A Socialite and a boy from the wrong side of the tracks

The attraction started eighteen years ago and Kate thought it would have gone away but as she saw him standing there she knew it would never. Donovan MacLeod was the man of her dreams but she knew he would never think of her anything but a spoiled princess even though she was not one.

Donovan MacLeod lead a tough life and now he is back in front of the one woman he never was able to be with because of her status. But things have changed. She needs help and he is going to help her. Donovan will find out that she is not just the spoiled princess he thought her to be.

At the beginning of The Black Sheep and the Princess I was not blown away. Donna Kauffman can write I know that but the story did not catch my attention from the very start.

As you get into the story understand the characters there is more of a connection the reader can make and Kauffman gets you to enjoy the story. There is sexual tension and passion between the two characters and an underlining threat that is coming after Kate. As the mystery is solved our characters will also find that story book happy ending.

The Black Sheet and the Princess is the first book of the Unholy Trinity series.

Temptation by Nora Roberts

“Socialite Eden Carlborough didn’t expect running a girl’s camp to be easy, but she never thought she’d literally be run up an apple tree by the little monsters.  She was equally surprised to come crashing down into the capable arms of orchard owner Chase Elliot.  While her handsome neighbor’s overbearing ways were highly irritating, his touch ignited feelings she’d never known.  She never imagined she’d be so very…tempted!”

Eden Carlborough had no choice but to fend for herself and only a strong woman would prevail, and only a determined man can break those boundaries.

I loved this short story.  Temptation was a pleasure to read.  Eden was a strong woman and was on her own.  After the father’s death and a lack of funds she had to find other means.  I love that she was able to find a way to continue on when she had nothing.

Then there was Chase Elliot.  He was a much-needed man in Eden’s life even if she didn’t want it at first.  Chase had a very caveman complex.  Some times I found myself loving that side other times wanting to hit him for his attitude.

Temptation was fun and quick to read.