“The Secret Life of Bryan” by Lori Foster

Another book down of the Visitation series and yes I know that I have posted one earlier today.  It was a slow work day.

“Jaded bounty hunter Bryan Kelly is head-over-hormones in lust with a woman…and what she does to his senses is criminal.”

Reading that little quote I had a feeling it was going to be amusing especially since Bryan Kelly was already mentioned in the last book.  He helped take down Bruno, read the first book to know Bruno.

So the story goes Bryan, the bounty hunter, is portraying his preacher twin brother Bruce.  Bruce was previously attacked by someone looking to hurt the women he looks out for.  He runs a safe house for ex-prostitutes.  In the very first chapter we meet the woman Shay Sommers who is a millionaire getting bad press for her charity all because a girl who was pregnant almost died.  Shay will run into Bryan but he will not see her as Shay Sommers, he will see her as Shay a prostitute.  She decides to play along since she is trying to help women get off the street.  Thought this would be a better way to help connect with the women.  Now as the story goes on both Bryan and Shay find it hard to stay away from each other, while this is happening danger is surrounding the safe house.  Someone is trying to get to the women, will Bryan be able to protect all of them?

The story is light hearted and you will find yourself loving Shay’s character and all her need to help the women.  The story also keeps Bruce involved with the story line.  The dynamic between the brothers is funny as they are together.

The next story will be of Bruce and him finding love in Visitation.