Against the Edge

Against the EdgeBen Slocum had no idea that he had a son, a nine year old son who is now missing. He will team up with a social worker Claire and will try to keep it professional but can’t seem to stop thinking about her.

Claire Chastain needed to find Sam and the only way to do that was to get Ben to help. Going to Ben was risky but she had no other idea. Claire had a feeling that he would not be one to leave his son to die in the arms of the kidnapper.

Against the Edge is the eighth book of the series Raines of Wind Canyon by Kat Martin. I had already read the book Against the Odds which started the need to read this series. I re-read the book again just so I was reading the entire book order. So back to Against the Edge which was a very good book. I think that Ben was the most frustrating man out of the group of the tough guys. He was making all the wrong choices or saying the wrong things. Of course things do go better at the end when he learns how to express his thoughts correctly and Claire will take that chance. Claire was someone who did not give up but knew when to cut her losses.

Now aside from the two characters of Ben and Claire who I loved there was Ben’s son, Sam. I really liked his parts that Martin wrote in the book. You got to read how strong this little boy was and how brave. I loved the interaction he had with the dog Pepper.

Now the villain was plainly obviously because you knew he was the one who took Sam. What you didn’t know was his real name or where he was going. Martin leads you on a hunt for Troy which was written well with all the clue Ben and Claire find.

I am taking a break from the series as there is only one more to go but it has come to my library yet but I am looking forward to continuing the series Raines of Wind Canyon.

Sea Swept by Nora Roberts

Sea Swept by Nora Roberts is the first book of the Chesapeake Bay saga.

Cameron tough guy all around. He is a racer, a lover of women and has traveled all around Europe but now he has to come home to see his father in a coma. As he passes away he is there with his two brothers and a little boy. Cameron has to make a home for Seth, a ten year old, that is being rumored to be his father’s real child. But those are rumors and Cameron wants them gone. With the help of his brothers they will find a way to help Seth.

From the moment I opened and started to read the book I was blown away. Cameron who this book is focused on is the oldest brother and right from the first page you know exactly what type of man he is.

The whole brother dynamic is fantastic to read. I love how each have lived on their own but are coming back together to raise this little hellion.

The book holds the mystery of who Seth’s father is and I am guessing that won’t be discovered until the last book when it will all be about Seth. I am intrigued to want to read the rest of the books because Roberts gives clues about Seth’s past and what really happened with their father. But she still leaves enough out to keep you reading.