Kiss At Midnight

Miss Kate Daltry is on a mission to become her stepsister and meet the prince who would become family. Kate knew it would not work but would do it for Victoria. Kate will come to the castle but her getup will not fool everyone especially the prince.

Prince Gabriel is waiting the arrival of his bride and meeting his nephews soon to be bride. He will be stunned to feel an attraction to this woman, but he will be even more stunned to find out this woman is not who she is pretending to be.

Kiss at MidnightKiss At Midnight is the first book to the Eloisa James series Happily Ever After. When I found these books I was instantly intrigued as I love when authors take the classic fairy tales and remake them in their own words. Grabbing several books to the series from the shelves I made this my project for the next several days.

Now Kiss At Midnight is clearly the fairy tale Cinderella as you can tell by the picture and the world midnight in the title. I have read many stories on the remake of Cinderella over the years but I have to say I really enjoyed Eloisa James remake. There are several little twist in the book that I did not see coming and it molds how the story is going to be told. Kate is a fiery woman who speaks her mind and has a sharp wit  She wants romance but she knows her limitations and a prince is certainly not in that equation. I liked she was not one to swoon or to cry at a mere problem but held back her feelings until they were unbearable (at the end). She also fought the attraction to the prince whenever she could. That was funny as Prince Gabriel is not one to have someone ignore him. Aside from the proud prince he was pretty fantastic as he cared more for his own people than his own happiness. Throughout the book I hoped that there would be a chance for love but as anyone knows true love in fairy tales always comes true so I wasn’t too worried.

I thought this book was a great start to this Happily Ever After series. I don’t know if James will continue with characters from the first book which it seems all had been given a happy ending. So my bet is this will be a whole new story with new characters. Nevertheless this is a series I think will be very enjoyable.

Cerulean Sins by Laurell Hamilton

With each book that Hamilton writes it is getting steamier and steamier.  But still Cerulean Sins which is the eleventh book is pretty tamed.

Anita Blake is back in the eleventh book and is making an impact with the 2000 year old Vampire Belle Mort.  All the while trying to figure out the power which seems to be growing stronger.

I liked this book with the fact that Belle is making her way into Anita’s life.  She is trying to control Anita but she is not winning.  I am finding I still like Anita’s life but she is becoming strong more indifferent to killing and having sex with strangers or to her friends.

It was interesting to see those of Belle’s line coming to the Circus and trying to battle for power.  With all of them combined they are stronger than Belle has imagined.

The arduer is growing stronger.  This is a control over Anita.  She must feed the arduer either by sex, blood, or sex.  The idea seems a little riducles but it is entertaining to read about as Anita is acting in a way like an animal.  Her leopard side seems to take over more her wolf side makes its appearance every now and then.

It is now that Jason finally gets his wish and Anita and him have sex.  Of course it is under the radar of the arduer but it changes things.  Jason’s character is a fun one.  He is a playboy but when he gets series he becomes that more interesting.

Jason is not the only one who will be with Anita.  Asher finally gets his wish.  Jean Claude, Anita and Asher are all together.  Like it was in the past with their former human servant.

As Anita becomes more powerful she acquires a vampire servant with Damien.  I kind of liked this that Anita is not dependent on another vampire one is dependent on her.

As always though Hamilton writes books that entertain.  I am not done with reading them again.