Once a Scoundrel

Stephen Crenshaw, Marquess of Dunwich, was back in England after several years away as a soldier. He had been a rake back then but he has changed. He knew what was important and that was getting the woman he had loved back.

Lady Faith Westover, daughter of the Duke of Strathmore, had loved Stephan. She was blinded to his rakish ways but when he had left her eyes had been open. Now with Stephan back Faith will try to keep away but he wouldn’t let her, not until she forgave him.

Once a Scoundrel is the fourth book from the series The Secret Life of Scoundrels by Anna Harrington. I really enjoyed this novella. It was short and straight to the point. The novella covered a lot, a betrayal, love, second chances, rumors, and friendship.

Faith’s character had been hurt by the man she loved and wasn’t ready to forgive and forget. Her betrayal was understandable. I think the betrayal might have been a little over dramatic, though nothing annoying. I thought Faith was a refreshing young lady with a good head on her shoulders and now was guarded with her heart. Stephan will find a way to her heart but it will be Faith to make the ultimate decision. Stephan’s character had changed, and changed for the better. I liked that he truly did change and it wasn’t a facade in order to get what he wanted. He was sincere and filled determined to do right in his life. I liked that he had to work to get what he wanted.

The Rogue Not Taken

The Rogue Not TakenSophie Talbot hated society while her family loved it. She just wanted to get out especially when she insults a duke. Sophie will runaway which will have her sticking close to Kingscote. She loathed him on sight. All she wanted was to be free to have her own life. Though things will not go as she hoped especially when she starts to feel things for Kingscote.

Kingscote, the Marquess of Eversley, never wanted to love. He was perfectly happy being a rogue. He will be instantly annoyed with Sophie and want to get rid of her as quickly as possible but he will not be able to keep her away. Though through their journey King will find himself wanting Sophie more than he should. He will have to stop himself from truly acting like the rogue his reputation stated.

The Rogue Not Taken is the first book to the series Scandal and Scoundrel by Sarah Maclean. I really liked this book.

When I first started I wasn’t really sure I would like Sophie. She first seemed too silly but really she was the most practical of the sisters, and the bravest. She was stubborn to do what she needed but she was also very caring. I hated that she was overlooked as she was not the prettiest or looked as the boring one. Well Sophie will change that when she leaves which will cause a scandal in itself. King was a surprise. His reputation was telling everyone that he was a rogue and a scoundrel but he was not all that everyone thought. King was hurt long ago and that stayed with him and it shaped the man he was today. I liked that he really was a good man, he wasn’t perfect but he was a good.

The banter between Sophie and King was very entertaining and it kept me invested within the story.

I loved how Maclean ended the book because for me as a romance reader it was the perfect ending for these characters.

The second book is coming out and I am looking forward to reading the next book.

A Good Debutante’s Guide to Ruin

A good debutante's guide to ruinDeclan, the Duke of Banbury, was a scoundrel in the eyes of society and thanks to his stepmother and father he’d done his best to become one. Unexpectedly he will find his estranged stepsister one night at his house in need of help. Declan’s world will be turned upside down by this new development especially when he starts to feel things towards Rosalie.

Rosalie Hughes needed help and Declan was the only person she could rely on. She knew that she was not wanted but she would do her best to stay out of the way, even though it was hard since Rosalie was in love with Declan.

A Good Debutante’s Guide to Ruin is the first book to the series Debutante Files by Sophie Jordan. I really liked this story. Now it is a little risky with the stepbrother and stepsister relationship, however, they didn’t really have a relationship as they were estranged. Though back then first cousins were marrying each other.

I thought that Sophie Jordan did a great job with the characters. Declan played the scoundrel well but you knew at the heart of him was a good man. What happened to him when he was fourteen was terrible, that stepmother should have been kicked out on her butt. Of course that didn’t happen. I liked that Declan opened himself up for love when it came to Rosalie. So the character of Rosalie I liked. She was very much the innocent but had a backbone, not a strong backbone but a backbone nevertheless. She gets stronger with that backbone as the book goes on, especially at the end.

The mother of Rosalie is a horrible and manipulative woman. She is also a sick minded woman who had no heart. What she did to Declan back then was horrible but then what she was doing to Rosalie now was worse since it was her own daughter. There is justice to be had for Rosalie and Declan when it comes to the mother.

I am reading An Heiress for All Seasons next which will be a novella in the series.

The Devil’s Waltz

The Devil's WaltzChristian Montcalm’s plan was to seduce an heiress and wed her. There was one problem that stood in his way which was Miss Annelise Kempton who tempted him like no other.

Annelise Kempton was not going to let her charge get seduced by Christian Montcalm. Though she did not expect him to turn the tables on her and try to seduce her as well.

The Devil’s Waltz is a novel by Anne Stuart which was one that I loved reading.

I loved Annelise’s character. She was a strong woman who had suffered loss but fought to keep going. I wanted her to find happiness in the arms of Christian but I also wanted her to hit him. He was a character that walked the line of villain and hero easily and Stuart writes those characters well. There are redeemable characteristics of Christian they are just buried deep. So really for a lot of the book I wanted to smack his head as well.

There were things I loved about this book and then there were things that got me annoyed. What annoyed me was Hetty. She was an annoying girl personally for me. She was too spoiled and headstrong, and didn’t think before she spoke. I didn’t want her to be with Christian as I wanted Annelise to be with him. I liked how Stuart wrote the scene that got me what I wanted. Though there were still problems that come from the book which prolonged that happy ending.

Now as I said Christian was like a villain but there were many in the book which could be thought of as a villain. The main one is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

As the book concludes I was happy with how Anne Stuart left Christian and Annelise with the epilogue especially with all the cruelty which surrounded the book.

Always a Scoundrel

Always A ScoundrelLord Bramwell Johns is a second son of a duke and a famed scoundrel who never knew a wager he didn’t like. He has done everything he could to tarnish his reputation but now he will do everything to save this woman.

Lady Rosamund “Rose” Davies has done everything she could do to keep her family in order. Now she is being sold off to pay her brother’s debt to a scoundrel. She will look to another scoundrel to help save her.

Always A Scoundrel is the third and final book to the Notorious Gentleman series by Suzanne Enoch. After finishing all the book from this series I will have to say this was a great series but for me this book was my favorite out of the three. I started the book late into the evening and could not put down the book. This was mostly because I wanted to see Rose be able to fight away her soon betrothed and to see how Bram was using his skill on Rose at the same time changing into a better man.

I guess what I really liked about this story was the transformation that happens with Bram. He is everything bad and almost cruel but he slowly changes and becomes more honorable to more than just his close friends. Rose also has a transformation where she starts to think about herself and not her family.

I have to say her family were a little selfish but not in the mean spirited way. I wanted to shake James and knock him down for what he was doing to his sister, for making her marry the blackguard after he lost the money. James does get better but not very quickly. Our enemy is certainly Rose’s intended and he is a horrible man who is set on destroying the innocence of Rose. He will start to succeed but Rose will seek for another to educate her. There will be a lot of education happening between Rose and Bram throughout the book.

Always a Scoundrel was a great finish to the Notorious Gentleman series.