Irish Gallagher’s Pub Series by Nora Roberts

Short series are one of my favorite because I know where they begin and end.  I do not have to wait long for authors to finish their story.

Irish Gallagher’s Pub series consist of three stories:

  1. Jewel of the Sun
  2. Tears of the Sun
  3. Heart of the Sun

All three books are placed within the Irish land following a loving and very Irish family the Gallagher’s who work in their pub to make a living.

The first book is with the oldest brother Aiden finding love with a yank coming to find her family in Ireland.


The second book is Shawn the second oldest brother who finds love with the girl he always has seen but now really sees.


The third book is Darcy the youngest Gallagher.  She finds love with another yank and he will give her everything her hearts desire but the one thing she really wants.

Throughout all of the books we have two spirits who are lovers but separated. They are trying to bring these young couples together so they will find that happiness the spirits long for.  In the end there is happiness for all couples and even the spirits.

Overall I liked the Roberts series.  It took me a little to get into the first book.  I wasn’t sure of it but once I met the characters I wanted to see how the fiery bunch would interact and come to their choices.

Explorer by Kathryn Hockett

The title of the book seemed interesting so I decided to try even though on the cover you have that cheesy picture of a bare chested man holding a sword and shield.  But you can’t rely on the covers of books people would miss too many amazing books out there.

Unaware he is the second son of a powerful Viking Jarl, dark-haired Sean was raised in an Irish monastery, destined to become a man of letters.  But then he offers shelter to a lovely young slave-and changes his life forever.  For when Natasha is recaptured and dispatched to Russia aboard a Danish Viking ship, Sean knows that he must rescue her.  With Viking blood coursing through his veins, he ventures through the high seas to an exotic land-seeking his heritage, his family, and his lady love.

Tasha had admired handsome, powerful Sean from afar and sensed that he was a man who would offer his protection when she fled her captors.  Though their time together blossomed quickly into passion, cruel fate soon tore her from his embrace.  Now, aboard a slave ship bound for Russia, Tasha is stunned to be reunited with her heart’s desire, who has been transformed into a Nordic warrior with bone-deep courage-and to whom she will pledge her own destiny…wherever it takes her.

Honestly I was excited to try Kathryn Hockett’s novel.  I love reading about viking since that is part of my heritage.  Now when I started it was a little slow but soon I was hooked on the characters.

I found the plot engaging and liked the subtle humor that was underneath.  This is the third book to the series and after reading this one I am intrigued to see how the series all started with the three siblings.

Have you read anything by Kathryn Hockett?

Sweet Revenge by Nora Roberts

Sweet Revenge is an amazing romantic suspense thriller.  As the reader you will become engrossed within the novels revenge plot and intriguing characters.

The Plot of Sweet Revenge:

At twenty-five, Princess Adrianne lives a life most people would envy.  Beautiful and elegant, she spends her days dabbling in charities and her nights floating from one glamorous gala to the next.  But her pampered-rich-girl pose is a ruse, a carefully calculated effort to hide a dangerous truth.

For ten years Adrianne has lived for revenge.  As a child, she could only watch the cruelty hidden behind the facade of her parents fairy-tale marriage.  Now she has the perfect plan to make her famous father pay.  She will take possession of the one thing he values above all others-The Sun and the Moon, a fabled necklace beyond price.

Yet just as she is poised to take her vengeance, she meets a man who seems to divine her every secret.  Clever, charming, and enigmatic, Philip Chamberlain has his own private reasons for getting close to Princess Adrianne.  And only when it’s too late will she see the hidden danger…as she finds herself up against two formidable men-one with the knowledge to take her freedom, the other with the power to take her life.

Wow, is all I have to say.  I love Nora Roberts books, she is one of my favorite romance authors.  Her plots and characters become real and you are completely engrossed within this world.

In this book I loved when you were able to read about the difference in the culture, it brings a whole new dynamic to the page.  And another thing I enjoyed reading was this was written over a period of the two characters lives.  You saw how they became who they were and when their paths would cross even if they didn’t know it.

I was very much enthralled with the story and really couldn’t put it down.  Adrianne is such and strong character who only has one thing on her mind, revenge but she will get something else along the way.  And Philip who is goal centered as well will be very outspoken about his feelings towards Adrianne, which I love to read.

Nora Roberts gives the reader a thrill when reading Sweet Revenge.

Tempted by Lori Foster

Tempted is a collection of the series The Sawyers.  The three books are “Little Miss Innocent?”, “Annie Get Your Guy”, and “Messing Around with Max”.  After reading all of these books in this series I was laughing and smiling at all of the antics that happened.  I loved the characters, the plots and the steamy scenes, but what was great was how the women acted in the books.  How they threw themselves at the men that they wanted with little regard, very determined women.

“Little Miss Innocent” starts us off with Daniel Sawyer the oldest, who is a doctor.  One night he sees Lace McGee come into the hospital because a dog bit her on her behind.  Daniel knows Lace through his sister Annie, but they have never gotten along.  Lace is a sex therapist.  Lace doesn’t like Daniel too much because he is so straight lace but that will all change when Daniel decides to give in to Lace and her therapeutic ways.

I liked this story to see how Daniel and Lace were able to form their relationship and to see Daniel relax a little since he has always been the one to care for everyone.  His father is around but so out of touch to reality.

“Annie Get Your Guy” is about Annie the little girl of the Sawyers.  She is 25 and after a man, Guy, who she has been in love with forever, and he is about to propose to the wrong girl.  In an unfortunate accident leads Annie to try and get Guy away from Melissa and into her arms.  Guy can’t love Annie since she is his best friends little sister but that doesn’t stop his feelings, and when she starts her seduction of him there is no stopping it.

Guy and Annie are priceless.  They are best friends and perfect together.  I love their chemistry, even Dan who is Annie’s father loves the idea.

“Messing Around with Max” is the last story with Max who until lately was very much the womanizer but now he wants to settle down and find a wife and mother for his four legged girl.  Cleo was Max’s mangy looking dog and he treated her like a princess but no women has been able to get near her until Maddie Montgomery, who has her own views of marriage.  Maddie’s man goal is to gain a couple of notches on her bedpost and that is to be with Max, but she is going to get more than she bargained for.

I really liked how the books all ended.  Everyone found their other half, even Dan is letting loose and finding room in his heart to love another.  The Sawyer family was very funny to read about.