Winning Lord West

Winning Lord WestHelena, Countess of Crewe, had gone through nine years of marriage to a man she loathed. She wanted to be free and to just live her life. She did not want to find another man to be with but Lord West will tempt her with wanting more.

Vernon Grange, Lord West, has loved Helena but was too young to realize it at the time. After ten years West was finally going to pursue Helena and would not stop until she was his.

Winning Lord West is the third book to the series Dashing Widows by Anna Campbell. I really liked this story. I had been waiting for Helena and West because there was always that connection between them.

The plot surprised me with West. You knew that he wanted Helena and that he wanted marriage because he loved her, but West had gotten sick while in Russia. I was really hoping that the sickness wasn’t going towards a premature death for West. What I liked with West was that he did put his heart on the line with Helena. He pursued because he truly loved her. I also liked that Campbell went back to the picnic that was in the first book which let you see what was said between West and Helena. So Helena’s character is very much a woman who doesn’t want to be with anyone because she had enough hurt for the last nine years. She didn’t want to open her heart up again. I liked that she was brave to do just that and because of that she became a stronger woman emotionally.

There is an epilogue which goes into what is happening several years later. I like it when authors do that so as the reader I know a little more on the characters and whether they are happy or not. Overall this was a really good series to read but this series is not over as I had thought. There is another book out Pursuing Lord PascalĀ which I will be reading soon.

‘Tis the Season to Be Kissed

Tis the season to be kissedTamara was spending New Years Eve alone at a friends cabin as she didn’t want to make a mistake and sleep with a guy which she had no future with. Tamara will be surprised when Luke, Georgia’s little brother, comes to the cabin. Instantly Tamara will be tempted and will fight hard to keep away from Luke.

Luke was home after nine months and just wanted to relax. He will be surprised to find someone else at his parents home, though surprise will quickly turn to lust when he sees Tamara. Luke will do his best to seduce Tamara and to let her know he was looking for more than one night.

‘Tis the Season to Be Kissed is a novella by Amy Andrews. This is a quick and steamy book which was fun to read.

I thought that Luke was sweet. Yes he wanted to have sex with Tamara but he was also wanting more. He was also making their night fun. He had that sense of humor you wanted in a guy and even though he was five years younger than Tamara you knew that he was more mature than others his age. I liked Tamara’s character. She was having a pity party but she wasn’t really depressed. She just wanted more out of life, especially her love life. I liked how she let herself have fun and trusted that this time the guy would be leading to more.

The Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh

The Taming of Ryder CavanaughMiss Mary Cynster is the last marriageable Cynster at least for right now so there were not going to be a lacking of suitors. Mary has her own mind set on her suitor as long as the necklace comes to life. She will be frustrated as it will but to the wrong man. Soon after Mary will find herself linked to this man and accidents start to happen to them.

Marquess of Raventhorne, Ryder Cavanaugh is the eldest brother of his half siblings which left him in charge. He will know that it is time to start looking for a wife and knew the perfect one was Mary. He will just have to convince her that he is the right man to wed which will get a little tricky as accidents keep happening to them.

The Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh is the fifth and last book to the series Cynster Sisters from Stephanie Laurens. Like the previous book I liked the story. Stephanie Laurens can write well and her characters are engaging.

Mary is the last marriageable Cynster as of right now and I found it funny as that meant she was a prize to be had by suitors thanks to her family. Mary is an intelligent girl and knows her own mind with the exception of not seeing things how they are like pursuing a man who has no interest in marriage. It was kind of funny how she pursued one suitor who she thought would be perfect for her husband but her necklace did not react. It only reacted to one man who Mary had no desire to be shackled too. Ryder is the man that Mary is trying to avoid, but he is not really a bad guy. He is just a rogue who usually gets the girl and a caring one at that as he always has time for his half siblings. I liked their family unit with the siblings as it was genuine. I liked that Ryder wanted Mary not for a mistress but for a wife. He will attempt to seduce her to be his wife but there will be some things getting in his way, like the mysterious accidents that kept happening.

The act of the accidents I knew exactly who is was as it was pretty obvious right from the beginning. I wasn’t disappointed that I knew the culprit as you still did not know what kind of accidents were coming next. The villain has their own ending which will leave Mary and Ryder save from any harm.

Seduce Me

Seduce MeJack Latham was a partner at his firm and was known to be the office hottie and ruthless in the court room. What he doesn’t let people know is his intrigue to Mallory. He will have a chance to get to know Mallory at a clients resort and find there is much more to this woman.

Mallory Sinclair was the only female associate in the firm. She worked hard and wanted to be a partner. She finds out that she will have to make a trip out with Jack who she has her own fantasies about but never would come forward, that is until they get to the resort. Mallory will show Jack she is not as frigid and cold as she comes off.

Seduce Me is a standalone novel from Carly Phillips. I liked the story as it was fast paced and had two characters who had a lot in common for not having the best childhood. It was enduring with what you learned within those few pages of the novel.

Now the book truly follows the title and the main character Mallory sets out to seduce and give a little lesson but she will be the one that will be seduced as well. There are plenty of steamy scenes of passion and teasing but I kept wondering when their job would be coming into play with them being lawyers. Of course their jobs are there as they try to get to the bottom of which spouse was cheating and what leverage they could use.

I liked that in the book the lawyers do change and become more than people who would do whatever they could to help their client. The ending gives us a fairy tale ending that will have you smiling that Jack and Mallory got it right.

Not Quite a Lady

Not Quite a LadyLady Charlotte Hayward had made a mistake ten years ago and for that she knows to remain unwed. She will have accomplished that task but now a neighbor is showing her things could be different. She will start to relent and find that her past is catching up with her.

Darius Carsington is a smart rake who knows when to stay away from an innocent but with Charlotte something inside him changes. He will be pulled into the families life and will be getting to know Charlotte better and better.

Not Quite a Lady is from Loretta Chase. This book is considered to be part of two series Fallen Women and Carsington. I have read two books from this author beforehand and loved them. After reading this one I wasn’t loving it. It was entertaining and kept me going but I wasn’t pulled into the story as I would have liked to be.

There was nothing really wrong with Charlotte with the exception she just gave up her child. Of course at sixteen in her time that would make her an outcast but with her families support it would have been something that could have been handled. Darius was a good guy even though he was a rake. I guess the thing is it was a little on the dull side every now and then.

Now although this was not my favorite from Loretta Chase I am looking forward to getting the third book from the Dressmakers series which will be released in June of this year.

The Taste of Innocence

The Taste of InnocenceCharles “Charlie” Morwellan, the eighth Earl of Meredith, has decided on a bride because she never fawned over him like many other woman. He did not want a love match but soon will find that Sarah was pure temptation and someone who could make him fall in love.

Sarah Conningham did not want to marry anyone, she wanted to marry for love. She would give Charlie a chance to change her mind and will find he is a seducer. She will fall willing but will find that her marriage will not be going exactly as she planned.

The fifteenth book of the Cynster series is The Taste of Innocence which was well done. Stephanie Laurens continues the series and with this book brings up the heat with lust and a lot of sexual tension. Charlie and Sarah will be experimenting with their own desire before the wedding. He will show her how to be seduced but always stop before it goes too far. I loved these two characters together as they appeared perfect together but as this happened very much in the beginning of the book you knew there had to be a fall. They will not have martial bliss and it will be a struggle for Charlie to get over his fear of repeating the past with obsession like his father. At times like these you would start to dislike the hero because he is overly harsh to his wife but in this case he really wasn’t and you felt bad for both. I knew that a happy ending would happen so I wasn’t really torn up about their distance that was growing. Also Laurens keeps you distracted with the mystery of a missing journal, a person who wants to buy the land that Sarah owns and accidents that keep happening.

I liked that you basically knew the villain in the book but did not know why this person was aiming towards Sarah. Only that the land she owned was something that was wanted desperately.

Closing the book I am left smiling with the happy ending and look forward to picking up next the sixteenth book Where the Heart Leads.

On A Wild Night

On a Wild NightAmanda Cynster is going to find the right kind of man to have as a husband, not the boring men she has seen over and over the years in the ballroom. She will find the perfect man but knows that she can not be obvious in her pursuit. She will entice him to want to spend time together with her many outings that are not for the innocent woman.

Martin “Dexter” Fulbridge left society ten years ago but he was never really gone. He will play knight in shinning armor when he rescues an innocent woman at a table of cards. He will be confused by her desire to have excitement but can not leave her side so she can find another fool to be her chaperon.

On A Wild Night is the ninth book of the Cynster series from Stephanie Laurens. I go back and fourth with these books. The last one I liked, this one I loved. It was on the long side reaching over four hundred pages but I could not stop reading this book. The plot is simple with Amanda setting her sights on Dexter but it was their interaction that got me hooked. Amanda was a little silly at first which worried me about the book but quickly I found that was not how she was going to be. She was smart, had drive, and was not a weakling when standing up for what she believed. I loved that she stood her ground when it came to giving into marriage with Dexter, she kept him waiting so he understood the marriage should not be out of duty. Dexter was on the quiet side but that was just how he acted. He was easily a seducer especially when he found that being with Amanda was something he wanted.

There is the mystery that follows Dexter which is the scandal that drove him out of society ten years ago. The mystery is there in the book but it really progressed towards the end of the book when Amanda started to play detective. I loved the drive she had to solve this mystery and thus freeing Dexter from the gossip. I thought Laurens did a good job with the mystery but felt it was a little rushed, still well done. I also liked how she wrote Amanda and Dexter’s scenes together for when they were creating the lists of suspects who looked like Dexter.

Amelia’s story is up next with On A Wicked Dawn which I plan to start right away.