Dare to Take

Dare to TakeTyler Dare wanted to do his job but when his sister ask him to help Ella he has no choice but to say yes. For years Tyler tried to put distance between him and Ella but now he is wondering if he should close that distance.

Ella Shaw had wanted Tyler as long as she remembered, but he had broken her heart. Ella will be cautious when she lets Tyler back into her life. She tries to keep things light between them but she will not be able to control how her heart feels.

Dare to Take is the sixth book to the series Dare to Love by Carly Phillips. I really liked this story. This series is very fast paced and easy to read which for me is because of these characters.

Tyler’s character takes everything onto himself. He doesn’t ask for help even though he really needs it. I liked that Tyler will finally get it and he will be changing. Ella’s character was a girl who felt like she was worthless. She had come from little and because of disappointments in her life it left her self-esteem very low. This effected her but it didn’t consume her. Though when it came to a relationship with Tyler it made her wary, but he will also help show Ella that she is a strong woman. I will say that it will be Ella who takes that final step, which I liked.

The chemistry between Tyler and Ella is of course explosive. I wanted them together but I wanted Tyler to stop being scared and running from what he wanted. Every time he ran from Ella he hurt her that much more.

So, the father, Robert Dare, really disappointed me. This is a spoiler alert. If you don’t want to know what Robert Dare did stop reading now. I had thought Robert Dare made progress with getting along with Avery but in this book Tyler will find his father with another woman. So Robert Dare is now cheating on his present wife, Savannah. You also learn that Tyler had learned about his father’s cheating with Savannah when he was 14 and was told by his father to keep quiet. His father obviously wants Tyler to do the same. Now I don’t know if he would be the best person to confess to Savannah, a part of me doesn’t want him to since Savannah was the one who helped break up his family. In the book Tyler will tell his mother but nothing gets resolved. I suppose that it will in the next books.

I am looking forward to reading the next book and finding out which sibling will be written about next.

Dare to Hold

Dare to HoldScott was bored with his job and wanted something more. He will find that with his brother’s security firm. He will use these connections to help protect Meg. He will do anything to protect her as he was falling for her.

Meg was single and going to be a mother. She was not looking for any guy to spend time with but when it came to Scott she could not say no. She will let him help especially when her ex starts to show he is serious about threatening her and her unborn baby.

Dare to Hold is the fourth book to the series Dare to Love by Carly Phillips. I really liked this book.

Meg’s character I wasn’t sure I would like when I had read the third book but she had not been a bad person, just someone who was needy. In this book she is stronger, well she has to be since she is going to be a mother. I liked that Meg was trying hard but she is human and help is sometimes needed. I liked that she didn’t go to Dylan, instead Scott was helping. Scott’s character is a cop well soon to be ex-cop to work in his brothers security firm. Scott is a man that likes to push his control and is dominant, very much like his older brother Ian. Though he would never hurt a woman. I think he just liked having things go his way. Though it was good he was like that because that would help Meg with her ex.

The problem in this book was Meg’s ex who had been abusive. You really end up hating Mike but everything he does, he does to himself.

I am reading the fifth book next.

What Chris Wants

What Chris WantsChris was the go to guy when it came to running the operation but with his personal life he was at a loss. He was especially confused when he wanted Matt but he knew that he could not share what he does for a living.

What Chris Wants is the last story to the series Edge of Honor by Lori Foster. This story was a novella and I had been looking forward to this story. I have to say it wasn’t my favorite. I think there was promise of something there but Lori Foster did not deliver on this one.

I found that the characters were not well developed. I wanted more from them, for them to have a relationship but it definitely didn’t play out that way.

One thing I liked was that Foster lets the reader know that the other couples from the books were all happy in their relationships.

The Sassy One

The Sassy OneFrancesca Marcelli had a goal to get her degree in psychology which had her doing a social experiment. One of her experiments will lead her to Sam Reese. Francesca decided to take a chance and have a fling with Sam but things will get completed when his daughter shows up.

Sam Reese was thrilled when Francesca said she wanted no strings but things will get completed. Sam will find himself face to face with a daughter he had no knowledge about. He was out of depth handling a twelve year but he will find help from Francesca.

The Sassy One is the second book to the series Marcelli Sisters of Pleasure Road by Susan Mallery. I really loved this book. I am taken in with the story primarily because it was a really entertaining story. The family is still around and sometimes impossible but you know they love each other.

Francesca is self conscious of what others think about her and is doing her best to prove that she can do what she needs. In walks the complication which is Sam. She wanted a fling but of course you know that will not last especially when something Francesca had not expected happened. Now Sam was a good man but he was out of his limit when it came to children. It was pretty much like that throughout the book, it was like he wanted to pull his hair out in frustration and that whatever he did he screwed up with Kelly. It was realistic and it made me like his character because I was cheering for him to get it right. But with Sam there are more downs than ups.

There were a lot of things that happened within the book that were not just about Francesca and Sam. There was the introduction of Kelly, who is Sam’s daughter, who showed up out of the blue. I liked Kelly. I think Mallery wrote the character well because she certainly acted like a hurt teenager. Then there was the surprise brother. I was thrown with this but knew there was going to be a story with a male Marcelli as there are five stories and four of them are with the sisters. I am looking forward for the newest Marcelli’s story but first I have to read Brenna’s story who will be interacting with her first love. I will be reading her story next.

One Lucky Vampire

One Lucky VampireNicole Phillips is a successful artist but going through a divorce that is leaving her with too many problems. She will get some help with a new cook/housekeeper but she will be getting more than she realized.

Jake Colson is on a job thanks to a family member but it is not the normal security job. He has to play a role to help protect an artist who is being threatened by her ex-husband. He will keep an eye on her but his lust will take over even when the accidents gets too close.

One Lucky Vampire is the nineteenth book from the Argeneau Family series by Lynsay Sands. I have read all of the books of this series and it keeps me going with every book I have read. Lynsay Sands brings this series with a interesting twist with the nanos. This was another good book to read. She keeps growing the series with new family members and it looks as if she is giving more options going to the Notte side of the family. There is a side of me that still loves the very beginning books the best but no matter what these books are very entertaining.

I liked Nicole’s character in the book. She was an artist and stressed over all that she has been happening to her with the divorce. I liked that you found out more info on the soon to be ex husband which gives several answers to several situations that happened. Now there is of course our hero who is Jake. He was turned only seven years ago and doesn’t really like it. He does understand more now and stops hating what he is.

There will be plenty of sex between Nicole and Jake once they understand they are life mates and it doesn’t really stop. Their relationship goes fast pretty quickly but that is like most of the couples in the series. It gets a little humorous with Jake’s family intruding on them. I thought that getting to who is behind all the accidents took a while to have it all wrapped up together. There is a twist with this person that kept you guessing towards a different direction.

So Tough to Tame

So Tough to TameCharlie Allington had been wronged and had come back home to scrap her life back together. She will find that her high school crush will be living next door and she wouldn’t be the shy girl anymore. Charlie just hopes that he wouldn’t think she is like the girl the news said she was like. Walker Pearce needed work now that his job was down the drain thanks to some moments of weakness. He will get a job but his thoughts will go straight to his friend who he is seeing in a completely new light.

So Tough to Tame is the third book in Jackson Hole series. Victoria Dahl is an author I like, she has good characters and it seems even more steamier scenes with this book which has scenes that will make you want to fan yourself as you read about them. I really liked the book with the secrets behind those closed doors with the main and side characters. There are some good small twists that come forward within the book as the secrets are revealed. At first I wasn’t sure I really liked Charlie or Walker. They had their faults that made them human but it was all about cheating that they had done not in the distant past. Charlie didn’t know but Walker was going in with his eyes wide open in his situation. You know they are not bad people but ones who just made bad choices. In the end justice is given for those who have done wrong and Charlie and Walker do have that happy ending that they deserve. I am on the look over for the novella where Eve will take center stage but until then I keep reading.

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Phineas McKinney has been a vampire, the good kind, for the last several years. He has helped in battle and become part of the team. His name the Love Doctor has earned him a reputation and one he now wants to forget. He wants to find actual love and not just one night stands. Phineas wants one woman from the first time he saw her but she is not one of them and she has no love for them.

Brynley Jones is a werewolf princess and was screaming to leave and now she is free, but her wolf is wanting something more. Brynley lust after Phineas even though he is a vampire and now she will get her chance when there is a problem near her home. She and Phineas will fight together and fight against each other until Brynley lets herself go, but all will not be well when she comes home as it will not be a happy reunion.

I have been following the Love at Stake series for some time now and have to saw I really love how Kerrelyn Sparks creates her characters to flow in and out of the stories. Wanted: Dead or Alive was fantastic for twelfth book in the series. I loved this book. Of course there were things that I hated like the father of Bryn. He is a horrible character that doesn’t really care for his daughter on the outside or at least shows little regard for her. If he is in the series anymore I hope that he gets put down a peg or two.

Sparks will keep the series interesting as there will be two big twist that I did not see coming which only adds to the ever growing series.

Try this book out if you like vampires, shapeshifters and werewolves. I do recommend that of course you start from the beginning to become drawn into the characters and immersed into the plot.

Below are the ones I have already read and loved every page. Check out the series and see if its one for you.

1. How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire

2. Vamps and the City

3. Be Still My Vampire Heart

4. The Undead Next Door

5. All I Want For Christmas is a Vampire

6. Secret Life of a Vampire

7. Forbidden Nights with a Vampire

8. The Vampire and the Virgin

9. Eat Prey Love

10. Vampire Mine

11. Sexiest Vampire Alive

Danger in a Red Dress by Christina Dodd

Dodd’s fourth and final book for the Fortune Hunters series.

Down on her luck and desperate for work, beautiful Hannah Grey finds herself in a mansion on the wild Maine coast, caring for a longely elderly woman.  On her deathbed she entrusts Hannah with a dangerous secret.  Now Hannah’s on the run, pursued by killers, and she desperately needs the one man who can keep her alive.

Gabriel Prescott has hunted for a home his entire life.  Now he’s on the verge of finding his long-lost family.  Only one person dares to stand in his way-Hannah Grey.  Yet the delicate, determined woman who threatens his search for truth may be the only woman who can save him.

This was an incredible ending for the series Fortune Hunters.  Dodd brings the book to a happy ending.

Gabriel finally comes into play with his own book.  He is there to find the last of his brothers only to be thrown from a woman from his dreams.  He knows that she is the enemy but he can’t help but want her.  But is his brother the right man, the better man.  Is he as good as his other half brothers.

Hannah is a fantastic character.  I like that she is strong and will help her patients even it means going through multiple obstacles.  She is a nurse and wants to help but ends up having a problem and has to run away from  the law.  And Gabriel.

The ending of the book is heartwarming as all the half brothers end up coming over.  But Hannah does not make it easy on Gabriel, which I love.  He lied to her from the start and she doesn’t forget that.  She is a strong character and won’t cower in fear.

Christina Dodd finishes the series and it was fun, enjoyable, enticing and exciting to read.

Be Still My Vampire Heart by Kerrelyn Sparks

The third book, Be Still My Vampire Heart, of the series Love At Stake was fantastic.  Sparks brings Angus MacKay and Emma Wallace to the for front of the story as they will battle about who really is the evil vampire.

The Plot of Be Still My Vampire Heart:

If it was still beating, Angus MacKay has been undead for almost five hundred years  and it’s not often something, or someone, surprises him.  Until Emma Wallace.  The sight of this luscious agent from the CIA’s elite Stake-Out team was enough to stop Angus in his tracks.  But then he discovers that she’s a vampire slayer, intent on killing the “monsters” who killed her parents.  And it’s Angus job to stop her.

The only good vampire is a dead vampire.  It’s been Emma’s motto since she committed her life to the destruction of these things.  Now Angus MacKay wants to convince her differently.  Sure, he’s sexy Highland warrior who seems to have stepped off the cover of a romance novel, complete with brogue, kilt, and sword, but he’s also one of them.  And it’s her job to kill him.

The war is on, but will it end in the destruction of one or both of them…or in total surrender to a passion for the ages?”

The first book amazed me, the second was thrilling and now the third I am astonished that I am reading this book so fast.  Sparks has made me a fan in her series Love At Stake.  The third book, Be Still My Vampire Heart, was wonderful to read.  I loved Angus and Emma.  They were great characters to end up falling in love with each other.  Emma is a strong woman going for revenge and ultimately Angus will help her get that revenge but he will also make her see that they are not all bad.

The bad vampires of course are the Malcontents.  We now see some of them and the story of them are starting to unravel little by little.  Of course the story is really about Angus and Emma but there are side stories going on.

I liked the fact that all the characters interact, new and old.  Keeps you from forgeting who is part of the series.  I like that Shanna and Roman did end up having thier baby and Sean came to see even though he is worried.  The baby doesn’t have fangs so he is a normal baby but is he really.  Constantine is going to surprise a few people.  And Emma who will not be the same Emma anymore which will be better for her and Angus.

MacGregors: The MacGregor Brides

Nora Roberts brings the MacGregors back with the eighth book, The MacGregor Brides, but as all Daniel and Anna’s children are married it is time for the grandchildren and Daniel has set his sites on his granddaughters.  The next to be married are Laura, Gwen and Julia.

The Plot of The MacGregor Brides:

Laura MacGregor is the first one, the daughter of Caine and Diane. A lawyer just like her parents and strives to make a name for herself.  She is also the oldest of the granddaughters and the one that needs to marry first according to Daniel.  His object is to set her up with Royce Cameron who does secruity.    He puts the two together and they get steamy but it sizzles as they soon find that it was not all destiny.  But all it not lost for those who find true love.

Gwen is the next granddaughter and next one for Daniel’s matchmaker.  She is daughter of Serena and Justin and becoming a doctor.  She works hard at her job maybe too hard and it gets harder when Daniel begins matchmaking again with Branson.  Branson is a writer and doing research but is it all research.  Will Gwen find what she is looking for only to throw it away?  Again true love will find its place.

Julia the last of the marriage age of granddaughters.  She is the firerest of them all and is not shy.  She is the daughter of former President Alan MacGregor and Shelby MacGregor.  She has been in the lime light and is good at it.  She also has the head for business which she uses fliping houses for a profit.  Daniel had his problems with this one but he had the right man for the job, Cullum.  He was a man who had the same firery temperment.  They find an attraction that is very hot to handle but when things sizzle and become serious who will crack and tell the truth.

These three parts were priceless.  I loved how Daniel MacGregor continues to play matchmaker and has a few pages of memoirs.  The three girls were fantastic and it was fun to see how the families have grown.  Now it is up to the rest of the grandchildren to finish the tales.