Kady Kasper is the local weather girl for her small town and has loved Tucker for as long as she can remember. She could not get through to him that he was the man for her. It will take a dangerous storm for Kady to get Tucker to realize what they could become.

Tucker Turley has wanted Kady but was conflicted. He didn’t know if she wanted him because she was always flirting with everyone else. He will soon realize that all her flirting was saved just for him.

Tucker is a novella that is part of the Buckhorn Brothers, its number 9.5 in the series by Lori Foster. I always look forward to reading more from Lori Foster’s Buckhorn series but this one was okay. It wasn’t up to the same level as the original books in the series. I want the series to continue with the offspring but this one needed a little more substance to the story and it felt too rushed even for a novella. I hope that the next one gives a little more to the story.

Tempted Again

Tempted AgainMarissa Bennett has had some problems over the past months with a new divorce and coming back home. She is working as a librarian which is something she loves along with helping out kids. She will be troubled once again when the man whom she loved and left her is in her hometown.

Connor Doyle is the Sheriff of the town and takes his job seriously along with helping out teens who are troubled. He will not appreciate when the new librarian starts to help out in his program. It didn’t help that he had a past with Marissa but in order to help the teens they had to work together.

Tempted Again is the third book from the series West Investigations by Cathie Linz. I have to say that I wasn’t blown away by this book. This was my first introduction to the author, so I was looking forward to finding a new author to start reading. I think I will still try another book just to see if my opinion changes.

Marissa was a woman down on her luck and one that held a grudge. I guess I was annoyed by her character for holding that grudge on Connor for so long. I get that it was traumatic in that time but she had to let it go. Then again I can understand holding a grudge because I am like that as well at times. Connor was kind of cocky at times but overall good guy who liked to give Marissa a hard time. It was a second time for them to get it right which they will in the end.

I did end up liking the teens who were in the program that Connor and Marissa had run together. I thought the teens brought something more to this story. They were the reason for Connor and Marissa to work side by side which let them be together.

There were parts of the book that I did like but overall I just wasn’t into the book. I think it was because the characters weren’t making me want to read about them. As I said above I will try Cathie Linz again, but perhaps go to a different series or one of her many novels.

The Thousand Dollar Tan Line

The Thousand Dollar Tan LineVeronica Mars is back in Neptune working on a new case leaving her future in New York behind. She will get a case of a girl who went missing on Spring Break. Soon another girl will go missing and Veronica will have to search quickly to find out what is going on.

Veronica Mars was a television show that I watched years ago, all three seasons, and I have watched it numerous times over the years. I could not and still cannot get enough of Veronica Mars with her sleuth skills and her quirky wit. So then this year a movie was made with Veronica Mars and it was 10 years later after the series was finished. Needless to say but I will do it anyways because I was so excited to see this movie. I saw it and own it. I just re-watched it the other night which got me in the mood to read this book. I bought the book about a month or two ago and with all the books I read from the library it just got pushed to the side more and more. To be honest I was a little scared that it would not be as good as the series and movie since I have loved watching them. Well the book The Thousand Dollar Tan Line was better than I could have ever anticipated. Rob Thomas writes this story with the help of Jennifer Graham and it was fantastic writing. It was full of quick wit, some danger and overall fun. For me it was like walking back into the world of Veronica Mars, like I never left.

This book takes up right after the movie which I thought was pretty awesome. She has a big case with one missing girl and danger will be at every corner as she starts to mess with the cartel. But then another girl will go missing who was at the same party with the cartel. So you think these two girls are connected with the party well just remember this is a mystery and things don’t go always as you would think. Just when you think you know who is the one behind it another twist shows up. It is all about misdirection with Veronica Mars.

In the book Logan is back in the military but he will still be around connecting with Veronica which made me happy because since the beginning I was always a Veronica and Logan fan. Keith Mars is there who I loved as he still played the whacky father but had that serious side who was a concerned father. There was also Wallace, Mac, Weevill all part of the cast and the idiot Sheriff who made himself known in the movie. I thought as a whole these characters lived up to how they were portrayed in their memorable roles.

Amongst all the twists and turns in the book there was another surprise. A person from Veronica’s past will show up. I was torn with the character because of how Veronica was treated by this person but I wanted to see how and if they changed.

The ending is true form of how Veronica handles danger which usually means she gets hurt in the process but the bad guys are always gotten. There is another book to this series which is fantastic. I did not know if this was going to be a one time book, but it appears that it isn’t. Veronica Mars might be gone now from the television but will be alive in print and I can’t wait to read the next installment to the series. My only hope is that Rob Thomas continues to write these stories.

Big Sky River

Big Sky RiverSheriff Boone Taylor is a widower trying to get used to having his kids living back with him and still trying to get over the death of his wife. Boone doesn’t like the fact that he has feelings starting for his neighbor and will soon start resisting that pull of attraction.

Tara Kendall has made Montana her home but she misses her step kids and will now have the chance to see them again. Tara’s only problem will be with her next door neighbor who she thought was a jerk turned out to be better than she realized.

Big Sky River is the third book to Linda Lael Miller’s series Parable, Montana. With this next book I liked it. It wasn’t my favorite of the series but overall enjoyable.

Boone was a widower and very moody at times but it is understandable. I liked that he finally got his act together and shape up with his kids and pursing Tara for an actual relationship. Tara is hard working and loves her step-kids. She grows a backbone finally when dealing with her ex-husband and when dealing with Boone. What I liked about the two characters was that their relationship did not start with love at first sight. It was an uphill battle for both of them to get over their mistrust and grief.

Casey and Walker’s story is next in Big Sky Summer.

A Killer Read

This is one of the few books that I literally picked because of its cover. If you noticed there are two Siamese cats which got my attention. Now I am an avid animal lover but it was really because they look exactly like my cat Bobby or otherwise known as Bobblehead and his mother Chloe who is my friends cat. I did not even read the back of the book but from the looks of this book it screamed mystery and I was right.

Lizzie Turner is excited about her first book club meeting for the Ashton Corners Mystery Readers but then a murder happens at the southern mansion. Everyone is a suspect for the murder of this stranger and it will bring Lizzie face to face with her high school crush police chief especially as Lizzie is finding mysterious manuscripts in her mailbox.

A Killer Read by Erika Chase is the first book of the new series Ashton Corners. Now as a mystery novel it was intriguing but it didn’t pull me in all the way. I am bias with mystery novels as I am not the biggest fan. They don’t move me with the murder mystery aspect. A Killer Read was a fun novel though with the characters and the trusty pair of cats. I did like that it kinda resembled clue as a body appears and everyone is a suspect in the house. It had a Agatha Christie feel to the novel which was ironic as this author was referenced within the pages. I can see that this series will continue and will go for another round.

A Small Town Sheriff Meets Hollywood

Reading Nora Roberts you always come up with a new plot and characters in each story she writes. In The Law is a Lady the small town sheriff will get a sight of Hollywood.

Victoria Ashton is the new sheriff as her father has passed away. She does her job the best she can but is this were she wants to be for the rest of her life? Victoria though will have a new challenge in her life when a out-of-towner comes into her small town.

Philip Kincaid is entertained being pulled over by a lady sheriff but not so much as he gets put into jail by her. Philip though soon forgets and knows this town is the perfect place for his movie they were going to film. The road block will be the sheriff but she could be one to get through with the power of seduction. Philip comes to the conclusion that the sheriff is the perfect lady for him and he always gets what he wants.

The story was sweet and simple with fun characters that carried through the entire novel. I liked how each character was something more than they appeared to be which gave depth to the novel. Roberts description let readers get right into the story with the very first page.

Head Over Heels

Since starting to read the series Lucky Harbor created by Jill Shalvis I fell in love with the characters of the sisters and the guys. They all were compatible but it took a while. The third novel is Head Over Heels.

Chloe is a free spirit but lately she is trying to tone it down for her sisters who are begging her to grow up. Chloe wants to but she is just too impulsive. It doesn’t help that a certain Sheriff will have her acting even more out of control to get his attention. Chloe knows her limit when it comes to her asthma but when it comes to Sawyer she gets out of hand.

Sheriff Sawyer knows trouble and Chloe is it for him. As an ex-wild child Sawyer knows about the impulsiveness but he is drawn to her. Sawyer will find himself involving himself more into her life and how he can help her even as the sparks are flying every where.

Sawyer and Chloe bring a whole new sexual desire to the pages and you will want to read until the very end to see how they turn out. I liked that Chloe was the impulsive one but has asthma which should hold her back. Of course it does but she is too stubborn to take it slow.

I also liked how Shalvis created Sawyer to be the reformed bad boy but he is not completely with Chloe.

The plot was simple and kept telling the story of Lucky Harbor and the people who are living there. At first I thought this was just going to be a trilogy but Shalvis is giving the series more life with new characters who will also be part of Lucky Harbor. I can’t wait read the next lucky couple.