Pride and Pleasure

Anything titled with the word pride in it I have to check out as my love for Pride and Prejudice. The word triggers that love of the book and I make myself look further into what this particular book has to offer. Pride and Pleasure by Sylvia Day did not disappoint as I have already read a few books by Day I know that I like her style of writing and stories she creates.

Eliza Martin is in need of a man to protect her. Her life is not be threatened but her freedom of choosing a man she could spend a life with. For Eliza becoming an heiress was not all that it was cracked up to be so now she will resort to hiring a man to protect but what Eliza got was completely the wrong man as she required. The man was everything she wanted but could not admit to.

Jasper Bond is a thief and is good at his job. Taking the job for Eliza seemed relatively easy except when he keeps thinking about how beautiful Eliza truly is. He wants to perform his job but passion is getting in the way until finally he will give into the passion which Eliza and himself create.

Day brings these two character who are the most unlikely to get together and she creates a plot which will have the reader cheering them on. There was a good couple twist in the plot which the reader only discovers towards the end which was a surprise.

Overall Day brings in creative and a lively cast of characters which will entice the reader to finish Pride and Pleasure.


Taking a second novel from the many selections of Jude Deveraux I was thrilled to read Temptation. Jude Deveraux delivers a fiery pair of characters who are less than thrilled to be played with.

Temperance O’Neil was not a woman to mess around with. In the 1900’s she was a force to be reckened with. She gave speeches and helped those woman get a second chance. But then everything changes as her mother remarries and they are forced to move to Scotland. Temperance is horrified but is blackmailed to do her new stepfather’s bidding. His thought of a woman is to be meek and sit with the children. He sees that in Temperance’s mother.

Temperance has an out as Angus her stepfather makes her become a housekeeper for his nephew. He wants Temperance to find James McCairn a wife and then she may go back to New York. Temperance agrees as it is a means to leave but once she settles into James manor she finds it hard to leave.

I was surprised that this novel was really entertaining to read. It was entertaining to read as the characters all hid a part of themselves and were revealed slowly through the book.

Temperance was all fire and stubbornness which was needed as Deveraux creates James to be just the same. I disliked the relationship that Temperance had with her mother but Deveraux fixes the situation.

I liked how the author gives the happy ending but in a different way which you didn’t think would happen. You are left to keep guessing until the very end as a happy ending finally appears.

Overall a fantastic story full of family dynamics and growing friendships which blossom to love.

Lovers and Dreamers by Nora Roberts

This is a collection of three books in the series Dream Trilogy. Three young friends who have grown up together will stand together as women and help each other find their dreams.

Daring to Dream

Margo Sullivan is the housekeepers daughter with friends of the people her mothers serves. Wanting to be better than her station Margo does everything to do that. She becomes a famous model only to fall rock bottom. But with the help of her friends she makes it and it doesn’t hurt to have a certain boy Josh helping her out as well.

Holding the Dream

Kate Powell was orphaned at a young age and raised by the Templeton’s as their daughter. With two best friends she needed and wanted to be the best for her family. Kate is now a CPA with a lot on her plate but all that will change when she is charged with crimes she didn’t commit. Crimes that will be bringing up the past. With the help from Bryon Kate will be able to breath again.

Finding the Dream

Laura Templeton has had a hard marriage but survived it with two beautiful girls. Laura is eager to start her life again but is tired from all the work. She will not take handouts and want to work but it is taking a toll on her. Michael Fury is back and is watching Laura as she works. He thinks that she is just living life normal but soon he will find that he is wrong. The young carefree girl is gone. He finds her riveting and wants to get to know her better but there will be troubles coming their way.

This was a fantastic series to read. Roberts lets in the reader with each book letting you understand a new girl. In each book Roberts also gives a bit of the past for the main girl in the book. You get to know the person better which will let you connect. Each friend is completely different but have stayed best friends through it all.

Each character had a lot of wit and humor that packed a punch when you read. The series was fun to read and worth picking up.