The Stolen Mackenzie Bride

Malcolm Mackenzie was the youngest of the Mackenzie brothers and the wildest but that will all change when he sees Lady Mary. Mal will want Mary and will change his ways but it will be difficult to be together in the time of war.

Lady Mary Lennox was being the dutiful daughter but when she sees the wild highlander something inside her changes. Mary will find herself helping secure her sisters future and changing the path of her own.

The Stolen Mackenzie Bride is the eighth book to the series Mackenzies/Highland Pleasures series by Jennifer Ashley. I really enjoyed this book. This series has been one that I have loved since the very first book with Lord Ian.

I thought this story was interesting with the history of the family that I had loved reading about. It was interesting to read that what the history was to believed over the years was not exactly as it was thought to be, especially when it came to the fate of the Mackenzies. Although, I will say that with all the brothers in the story it was a little distracting. I almost wanted to just focus on one brother which was Malcolm. Then again as the story progressed I became invested with the brothers.

Malcolm’s character was a man of honor even though he was a wild one. I liked that when he saw Mary, he knew that Mary was the only woman for him. Mal fought for his family and the ones he loved. Mary’s character was a proper daughter who did what she was told. I liked that even though she was that type of person she had a backbone, and that backbone grew with her interactions with Mal at her side.

I thought that this was a great finish to a series.

Charming the Highlander

Charming the highlanderGrace Sutter was coming home to spread her sisters ashes and to give her sisters baby to the baby’s father. She will come into trouble when the plane she rides in crashes. She will be saved by a stranger who was another passenger, Greylan.

Greylen MacKeage was adjusting to his new life for the last four years all the while searching for the woman that would be his destiny. He will find that woman in Grace Stutter. He will want her the moment they meet and he will have to fight hard to win her hand.

Charming the Highlander is the first book to Pine Creek Highlander series by Janet Chapman. I thought this was a good book. The plot to me felt light and when reading the book I flew through the pages. This series has eight book which I have checked out from my library. I have decided to try out this series which was a long time coming. I have already read one book from this series but it’s been a while. I don’t exactly remember the plot but do remember that it was a series I wanted to read from the beginning.

Grace was a brilliant scientist but will have a tragedy hit her and throw her on a new path. I liked that Grace did not stop, she fought to do what was right. When she meets Greylan there is an immediate response that she has towards him and it only grows and gets pretty lustful. Greylan is a highlander from another time. He is old fashioned as that was the time he had grown up in, which can get a little overbearing when he wants something.

The magic aspect was interesting as it took these great warriors from their land to a modern day world. The magic really didn’t surround the book as I thought it would which was not a problem. I liked that these warriors were in present day and learning how to deal with the twenty first century.

I will be reading Loving the Highlander next.

Finding a Highlander

I have just recently come to find Hannah Howell’s name and I randomly picked a book. I didn’t know it was the twelfth in the series until afterwards. The twelfth book is Highland Protector in the series Murray Family.

Ilsabeth Murray Armstrong is wrongfully accused. Her dagger was found in a man of the King, his cousin but Ilsabeth did not do this. She knows who but she can not prove. Her family sends her to the one man who will seek the truth.

Sir Simon Innes is the Kings man who seeks truth. That is his job. He looks at Ilsabeth and his gut is saying she is truthful but he had been burned before by a woman. Simon will help uncover the truth but will get himself tangled up in old wounds.

After reading the book out of order, which it appears to not be a problem as you can follow the story perfectly, I was already thinking of picking up another. The one right before is about the cousin of Ilsabeth who is of course a rogue. Of course I think I should start at the beginning to really understand how Howell started the series as I found the book Highland Protector riveting to read.

Hannah Howell does a fantastic job bringing in the reader as the dialogue speaks to the time of the people and who they are, while the plot will keep you cheering for the truth.

The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell

The first book, The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell, of the series McBride Trilogy was a book which is not about happiness or love that is until the past is solved for our main character.

Simon Blackwell has been given a fate worse than death five years ago and he must live with this for the rest of his life. Because of his past he has become jaded and more and more angry. But then all things change when Simon saves a little boy and meets the boys fiery cousin.

Annabel McBride doesn’t want to be back in London but she must and unfortunately because of this she meets Simon Blackwell. They do not mess well until their lips touch and embrace in a kiss which will make them betrothed to each other. Annabel is far from happy as her new husband does not care to carry on his duty with her or anyone. Annabel will find a way though to reach Simon and restart his life by healing his past.

I wasn’t sure how I would like this but truly Samantha James writes the book to pull at your heartstrings and you will hope for the best for these two characters. You will wish for love even though there is none which are pulling these characters together.

James brings in pain and betrayal through the book that as the reader you are about to give up but somehow you can’t. You want to finish this story to see how it ends.  And after finishing up The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell I am eager to look for the other two books in the McBride Trilogy, The Seduction of  an Unknown Lady and Bride of a Wicked Scotsman. With these two books James expands into the brothers of Annabel and their problems with the ladies.