Crouching Tiger Forbidden Vampire

Crouching Tiger Forbidden VampireRussell’s main goal was revenge. Since turning into a vampire he had wanted to kill Master Han who had held him prisoner for thirty nine years. Russell will be getting unwanted help from a weretiger, Jia.

Jia was a princess weretiger whose quest was to get revenge. She needed to kill Master Han who had butchered her family. She will find the chance with the vampire, Russell, who will not be happy with her tagging along.

Crouching Tiger Forbidden Vampire is the sixteenth and final book of the series Love at Stake by Kerrelyn Sparks. Over the years I have enjoyed the series and think overall this was a great vampire series. The sixteenth book was a great finish to the series.

The character of Russell I wasn’t sure about. You knew a little about him but it was only little pieces and within this last book you get to know his character a lot more. I found him to be very honorable and a good man though lonely. He finds some fire when he is with Jia whom I loved. Jia was a great weretiger. She was a little naive in life but fierce with her conviction of justice for her family. These two were destined to not be together but Sparks will make sure that another vampire and wereanimal will find happiness together.

The surprise of Master Han threw me. I did not figure out the mystery of Master Han until the secret was revealed. I liked that Sparks had Russell keep to his path of revenge even though there was a twist that made him rethink everything.

Sparks has the ending wrapping up everything for all of the characters which will have you smile and know that all your favorite characters are having their happy ending.

Where the Heart Leads

Where the Heart LeadsPenelope Ashford ran the foundling house without problems but now she has a dilemma. Several of the children have gone missing. She must find a way to get them back and she turns to Barnaby Adair.

Barnaby Adair is good at observing and finding things that have gone missing. He will help Penelope find the missing children recruiting his own help to solve this mystery.

Where the Heart Leads is the sixteenth book from Stephanie Laurens Cynster series. The book was written well with the mystery of the missing orphans.

I was wondering when Barnaby would have his story being told. He has been in several books now and I wanted to hear more of his story. Penelope and Barnaby were very good together. There is that initial attraction but what drives them is to help solve this mystery. Personally I think the investigation took over the book but it was good so there were no real complaints on that end. Barnaby uses his power of observation to help in this case while Penelope uses her determination and passion for this foundling house to get back these orphans.

What I also liked was that there is another couple being written into the story, Stokes and Giesdla. They are on their own at times in the story or interacting with Penelope and Barnaby but no matter what they are part of the team to investigate. This couple gives a different perspective especially with Stokes who is an inspector of Scotland Yard.

The last book of the Cynster series is Temptation and Surrender.

Under a Vampire Moon

Christian Notte is still new to having a mother but loves every moment even the times when she is setting him up. She will find his life mate and Christian is overwhelmed but will have to play it cool especially as Carolyn will think him to favor the same sex thanks to his family. Their plan was from the heart but there will be difficulty playing the role.

Carolyn Connor is done with men. Having been deceived from her ex husband the last place she wanted to go was a place where all couples seemed to go for their honeymoon. Everyone was happy and it depressed Carolyn to no end and then she saw Christian but with him being twenty years younger she didn’t dare to step into that one. That is of course until he asks for her help. Carolyn will play the role but she is finding hard to remember that this is fake.

Under a Vampire Moon was a pleasant surprise. I have come to really like this series. Some books better than others (mostly the earlier ones) but with this one I was excited as Christian is Marguerite and Julius’s son.  As normal the book was funny to read with the characters and quick plot.

There were no real bad guys in this one at least in the sense of immortals. The villain was more of the human side.

In this book Sands will give us more characters from the band. I have a feeling that they will be playing into the series at some point as Sands seems to be far from over with this family.

So I closed the book and thought finally I had caught up with this vampire family until I saw Sands has the seventeenth book already now out. This is an ever growing series and one I think I will stick around until the end.