ShamelessViscount Benedick Francis Alister Rohan has had a problem with wives in his life as they have passed away in childbirth. Benedick will be on the look out for a sturdy wife who would not have a problem. He will become sidetracked with Melisande and will find her impossible but his lustful feelings will keep him close to her.

Lady Melisande Carstairs believed in helping others which is why she opened her home to those who needed it. Melisande will do anything to protect those who are in her home which brings her to Benedick Rohan. She will get his help to stop the Heavenly Host who would harm the helpless.

Shameless is the fourth book to the series the House of Rohan from Anne Stuart. This is the final book wrapping up the series. I was once again entertained by this series. It is dark and the characters are pretty cruel at most times but it was something that kept you reading. Now I will have to say that it took a little more time for me to get into this story. It was a little slow to start for me but once I read further I was brought back to the story.

Benedick was a good man who was cruel but didn’t take pleasure in it. He did however become cruel with Melisande to send her away. I liked that he was there for his family and would do what he could to protect them especially Brandon who was becoming in over his head with trouble. Melisande was a determined woman who did right by others and had no thought for herself. She will soon find more to life with Benedick but it will not be a very easy especially with problems occurring with the society of the Heavenly Host. I was surprised by the person who played the host but it made sense with the subtle hints that Stuart gave throughout the book.

On a side note I was happy to read that Miranda and Lucien were very happy together and had more than a dozen children by the end the series.

The House of Rohan series was dark and filled with corruption, love, and worth the read.


ShamelessLady Elizabeth “Beth” Banning had made her own scandal when she left two suitors at the alter. She was going to make her third scandal with another suitor but was helped by a man coming through the windows. She will soon learn that he was not your average gentleman.

Neil Severin was on a mission coming to the Duke’s house but was sidetracked by a young woman who seemed to have knocked out a man who was attacking her. He knew that he should kill her for he had to stay hidden but he couldn’t. Neil will let her live knowing that he could use her in his plot but the tables will turn as they will need each other to survive.

Shameless is the third and final book to the Banning Sisters series from Karen Robards which was a fantastic read. Once action, adventure, mystery, romance and danger all packed together in one punch.

I will say that this one was a little darker with the man Neil. He was not a man who was a spy but an assassin and would do his job no matter what. He was cold hearted but you soon found out that there was a good man buried deep, very deep. I liked that Robards gave a little more with Neil by having more of a darker side and having Beth be the one to help him. Beth has so far been always the child in the book. Now that she is grown she is taking her time in society only making a lot of mistakes with leaving her suitors at the alter. Beth had a secret with being afraid and Neil will show her that there is nothing to be afraid of. I liked that he played protector of Beth and she of him. There were some lighthearted moments that had you smiling especially when Neil had to play hero to all the girls that fled with Beth. You would not think that a trained assassin would put up with all of this drama.

Our villain is one of many. You could even say that Neil is a villain especially as he was contemplating killing Beth or using her for kidnapping. Neil, happily, was not the real villain but someone who helped stop them with a little help. Neil had to have a redeeming quality as he was our misguided hero.

So overall this was a fantastic series to read and a great finish for the Banning sisters.