book to the series which is out right now, though I am going to take a break from Walker and move on yet again.

Hard to Let Go

Hard to Let GoBeckett Murda was one of five soldiers that was out to find the truth about what happened that night when their team went down. Beckett, along with his team mates were getting close but the closer they got the more danger that followed.

Katherine “Kat” Rixbey was just coming into the chaos but she wanted to help her brother and his teammates. As a prosecutor Kat has been working on high profile cases which will lead her to investigating the men that were behind her brothers and his teams misfortune. Kat will do what it takes to help.

Hard to Let Go is the fourth book to the series Hard Ink by Laura Kaye. Really loved this book, loved this series. I couldn’t get enough of these tough but broken military men whose mission was to clear their names and figure out what had happened.

Beckett was the main guy of the book and I have to say that I really loved him. He was a mess after the mission but it was really because of his past. He had a tragic past that made him think he was nothing. Kaye really makes you hate Beckett’s father. Then there was Kat who had a good childhood but her present was getting screwed up thanks to an ex boyfriend. Kat in my opinion was a strong woman but she was not invincible, and there will be a couple of situations to prove that fact. The relationship between Beckett and Kat was not on friendly terms. They rubbed each other wrong but there is big time chemistry. The chemistry was steamy but there was more to their relationship that is once they let themselves want more.

Now the mission will take over a big part of the book which it should as it was concluding. There were a lot of pieces that needed to be explained, and it will be. I thought that Laura Kaye wrapped up the mission really well as she put all the pieces together.

With the fourth book finished the series is over but it looks like there will be another book coming next year. This book will be about Nick and Becca and a wedding.

To Taste Temptation

To Taste TemptationLady Emeline Gordon is a sophisticated lady who has married for love and will never do so again. She will be soon swept into a scheme with her neighbor and help his sister only to find out what this man really wanted.

Samuel Hartley is a wealthy American coming to London for only a time. He wants his sister to be introduced and will ask Lady Emeline to help. Samuel did not pick Lady Emeline randomly as she is the brother of a Captain who had been killed. Samuel is on the quest to find out who betrayed them on that battle.

To Taste Temptation is the first book to the Legend of the Four Soldiers from Elizabeth Hoyt. I picked up all four books so they will be back to back reading.

This book wasn’t as dark as the Maiden Lane series but there were dark elements with the war and Samuel’s character. He was a rough American and not the normal English gentleman that circulated London. I liked that he doesn’t care what others think about him, his sister is a different story. Samuel has a raw passion when it comes to Lady Emeline. He is not the gentleman she is used to being around. Lady Emeline had more depth than she let on. She is a widow and would never marry for love again only to be brokenhearted when he died. I also liked that she did not want to let go of her son and send him off to school, it was sweet and uncharacteristically of the ton.

Hoyt keeps Lady Emeline and Samuel almost at odds but keeps the tension between them with no thought of stopping. The ending will have the love and romance win out and give the couple a chance.

The villain I pretty much had thought of but there is a little twist when it comes down to this person. Hoyt writes out the clues and it is fairly easy to figure out but it is still fun following plot.

To Seduce a Sinner is next on my pile and is the second book with Vale and Melisande which I am excited to read about. Melisande will be the woman to finally get Vale.

Penelope & Prince Charming

Magic and Prince Charming seem to go hand and hand but Jennifer Ashley will write how magic is not everything and true love shows through all.

Penelope Trask was not going to get married especially if the man did not want her. She wanted a love match. She was not expecting that with her own Prince Charming. But alas she finds out that the love is a spell.

Damien known to many is the Prince of Nvengaria. His quest is to find his love. The one that is foretold for him to be with. This quest has led him to a small village. At first it was the mother but she was already spoken for so it now landed to the daughter which Damien was more than happy with. But there were many problems which would get into their way and if they are not there in Nvengaria he would loose everything.

Penelope & Prince Charming┬áis the first book of the series Nvengaria by Jennifer Ashley. I wasn’t sure how the story would be because it was supposedly another rogue going after a woman but in this case magic plays in the book which gives a good twist.

Jennifer Ashley’s characters are compelling to read and have more dynamics than they first appear to be. The mother, Lady Trask is full of surprises and leaves you enchanted with her character. I love Meagan’s boldness and her wit. But of course Penelope and Damien are the favorite. They antics as the spells come over them leaves them more pleasing to the reader.

Ashley gives an ending which the reader will be surprised and it is not the traditional one.

A fantastic first book to the series Nvengaria.