The Naked Laird

The Naked LairdLady Kilgorn and Lord Kilgorn have been estranged for ten years. Then one night at a house party they will find themselves assigned to the same room even though they have not shared a bed since they separated. They will soon find that maybe a mistake happened and they should not give up on each other.

The Naked Laird is a novella from the Naked Nobility series by Sally MacKenzie. This is the last book to the series which I needed to read. I liked the novella. It was quirky and entertaining with the hostess who was playing matchmaker. As I read and heard their thoughts that drifted through their minds I wanted them to find that happiness together, like they had when they were younger.

Now I will say that although the situation was humorous I felt that they forgave each other very quickly on their past. She made a mistake with bottling up her feelings and he made a mistake having sex with many woman. I kinda thought that she should not forgive him that easily. Although this is a novella so the forgiving was done quicker than a regular novel. Now I am not saying she was not to blame at all because she should have tried to forgive earlier and not shut him out of her life completely.

Overall I thought the series Naked Nobility was a fun series to read with the quirky humor that Sally MacKenzie writes well.

Highlander in Her Bed

Highlander in Her BedMara McDougall has lived in Philadelphia but soon finds herself owning a castle in Scotland. There will be a problem though which started with a medieval bed where a man is very rude. She will be seeing this man more and more, and find out that he is not exactly real.

Sir Alexander Douglas is not exactly a ghost as he is not exactly alive or dead. He is there to guard his bed and will find himself going back to Scotland with the bed’s new owner. He will despise the owner because she is a McDougall but he wouldn’t be able to stop his feelings for her.

Highlander in Her Bed was a book that was sitting on my bookshelf in my to be read pile. It is the first book to the series Scottish-set paranormals. I found the book different, I liked it but it was certainly a little strange with the ghost but not ghost Alex. I got into the book fairly easy and it was entertaining with Alex and finding out about the curse and feud between the two families. The different realm was a little strange but once you got into the story it was entertaining to read. Mara is a character you liked and Alex was someone you wanted to have him find his absolution. I figured out how the ending would be shaping out to be but it was fun nevertheless.

I am interested in finding out more on the other paranormal men that were introduced in the first book. So I know that I will be checking out Allie Mackey for more of her books from the series.

How to Abduct a Highland Lord

Fiona MacLean is in need to marry Black Jack Kincaid and with not a moment to spare. It did not help that the man was mostly unconscious but the safety of her family was in dismay. Fiona thought it would be easy as they had shared a passion years ago but she finds that he is just the same. Fiona will make it her mission to teach her husband that he can’t control her but danger will come into play as her life will soon be threatened.

Black Jack Kincaid had no desire to be married. Although the choice in wives Jack was not altogether displeased as Fiona still had that passion he knew many years ago. Jack soon found out that he had other things to worry him other than a wife who told him his old ways were done, he also had to worry about her brothers and someone who would want to harm his wife he is starting to fall for.

How to Abduct a Highland LordI am new to this author Karen Hawkins whom I stumbled upon raiding through the aisles of the library in the romance section. What got me was the cover of the book as it looked like it could be a book with humor. Reading How to Abduct a Highland Lord was quick, easy, sexy and altogether fun. There was humor laced throughout the book and some jealousy along with brother protection, which I loved. What I did not expect was a paranormal aspect where the curse for the MacLean’s tends toward the weather. The rain was comical especially as it was controlled by the emotions of the MacLean’s and when they were angry you did not want to be the source of the anger.

The byplay with the brothers and their sister was fun. I love it when authors give a big family a series as there is a lot to go with. I always think back to Julia Quinn’s series the Bridgertons. The main character of Black Jack was fantastic as the rogue and someone you fell for. Fiona was a riot as she did what she wanted but naive of what would happen especially when she came upon a competitor. I have to say I was not sure of the villain until the very end and a little surprised at the venom from this person but it made sense.  After finding Karen Hawkins I know I will not be done with the author especially as I have several brothers to get through in the MacLean Curse series.

Lessons from a Scandalous Bride

Miss Cleopatra Hadley is on a mission to find a husband and she has her eye on an elderly gentleman reaching his eighties. He was the perfect person as he would not be able to sire any children which would keep Cleo from making her mothers same mistakes. As she is about to complete this mission a new man comes her way making her heart feel things she never experienced.

Lord Logan McKinney is in need of an heiress for him family and home. He had set his sights on one woman but another has his attention. She is about to become engaged but Logan will not have that happen as he believes she is the one that will be a perfect fit with him.

Lessons from a Scanalous BrideIt was only by chance that I had come across the book Lessons from a Scandalous Bride. This is the second book of the Forgotten Princesses series. As I like reading the series together I also grabbed Sophie Jordan’s first book again, Wicked in Your Arms, just to refresh myself with the story.

For me I love how Jordan keeps her characters well developed and intriguing throughout the story. The plot is simple but with the past that is driving these characters you are given a lot in the book. I loved how Cleo was determined to not become her mother but the ever persistent Logan was not giving her any room to flee. Throughout the book there is no real villain like in the first book. Cleo and Logan do though make it hard on themselves as to admitting their own feelings leaving it only to the very end. I thought the ending though was very touching and left you on a very happy note.

This was a charming story and I like that Jordan introduces another half sister making her most likely the next leading lady to have her own book.

Highland Belle

Brigette Devereux was ready to get married but she thought her groom would have had the decency to be there for the wedding. Brigette was forced to marry by proxy with her groom’s brother but she would not take that laying down. Brigette will soon runaway from her new family only to come across a stranger who captivates her interest. Little does she know this is her husband.  Wedding bliss will not be immediate for the pair as once they come to the MacArthur land trouble will not be far behind.

Lord Iain MacArthur came upon his brother expecting to find his bride only to discover she has disappeared. Iain will travel to find his bride and will but will take this time to disguise his identity to learn more about Brigette. Iain will win his brides heart but it will take time and understanding as they work together to trust one another. Of course trust will be hard to do when there are several obstacles which will be placed in their way.

Going on to my next series of Patricia Grasso I was able to find her very first book, Highland Belle, of her first series Deveraux. As a first book this was fantastic. There is a lot of fire between the characters that makes this book entertaining. In Highland Belle there is not so much betrayal but lack of trust. Half the time I was shaking the book hoping the characters would trust each other truly.

Both characters of Brigette and Iain were fiery in the book making their story that more interesting to read. There was also I think for both a sense of naivete that Grasso gives them. They were naive for different reasons but it made you like them all the more.

Grasso has many side characters going on with their own parts that really added to the story so it was not just Brigette and Iain’s. I loved the family of Black Jack and Percy. Magnus was a nice touch in the story as well I liked how he played the knight in Brigette’s situations.

The villain was told as he is an enemy of the clan but there is another who is Antonia. You will know she is a schemer the moment she arrives on the page. Throughout the story I truly disliked this woman and was happy that justice was served.

Patricia Grasso gives a solid happy ending for the couple which left you satisfied. Kathryn the eldest sister is up next.

Highland Bride

Gillyanne Murray found herself liking the new land that she held onto. The problem was three suitors who wanted her land. They were persistent but one was more so and she found herself married to him in a blink of an eye.

Connor MacEnroy is ignorant of the ways of woman and Gillyanne is a prize to be won. He soon found out that all things his uncle said about wives were not all true.

Highland Bride is the sixth book to Hannah Howell’s series Murray Family. Reading the series so far has been a lot of fun. The books are engaging and you want to read them. This once was frustrating as the character Connor was less to be desired. His attitude of woman pissed me off as it was very male chauvinistic. Of course the character I hated even more was Meg who played mistress to all the men.

Howell redeems herself as she  switches Connor’s thinking of how to treat a wife and women.

Gillyanne was my favorite character in this particular book as she was a strong woman and would fight for what she wanted, it only took her a little time to find out what she wanted. You cheered her on and wanted her to win in the end. Howell will of course not disappoint the reader and give a happy ending.

Highland Knight

The fifth book of the Murray Family series is Highland Knight. Hannah Howell continues the series with Avery Murray.

Avery Murray was taken against her will on the idea that she would be a debt paid. She was horrified to learn of the crimes against her brother and knew they were false. She had to find a way to have Cameron believe her, but she knew that revenge was too great and he would not listen. Avery hoped he would change his mind as she was falling in love with him.

Cameron MacAlpin was set on seeing justice for his sister. Payton Murray would pay and his sister would see to that debt. The problem was Cameron did not want to force a girl in his bed, but it would seem it would not take much. Avery soon became willing and feelings started to get in the way. Cameron knew that revenge was not the only thing driving him now but he knew that he would have to find a way to let her go.

I liked the story a lot actually. I had a feeling I would since this series has kept my interest. I liked Avery’s younger cousin who will be in the next book of the series.

I think out of the plot I enjoyed the idea of a ruthless debt payment that was being forced upon Avery but she did not waver. She stood strong and soon Cameron didn’t think of her just as an object.

The villains are few but the person you will hate the most is Katherine, Cameron’s sister and the cause of most of the problems. Howell will give justice in the book that would suite Katherine and leave the reader smiling.

Can’t wait for Gillyane and her turn at love.

The Chase

So I wanted to read the series in order. I tried. I told myself I was going to but of course I was not able to. The book, The Chase, is the third book of the series Deed.  I requested the second book, but as it has not come in yet and the third one was coming due I had to read them out of order. But with Lynsay Sands its fairly easy to read most of her books out of order. The story is easy to follow the only thing you miss is the connection of a family member that was in the second book, but even then Sands will explain the connection.

Seonaid Dunbar is her fathers daughter. Raised by her father and her brother all she has learned is from them. She has no real ladylike qualities like her new sister in law but she is true to herself. She is unsure of herself especially as her betrothed has resisted these past several years. She will soon find her own way in the world and wonder if she truly wants a husband who did not want to claim her.

Blake “Angel” Sherwell did not want to collect his betrothed. He should have been there years ago but he had been enjoying himself too much to be strapped down to a wife. Then Blake finds Seonaid. After chasing her all over he soon finds himself enjoying the chase and wonder what it would be like to be married to her. But he will have to prove himself to her.

I have found myself reading a lot of Lynsay Sands. Once I find an author I like I usually try to devour all of their books that I can.  The Chase was an easy one to read.

Seonaid’s fiery disposition was engaging to read. You cheered and laughed at her many attempts to flee a man who has shown no real joy of marrying her. It was enjoyable to read as her character found love with Blake but she stayed true to herself for the most part.

Blake I wanted someone to hit him over the head. I hated at how he dragged his feet coming to get her. Sands will make you feel for Seonaid as she finds herself humiliated by his lack of interest.  He will improve as the book moves on and once again you are cheering but this time for Blake to get it right.

As the third and final book of the series I liked how Sands ended it with The Chase  and can’t wait to read the second book to finish up the series.

The Girl That Nobody Wanted

Going after the final and third book of the series the Devil of the Highlands I had to go to another library to find The Hellion and the Highlander. It was frustrating locating as I wanted to find out all about Kade and his journey he had taken in the Crusades, and of course the love interest in the book.

Lady Averill Mortagne is tired of being set up by her father. No Englishman wanted her due to her flame colored hair and birthmark but now there is a man she has interest in and he feels the same way. It confused Averill that her brothers friend who at the moment is injured has interest where no other man has not. Soon Averill is swept away by Kade and taken to his land.

Kade Stewart has been away at the Crusades, captured but he was able to make an escape. For three years he was from home and now he is coming back. But first he was recovering at his friends house and there he sees Averill. He knows she is the one for him and makes it happen. As Kade travels with his new wife Kade is happy to note that life will be good as soon as they find the person who is causing accidents.

I loved Averill’s character. She was soft spoken and considered not attractive in England. Of course in Scotland she was more than pleasing with her red hair. She grew confidence with Kade helping her.

With Kade he was a warrior you couldn’t help but love. Having him attracted to Averill was an obvious choice but I loved that he wanted her after seeing her fiery side.

Sands creates the villain was not known until the very end. All Sands gave were small hints but nothing really concrete.

With all the books Lynsay Sands gives humors but here you will be laughing at how Averill will go about pleasing her husband and all the advice she is given.

As the end of the trilogy I really liked how Sands finished the story. This series was fantastic to read with strong warriors and strong minded woman. Its a series you will want to read curled up on a couch.

Taming the Shrew Didn’t Prepare Him For This

Merry Stewart has been taking care of her family since sixteen years old and now her chance of getting away and starting her own family is so close. What Merry hoped the most did not happen. Her soon to be husband was just like her brothers and father, drunks. She dreaded the marriage but soon found out that all is not what it appeared to be. But now Merry will have to survive her new marriage between drunken nights and accidents which kept happening.

Alexander d’Aumesbery hates the thought of indulging alcohol but it appeared he had lack of self control once he found himself with his new bride. All his manners left him and he acted like a drunken fool. Soon the thought was planted that there was sabotage going on as Alex knew he would not indulge. With helping survive the attacks and keeping his wife happy it was a long journey to see his sister.

The second book to Lynsay Sands series Devil of the Highlands is Taming The Highland Bride. From reading the first book I was anticipating what would come from the second one. I was happy with the result of the blend once again with the Scottish and English.

Merry had her fiery temper and was referred to as a shrew. In a way I guess she was but only to have certain things come her way which was always placed on her shoulders. I liked Merry as she was able to find a way to let Alexander help her through the book, as he took a few loads off her shoulders. Now Alexander you knew what you were getting with Sands description as he was a very loyal man and wanted to do right by most people. I liked that in his character. Then of course together they blazed up the pages and only left you wanting more.

Now as with the plot it was engaging but you were left wondering who the villain was. Of course throughout the book I was shouting its Edda as she could not have changed her spots that quickly, but then came the question of how could she when she was on English soil. The villain was the one responsible for all of the attacks on the road so it had to be one person who was blending in. Sands gives the identity of the attacker with a good twist that you saw coming but not with whom helped.

Now I can’t wait for the mysterious Kade to have his own story in the third book of the trilogy the Devil of the Highlands.