When Summer Comes

When Summer Comes (Whiskey Creek, #3)Callie Vanetta is dying from a liver disease and she knows the probability of getting a transplant are slim. Callie has made peace with that and now just has to let people know. She will live at her grandparents farm house and will be surprised when a stranger knocks on her door asking for help. Callie will help the man even though most tell her not to but she is worried that she will start to feel something for him.

Levi McCloud needed help after a dog attack and will find it with this woman. He will want to leave Callie’s place as soon as he can because he doesn’t want to bring trouble her way or feel anything for this woman.

When Summer Comes is the third book to Whiskey Creek series by Brenda Novak. I really liked this book. Even though this book was sad, I mean how could it not be, with Callie dying it was a very good book.

So Callie’s character is dying and she has to start to say goodbye. With the aspect of dying I feel Callie is still upbeat in a way but it was really to keep up with appearances. I wanted her to find a transplant and I knew that she would at the end but with how Novak was writing the possibility was not looking great. Now Levi was a mystery. His story started to unfolded and you found out more about him. He was a broken man with all that had happened to him in the past. I liked that he was becoming more of the man he used to be with Callie.

With someone dying a relationship seems impossible but Callie and Levi have one starting. It helped that Levi didn’t know what was happening but he knew something was wrong.

The ending was what I expected but that is not to say there were no tears shed. I felt myself tearing up towards the end. Novak made the ending touching and emotional but ultimately an ending that was just right for the book.

With the third book done I am on to the fourth with Noah.

Seduce Me At Sunrise

Seduce me at SunriseKev Merripen has loved his beautiful friend for most of his life since he was taken in by her family. With respect to her and her family he has kept his distance especially due to his past. Although avoiding temptation from Winnifred could only stand for so long.

Winnifred Hathaway has loved her friend for as long as she remembered. She is heartbroken when she keeps telling him that she loves him but he doesn’t return those feelings even though she knows he is not indifferent. Now that she is better she will show him that she has not changed but there will be competition for her hand.

Seduce Me At Sunrise is the second book to Hathaways series from Lisa Kleypas. The first book of the series caught my attention but it did take some time for me to get into, the opposite of the second book. I went right into the book know that I knew this family. To be honest I was apprehensive about the story at first but with the first couple of pages I got into the story.

From the first book you were introduced to Kev and Winnifred or Win and it was obvious there was attraction but it was displayed more on Win’s side. I was interested in how their relationship would progress when Kev was not being too forth coming with his feelings, but he does show them when the time comes to be passionate. I did like the background which Kleypas gave on Kev and Win. Knowing how they became friends and started a relationship helped give their characters more.

The villain was pretty predictable and with the subtle hints you had a pretty good idea what was going to happen. I did like how Win’s part was vital to get what was need to save her family member. She was strong and manipulative when the time was needed.

I am continuing the series with the third book where Poppy will be having her story being told.

Sawyer by Lori Foster

Four brothers and a 15 year old all living under the same roof.  This would normally smell like the recipe for disaster but the Hudson family make it work.  In the first book of the Buckhorn Series “Sawyer” we meet the brothers, Sawyer, Morgan, Gabe, Jordan, and Casey who is Sawyer’s son.

Sawyer stands alert when his son Casey yells.  There was a woman who drove into the lake and she wasn’t conscious.  Now being Sawyer was a doctor immediately he went to examine her but he is blown away at the physical pull he feels when he gazes upon the victim.  Immediately she is pulled out of the car.  She wakes to say no hospital.  Grudgingly Sawyer accepts and takes her to their home.

The woman, Honey Malone is running scared from those who want to get her and running a fever.  Thankfully this man was a doctor, a gorgeous doctor one she couldn’t keep her eyes off of.  As Honey got better she got to know the brothers better and soon after she started to love them like her own family.  Sawyer and Honey begin a relationship that both tell each other will only be until she is safe.

I loved these new set of brothers.  I found them charismatic and lovable.  They were also very funny as they interacted with each other, very realistic on how brothers who are close would act.  I was surprised that Sawyer was a father of a 15 year old but I loved how Honey took to caring for Casey.  Honey’s character seemed older, more mature than a 25 year old would actually be.

Honey was great for Sawyer Hudson but now would Misty, Honey’s sister, be good for Morgan Hudson?  Find out in the next book “Morgan”.