Theirs to Take

Theirs to Take is the forth story to the series Blasphemy by Laura Kaye. This is a series all about the BDSM world that Laura Kaye has created. I have been enjoying these books as the author writes interesting characters that were either new to the world or coming back to that world.

Within this novella there are three characters that are coming together to become a menage. There is Hartley, Jonathon and Cruz. Jonathon and Cruz knew each other from the Navy and had feelings towards each other but both were to scared to pursue anything. It will take Hartley to bring the men together with her in the mix.

Alright now in all honesty I did like the story. It was steamy and very quick to read but it wasn’t my favorite. I wanted more on the story, more detail. I think that if the story had not been a novella there would have been more time to really develop the characters. In novellas everything just goes fast and even though I love a good happy ending I wanted more on the characters. There needed to be more detail to really get the characters developed and to make it believable of this change in all of their lives.

Never Trust a Pirate

Never Trust a PirateMadeleine Russell knew she had to try and find out the truth as she knew her father had not runaway with all the money. She decided to go after Captain Morgan and to do so she will become a housemaid in his resident. Maddy will not be expecting the attraction she felt for the Captain and she will fight the attraction but not for long.

Captain Thomas Morgan aka Luca had a shady past and he was trying to become a better man but he was still ruthless. He will be instantly attracted to the new maid but angry at the same time knowing the maid was Russell’s daughter. He will watch her carefully as he tries to figure out what she was doing.

Never Trust a Pirate is the second book to the series Scandal at the House of Russell by Anne Stuart. I really loved this book. You are swept away into the story especially with the mystery that the daughters are trying to uncover, who killed their father. Well from the first book you already know who the killer was but it was interesting to read how each sister so far has dealt with the enemy and yet that enemy has gotten away. It will be up to Sophie in the last book to stop the killer.

So, Maddy’s character was not exactly a snob but she was used to a good life. She does work hard especially as the need to bring down her fathers murderer is pulsing through her blood. I liked the way that she stood her ground. She was a little whiny at times but it was nothing annoying. It was even understandable as anyone who life changed that dramatically would not always be in good spirits. Then there was Captain Morgan aka Luca. He was a heartless man and ruthless or at least he portrayed that man, and he did it well. I liked Luca for the most part but he was a hard man. When it comes to Maddy he doesn’t really soften but he lets himself feel more for this woman.

I will be reading the third and last book to the series next.

Only With Your Love

Only with your LoveCelia Vallerand was on a ship with her husband who will be killed by the pirates. She will be abducted by these pirates and will fight for her freedon, but there will be no stopping these pirates. She will be rescued by a man called Griffin who was a Captain and a pirate. She will be shocked when he tells her that he will take her to the Vallerand family, but she will be more shocked to find out the identity of her rescuer.

Only With Your Love is the second book to the series Vallerands by Lisa Kleypas. I thought this was a fantastic book to follow up the first book, When Strangers Marry.

I was happy to read that this story was about the twins or at least one of them. Philippe will be married to Celia but will be killed by the pirates. Celia’s rescuer will be Justin although he is unrecognizable with his long hair and beard. There were times that I did not like Justin throughout the book. He was sometimes too cruel to Celia with his teasing and reminding her that she succumbed to his charm. He was trying to push her away but then he wanted her at his side. His character from the previous book had not changed that much but towards the end I was happy to read that he truly accepted his family, that helped him change at least a little. Celia was a woman in a horrible situation. Her mind fought the attraction but her body wanted the pirate, Justin. I thought she was strong in the sense of her desire to do right. She did not need to nurse Justin back to health but she did because it was right. Now although their relationship was not anything romantic it did end up that way.

The bad pirates are pretty despicable in the book and there will be a betrayal which will have Justin fuming towards the end and very well could have killed more than one person.

In the book you will find out that Philippe was not the saint that everyone thought and there will be a twist towards the ending which I was wondering if Kleypas was going to go that route. I was wanting her to but at the same time didn’t because it would disrupt the happy ending that I wanted. Well even with the twist there was a happy ending for everyone which I loved.

Pleasures of a Tempted Lady

Pleasures of a Tempted LadyCaptain William Langley lost the woman he had loved eight years ago. He will be surprised when the woman he saves on the ocean will be none other than Meg, the woman he loved and still loved. William will do everything he can to save her from the trouble that she is in and try to win back her love.

Meg Donovan has been taken from her home for eight years and has no desire to return to her family because if she did danger could get to those she loved. She will not be able keep away from her family as the man she loves will bring her home but she will do all she can do to protect her family and Will.

Pleasure of a Tempted Lady is the third and final book to the Donovan series by Jennifer Haymore. As this was the last book I thought Haymore wrote the story well and wrapped up this series with a good ending as all the sisters being all suited with the men they loved.

I was waiting for Meg’s story wondering what had happened to her as she was gone for eight years. She was strong in her conviction not to put her family or anyone she loved in danger. She was good at that but trouble only came to her when she wasn’t protected. William I liked. Wasn’t a fan of him when you found out in the second book about how he had a child. It was a mistake and he can be forgiven but it is a blow to Meg. Though true love which is what William and Meg have will always win.

The villain was obviously the Captain Caversham who was an evil man for the treatment he gave to his son, his deceased wife, Meg and anyone who crossed him. But as the saying goes the Captain will go down with the ship and I wasn’t upset about that.

Well as all the sisters are paired up the series looks to be over and overall I really liked this series. Each sister had their own voice in the book and they were all entertaining to read.

What the Groom Wants

What the groom wantsRadley Lyncott is back to his home and is excited as he will now be able to pursue the woman he has loved, but he will find that somethings have changed for himself and her. He will find out that Wendy has lead a secret life and has another pursuing her but he will not let that stand in his way.

Wendy Drew has lead a life that she is not proud of but it was to help her family. She is now with a good job but there is a problem as she has taken on the task to pay down her brothers debt. By doing this she attracted the attention of Demon Damon who wants her.

What the Groom Wants is the fourth book to the series Bridal Favors by Jade Lee. It has been a while since I picked up a book from Jade Lee but I have say that you can really just read these books and enjoy the plots without having to worry like you are missing anything. They are each their own stories with characters that will pop up from the previous books.

I really liked What the Groom Wants. I have been waiting for Wendy’s story and I can’t say I was disappointed. I liked her spunk, cleverness and her drive to help protect her family even though it could cause harm to her. At first I wasn’t loving Radley’s character as he seemed too easy going, there was no mystery about him but as the story went on I found myself cheering for his character. He was given a big change in his life and didn’t let it change him. He fought for what he wanted.

The villain was clear but really I had wondered in the beginning if Demon was going to turn good but after a while you knew there was no chance of that happening.

The one thing I am missing from this series are the novellas which feature some of the other side characters mentioned in these books. Now if I can’t get them there I feel that I will be starting a new series of hers, which one I have no idea.


IrresistibleClaire Banning was on her way home when her carriage was stopped and she was grabbed. Claire fought hard to get away only to be taken by a different man. She is thrust onto a ship and finds they think her to be spy.

Hugh Battancourt grabbed the woman he thought was a french spy but as he spends time with this woman he is not so sure. Soon he will believe her and let her go but he knows that he will be seeing her soon.

Irresistible is the second book to Banning Sisters series from Karen Robards. I loved this book. It was definitely romance but not an easy one where nothing bad happens. There was more mystery and a lot of adventure that flowed through the book, which I loved reading.

Claire was the beautiful one of the sisters but probably at this point the most miserable one of the sisters. She didn’t love her husband and was now kidnapped. I liked that she didn’t give up and kept trying her best to tell them that they were not the woman they were looking for. Hugh was a mystery. He was a spy for one thing and took his job very seriously. He was hard but had a sense of humor and a seductive way about him that made Claire melt eventually. The spying played more into the story than the first one and it was well done. Chemistry was also really well done by Robards. It was steamy between them once they were through with the kidnapping but it was not instant as they were both strong characters and did not give up easily.

I was not sure how this book was going to continue when Hugh was to be out of her life but there is a twist with who Hugh really is which was well done. I wasn’t sure if there was going to be a happy ending with the two since Claire was married but there will be once again a twist that will give Claire and Hugh a happy ending.

Now the villain in the book would have to be the person who was attempting to kidnap Claire in the first place or it is really the person who ordered the men to kidnap her. I was surprised by the villain but Robards explains why they were doing this to Claire.

Beth’s story is next and I can’t wait to read how her story will go.

Surrender of a Siren

Surrender of a SirenSophia Hathaway had runaway from her upcoming marriage. She did not love the groom and did not want to feel sheltered. She wanted to feel passion. She fled to a ship that would take her away. She had not expected to find what she was looking for on the ship and in the arms of Gray.

Benedict “Gray” Grayson wanted and was turning a new leaf with his business. He wanted to give a good life for his brother and sister, but the new passenger was tempting him back in his old ways.

Surrender of a Siren is the second book to Tessa Dare’s series Toby and Isabel Trilogy. After reading the first book from Tessa Dare I knew that I had to finish the series, but of course everything was checked out from her. Now I have the other two books to complete this trilogy. I was excited to get the book as Tessa Dare is a brand new author for me, with the exception of the first book, that I had never read before. I kept hearing her name and people telling me to try her out. I am so happy that I got started on this series. She is a fantastic writer and you get pulled into her story right away.

Now the first book left with Sophia runaway from Toby which I felt was the right choice as he was not the right man for her. He tip toed around her like she was fragile flower. She is off to sea and showed much bravery along with finding lust and passion that she was missing out. She was becoming a temptress as she was following her passion. Then there was Gray who was trying to turn a new leaf and be more respectable. He was already a good man but I loved that a girl like Sophia tempted him to no end. He was a character you ended up loving with how he created that passion with Sophia and how he cared about his family.

Tessa Dare keeps the majority of the story on the ship. There is tons of interaction with Sophia with the crew which was very entertaining and I loved that her art was used then. It is one of her passions and not to be held back. I also liked the banter back and fourth between her and the men and of course Gray. So far this series is fantastic. With only one more book, which I have in my hand, I will finish the series.