Reindeer Games

Luna was excited to go to the island but will be surprised when Endurance Island is in Alaska in winter time. From the beginning Luna is annoyed because of the weather and that no one was listening to her. She will be quickly booted out thanks to the leader Owen. She will get to the lodge and will be surprised when the next contestant walks through the door, Owen.

Reindeer Games is a novella within the series Games by Jessica Clare. This was a fun and quick novella to read but for me it was really short. I wish it was a little longer.

At first Owen’s character was driving me crazy. Right from the get go he was very demanding and not even giving Luna a chance. Although to be fair Luna was very headstrong but it is a competition and you have to be tough. I did end up liking Owen once you got to know him. He was a pastry chef who actually liked Luna, it was just his competitive nature that took over while in the game. Well he was still competitive but it was now all for fun. Luna’s character was competitive as well but she was also quirky and I loved that she was a horror script writer. Once they were away from the game and in the lodge they relaxed a little and actually found a way to get along.

I am reading Pleasure Games next.

North of Need

North of NeedMegan Snow had survived her husbands death but two years after his passing she wasn’t ready to let go. Then she will find a man outside her cabin door in trouble. Megan will help him only to find out that Owen Winters was not a normal man.

Owen Winters was a God of Winter. He thrived in cold conditions. Now during one snow storm he will meet Megan Snow but he will not have a lot of time to be with her. As it gets warmer Owen will have to somehow convince Megan that they can be together, to love each other.

North of Need is the first book to the series Hearts of Anemoi by Laura Kaye. I really liked this book. It was a quick read that was full of sweet and steamy scenes between the two characters. I will have to say that this book did remind me of Frosty the Snowman but only a very little as Owen was made out of a snowman and comes to life but that is were the similarities pretty much stop. Frosty never turned in to a strong and powerful God of Winter.

Megan’s character was a woman who was grieving for her husband. She was a shell of the woman she used to be but that will change. I liked that she did not just jump right into being in love with Owen. He had to work hard to get her to feel again, but she did open up and start to live again. Owen’s character was a man who was experiencing things for the first time. Everything was new to him. I liked that he was so joyful, full of life, which was what helps heal Megan.

There was some definite steamy scenes and I will say the ending was perfect to the point of cheesy but I liked it nevertheless.

To Scotland With Love

Enjoying the first book immensely I wanted to know more about the family and found the second book, To Scotland With Love where Gregor MacLean will be featured.

To Scotland With LoveVenetia Oglivie was in trouble as her kindness was overtaken and she found herself being abducted by a suitor. She was hoping to find a way out of the situation as she knew if it was not handle delicately she would be ruined then Gregor MacLean urged his way into the situation.

Lord Gregor MacLean wanted to roar at Venetia’s father for letting a suitor kidnap her. Gregor rode in hot pursuit after them and was successful but was not greeted with thanks from Venetia. His mission was to bring her back to London safely but soon found himself thinking differently as he saw Venetia in a new light. He would avoid temptation but for how long he did not know.

The MacLean Curse series stays strong with the second book from Karen Hawkins. She keeps it fun throughout the book which adds enjoyment to the book. I loved the interaction between Venetia and Gregor as they were both stubborn and the spark between them was instantaneous once Gregor let himself see her that way. The plot being staged at the inn was funny with all the characters who ended up to stay the night because of the snow which I loved as Gregor was the cause. I found it amusing with this curse as Gregor would make it snow and a lot of it as he was annoyed and worried about Venetia. And once again the brothers interaction was fantastic as they all come together to help out one another. I found myself missing the sister, Fiona, interaction in the story. I don’t know if Hawkins will bring her back into the stories but we will have to wait and see.

The MacLean Curse series is definitely so far one to read. Can’t wait to get to the next brother.