Garden of Lies

Garden of LiesUrsula Kern owns Kern Secretarial Agency with a couple of employees. When one of her employee ends up dead and Ursula knows it wasn’t suicide. She will go in search of answers from Anne’s last employment, she will find help from Slater Roxton her last employer. She will quickly learn that darker things were happening in the house.

Slater Roxton had been trapped on an island for one year which changed his life. Getting back to his normal routine was not going to happen so Slater changed his ways. Instead of fitting in with society he became an oddity. When Ursula comes into his life he knows that he doesn’t want to part from her, which leads him on a quest to help find her employees murderer.

Garden of Lies is a novel by Amanda Quick. I really loved this book. Amanda Quick aka Jayne Ann Krentz has been a favorite of mine for many years. The plot immediately intrigued me and I was pulled right into the story.

Ursula’s character was a woman who had a career and worked hard at it. I liked Ursula’s conviction to do the right thing. She was a strong woman who wanted to do the right thing but she was also someone who acted first, thought second. With Ursula’s character she is hiding something which of course will come out though more towards the middle. Slater’s character was an oddity but that was what I liked about him. He was quiet and thoughtful but could be ruthless if needed to be.

The villain was clear in my mind but then things got twisted. That usually happens in an Amanda Quick novel. I thought she wrote the twist well.

Vampire Dead-tective

Vampire Dead-tectiveLiz was a normal woman working at a 9 to 5 job with a roommate that was a little eccentric. Her world will be flipped upside down when her roommate will be killed and people want her dead and the ring that had belonged to her roommate. Liz will quickly find that there was another world out there, a supernatural world, and she was now part of it.

Vampire Dead-tective is the first novella to the series Dead-tective by Mac Flynn. So first off I liked the book. I had gotten it free on amazon for the kindle. I thought it sounded interesting with a vampire and human having to work together.

The story held some humor with these two characters. Liz was a normal human who thought that vampires didn’t exist. She asks a lot of questions, gets no answers, and I believe is in shock pretty much throughout the story, though I couldn’t really blame her given the situation. Then there is Vincent who is the vampire. He is sarcastic and mean with a strange sense of humor. He doesn’t want to be around Liz or to be tied to her. I would think that if his life was at risk then he would be a little nicer to the person who could end his life.

So what I found interesting with the story was the ring that both Liz and Vincent wore which tied them together. You find that out pretty quickly. Then there is the special abilities that Liz acquires which I would assume she will get better using as the series goes on, at least I would hope.

It looks like the series is with five novellas which you can get on amazon, though only the first one is free. I know that I will be back to read more from Mac Flynn especially as I would like to find out what had happened to Tim, Liz’s roommate, and why he had taken off the ring that had helped end his life.

Married to the Boss

Married to the BossR. J. Maitland was the President of Maitland Maternity and will have to fight for his business when a baby is abandoned at the doorstep of the clinic. The news will claim the baby is his and he will have to do damage control. His solution is to marry his secretary, Dana Dillinger, and have a marriage of convenience, except that she doesn’t want that type of marriage.

Married to the Boss is the fifth book to the series Maitland Maternity series which is a collection of authors writing in this series. I thought that this book was a good quick read. Though I pretty much always enjoy reading Lori Foster’s books.

So I have been unloading some of my paperback books, I still have quite a lot, and buying some favorite books and putting them on my kindle. I have found that keeping all my paperbacks is getting way to crowded for my small room. Well getting rid of a lot of my books led me in search of several books I am looking for to complete the particular series I am searching for. I decided to go to Half Price Books and found this book for only one dollar and I knew I couldn’t pass that deal up. I had not read the book previous but as I have said, I like Lori Foster’s books so I figured I would like this book.

Alright now the character of RJ was someone I liked. He was a good man that was trying to help those in need. Though he might not have been the brightest when it came to seeing what was or should I say who was right in front of him, Dana. There was a ruthlessness about him as well which he clearly had gotten from his adoptive mother. Dana’s character was a woman who was dedicated to her job and her boss. Dana was in love with her boss and when she found that she would get the chance to marry him she knew it could not be a marriage of convenience. I liked that she was sort of blackmailing RJ into a real marriage. Although it wasn’t a real blackmailing situation as RJ wanted to go to bed with her as well.

There was one negative, well I wouldn’t say it was a negative, but answers were not given to some of the problems that happened in the book. I am assuming that will be handled by other authors who continue on with the series. The book I felt was a story that was already being told, and it was since it was the fifth book to the series. There were characters in this book that I had no idea who they were and from how they were written you knew they already had their story or was going to. Although, I can’t say I was confused by these characters. I just wanted to know their story going into this story. Married to the Boss is one that you can read on its own regardless of the other books to the series.

The Pregnancy Test

MandyThe Pregnancy Test was not ready for the pink strip down the middle of the pregnancy test. She also wasn’t expecting her boyfriend to up and leave saying he can’t deal with another kid. She will find help with her best friends who help her get a new job. Mandy was ready to dislike her boss from all that she heard but she couldn’t, instead she fought the attraction that Damien brought out in her.

Damien needed a new secretary but most only lasted so long, now he had Mandy. He will find attraction with this woman knowing he shouldn’t. He can’t help but be intrigued by her and will take her with him on his week trip to the Caribbean where he will find out the secret Mandy is hiding.

Going for more Erin McCarthy I found the series New York Girlfriends. The Pregnancy Test is the first book to this series. As I have found out from the previous book of McCarthy sex does intertwine in her books among her characters very well. She does the same with Mandy and Damien and it gets a little hot and heavy especially as Mandy is pregnant and has some cravings that only Damien can satisfy.

Now what is cute about this story is how Damien turns protective. He would be the man you wanted to be the baby’s daddy. He is sweet and wants to be part of Mandy’s life along with her little girl. The book gets a little crazy with the psychic and telling these friends their destinies which for Mandy turns out well. Jamie’s future will be told next which looks to be the last book to this series.

The Raven Prince

Anna Wren is a widow who is now on the brink of financial ruin. She must find a way to make money for herself and her mother in law. Anna will find a job as a secretary to a man who is anything but pleasant, but that will not stop her from soon wanting this man as he draws her to him.

Earl of Swartingham, Edward de Raaf has a way of frightening people with his rude behavior but soon he will find that is not sending his newest secretary away. Edward will find that he wants her more and more which leads him away to his other intended. Though two nights in the famous brothel will have Edward thinking of another which will drive him crazy not knowing her identity until he finds that his mystery woman and Anna are the same.

The Raven PrinceVeering away from the Maiden Lane series (at least until the next one comes out) I picked up the first book, The Raven Prince, of the series Princes Trilogy before I move on  to a new author. I wanted to find out if another series of hers followed the same pattern.

The Raven Prince did not follow the same pattern of the Maiden Lane series as it stayed out of the slums of England. After reading four books of the Maiden Lane series this one left me hoping for more. The characters were interesting, the plot intriguing and no doubt about the sex scenes which Hoyt does well, but for me there wasn’t that element that drove me to the read book. In other words the book was not bad. Once I was half way through it picked up the pace. Elizabeth Hoyt leaves you with a happy ending which was nice but still I wasn’t drawn into as I was with the other series. Still I will try out the rest of the series but at a later point.

Lead Me On

Finishing up on the Tumble Creek series is Lead Me On by Victoria Dahl. I was excited to read that this book is all about Jane who is Quinn’s secretary with a hidden past.

Jane Morgan took pride in her job, in the life she created for herself but something is being hidden. Jane is hiding a past which she is ashamed. Jane though cannot run from this past as her past is coming back to haunt her like the man she wants to be with.

William Chase or known as Chase owns his own business but he is not the normal looking business man with his biceps, tattoo and steel toed boots. Chase is immediately interested in Jane and likes how she looks cute and proper. Chase though will find out a whole lot more about himself and Jane as they embark on saving her brother from jail.

I loved reading all about her. Dahl does a fantastic job creating Jane to be a woman with a haunted past which created what she is today. There are many dimensions to her character that will lead you to want to know what made her change her ways.

I also liked how Dahl connected the characters Chase and Jane by giving them a past but more importantly a future.

Tumble Creek series is a worthwhile series that will take you through all the emotions. (Talk Me Down, Start Me Up and Lead Me On)

The Blessing

When reading the summary on the book I wasn’t too thrilled. I thought it was going to be a sad book where brothers are torn and love never actually happens. I am a romantic at heart so I love the happy endings. But Jude Deveraux surprised me as I read the book. I thought it was going one way and she completely flips the plot. The Blessing is an intriguing story of family and love.

Jason Wilding can have anything he wants but for some reason he is not happy. Then his brother David calls. David has found love in a woman named Amy who has a son, Max. David needs Jason’s help with taking care of Amy’s son so he can woo Amy.

Jason agrees but things turn as he finds himself falling for Amy and Max. But there are problems and the main one is Amy believes Jason is gay. Jason has to go along with David’s farce but every minute he gets to know Amy the more attached he becomes and the more he wants to break his agreement.

This is the first book I have tried with Jude Deveraux. I like her style with creating the plot as it was very simple but the characters add to the drama. I devoured the book and hoped that Jason found that happy ending but then she threw in a wrench and I was shocked how Deveraux played the plot. But in the long run it made sense with Amy’s character.

The Blessing is one of many novels by Jude Deveraux.