Big Sky Country

Big Sky CountrySheriff Slade Barlow had known his whole life who his father was but his father never acknowledged him. Now it was time for Slade to be shocked when his father dies and leaves half of the ranch to him and Hutch, his half brother.

Joslyn Kirk is back in the town that she ran away from thanks to her stepfather who stole from many in the town years ago. Joslyn feels responsible for this and wants to make sure those people get back what they lost all those years ago.

Big Sky Country is the first book to Parable, Montana series by Linda Lael Miller. I have heard Linda Lael Miller’s name from time to time and figured to once again try a new author. I was lucky to take several of the books from the series which were available from my library. So for the next several days I will be surrounding myself with cowboys from the Parable, Montana series.

I liked both characters of Slade and Joslyn. Slade was the gun towing sheriff who looked to be done with his sheriff days. I liked that he was a caring man, especially towards his stepdaughter, but that he was also very much the silent type giving small grins most of the time. Joslyn was someone who felt guilt and needed to fix that. I liked that she did not advertise that she sent the checks or looked for appreciation that she was giving the money back.

Now there are some uphill battles that Joslyn and Slade have to conqueror like actually liking each other. They have a lot of heated battles but it all steams from the passion that is underneath. They get the happy ending and things even look better for the half brothers mending their fences.

Big Sky Mountain is next with Hutch who was introduced in the first book along with Kendra. I am interested in how Hutch will win back Kendra.