North of Need

North of NeedMegan Snow had survived her husbands death but two years after his passing she wasn’t ready to let go. Then she will find a man outside her cabin door in trouble. Megan will help him only to find out that Owen Winters was not a normal man.

Owen Winters was a God of Winter. He thrived in cold conditions. Now during one snow storm he will meet Megan Snow but he will not have a lot of time to be with her. As it gets warmer Owen will have to somehow convince Megan that they can be together, to love each other.

North of Need is the first book to the series Hearts of Anemoi by Laura Kaye. I really liked this book. It was a quick read that was full of sweet and steamy scenes between the two characters. I will have to say that this book did remind me of Frosty the Snowman but only a very little as Owen was made out of a snowman and comes to life but that is were the similarities pretty much stop. Frosty never turned in to a strong and powerful God of Winter.

Megan’s character was a woman who was grieving for her husband. She was a shell of the woman she used to be but that will change. I liked that she did not just jump right into being in love with Owen. He had to work hard to get her to feel again, but she did open up and start to live again. Owen’s character was a man who was experiencing things for the first time. Everything was new to him. I liked that he was so joyful, full of life, which was what helps heal Megan.

There was some definite steamy scenes and I will say the ending was perfect to the point of cheesy but I liked it nevertheless.

Wanting Something More by Kathy Love

The third and final book of the Stepp Sisters series was fantastic to read.  Kathy Love brings Marty back only to be confronted with a changed man from her past.

You have got to be kidding me!  On a night like this, when most sane people are home to escape a blinding snowstorm, I happen to run into Millbrook’s biggest jerk, Nathanial Peck, the boy who broke my heart at my junior prom.  The one who kissed me on a dare and let his buddies laugh at me.  Well, eat dirt, Nathanial Peck, because you might have noticed me on the covers of a few magazines under the heading: Supermodel.  I live in New York City now.  I will be leaving as soon as the weather clears.  And frankly, if it were a choice between kissing you or braving downed electrical wires, I’d have to think about it.

It’s official: I’ve regressed.  It’s just that I can’t stand the Cult of Nathanial Peck that has come over this town.  Okay, so he is Chief of Police.  So he did make sure I got home safely.  So he didn’t try anything funny with me.  So that old smirk has been replaced by a sexy, sad smile…No.  People just do not change that much.  Somewhere inside Nate is the same leering, conniving womanizer I remember.  And I intend to prove it…

Kathy Love has captured all that I like in novels.  She has got me fighting for these realistic fictional characters.  She tells a fantastic story and it gets under your skin.

The characters are all fantastic and it was nice to see that even though love is blooming fast trust still has to be earned.

Kathy Love finishes the Stepp Sisters with finding love and second chances.

The Sunday List of Dreams by Kris Radish

A 58 year old woman, three grown children, an ex husband, retirement, and now her house is talking to her.

Connie is having her own problems with all the things that are happening to her or rather that are not happening.  For the longest time she has made list which have been dreams of hers but those were always but to the side.  Now on the verge of retirement Connie decides to do something, with the help of a talking house and her best friend Fannie, Connie discovers what has been lost; her oldest daughter.  Jessica keeps herself distant and Connie has been hurt by it but as she cleans will she finally understand what job her daughter is doing.  Jessica is the part owner of a sex shop.  At first Connie is shocked then she decides to take a trip to see her daughter.

Going to New York is the best thing that Connie will set out doing, next to recreating herself and finding that daughter that has been lost to her.

I liked this book and its crazy plot of the sex toy shop but it was all cute to read.  A little strange at first I will give you.  If you like those light hearted, a little comedy, a mother daughter adventure then this book will be for you.  It will tug at your heart a little and make you want to follow your dreams.