Ride Wild

Cora Campbell had been running when she found a way out with the help of the Ravens. She gets a shot at starting a new life with Slider who has her working as his kids nanny. Things will get complicated when she starts to have feelings for Slider.

Sam “Slider” Evans had been burned by the love of his life. He lived his life now only for his children. He will start to live again when Cora becomes part of their life.

Ride Wild is the third book to the series Raven Riders by Laura Kaye. I liked this book. It was a fun, fast, sweet, and steamy book.

Cora was sweet and looking for a second chance. I liked her character, she was ready to begin a new chapter for herself and I really liked that she wanted to do the things on her own. She wanted independence but was not afraid to ask for help. Slider’s character was a great dad but he needed help. I liked that he softened up when Cora was around especially when he let go of the past.

Within the story there wasn’t a lot of action. There will be some trouble with the Raven and some bystanders will get into trouble. The Ravens will have to help the ones they love.

The other characters of Sam and Ben, Slider’s son’s, were adorable. They wanted the best for their dad and they were a cute addition to the story.


RemembranceSusannah Simon is officially engaged to the love of her life, Jesse, but an old enemy will make her future look bleak. Susannah will have to find a way to save Jesse and make sure that they have a future together.

Remembrance is the seventh book to the mediator series by Meg Cabot. So, I liked the book and then it bugged me at certain points. The mistake that I did was read some reviews which weren’t very nice. That jaded my thoughts when I was reading but I could completely understand what that reviewer was having issues with.

Susannah’s character has grown up but mentally I think she is the same girl. She goes into things without thinking. She doesn’t get backup when the situation is dangerous or even when she goes to see Paul. The question is why does she even respond to Paul. Paul has also not changed and he is still a manipulator. He knows what buttons to press and Susannah falls for it every time, and he will never change. Now Susannah is not an idiot, she knows when Paul is up to things but she still does not share that information with the man that she loves, a man she should trust completely. Now Jesse’s character was a man out of time but was adjusting and making something with his life. I liked that he truly loved Susannah and wanted her in his life, but at times I was wondering why he bothered when she wasn’t trusting him. Of course being a fan of Susannah and Jesse’s characters I wanted them to find happiness.

Within the book I did like the case she was on with the little girl’s ghost. I thought that was interesting. There was also a surprise when it came to Susannah’s step family which was comical though in away a little sad especially if the truth ever came out.

So, overall I have to say that I was happy to find out more about the characters and to read that Susannah and Jesse had their happy ending. I would have been happy with just the sixth book but with Remembrance you knew their future together was more solid.


ProposalSuze Simon and Jesse are back after twelve years since the sixth book had been published. Alright so first off I had loved this series when I was a teenager. It had finished right in the my senior year of high school and I had loved how Meg Cabot finished their story. So when I heard that the series was being resurfaced with two more stories I was cheering, then I was hesitant. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read these two stories because that would change my fairy tale ending with Jesse and Suze in the sixth book. Well I decided to take a chance and read the new stories.

Proposal is the 6.5 in the series Mediator by Meg Cabot and Meg Cabot takes us back to Suze and Jesse who are still together but are now in college and Jesse is becoming a doctor. I felt with this story it was almost like a teaser before the novel.

I liked the story of Suze helping out the ghost which is just how Suze has always been. She just has to do things the hard way. The one thing that bugged me was that Suze did not learn from past mistakes. She gets something from Paul and will not be telling Jesse. She has not learned that keeping secrets will get herself into trouble. Although I think the trouble will happen more in the novel.

I will be reading Remembrance next.

The School For Heiresses

I have seen this book it seems every time I walk the rows of library in the romance section. Finally I decided to check it out to stop the curiosity of what the book was about. Now with a title of The School for Heiresses I already had a feeling what this was about, heiresses.

The School for Heiresses is a collection of four short stories (around 100 pages each) by four different authors. Each story is placed in the regency time period and has one girl from the school who is finding themselves in trouble.

The four stories are Ten Reasons to Stay by Sabrina Jeffries, After Midnight by Liz Carlyle, The Merchant’s Gift by Julia London, and Mischief’s Holiday by Renee Bernard.

Each story was cute, sweet and had an adventure or situation where the heiresses would find that love they weren’t searching for. Overall I was happy to pick up the book and fulfill my curiosity.

Finding your own heiress

The sixth book, Surrender to a Scoundrel, is part of the American Heiress series and so far is the last one but one never knows. I picked up Julianne MacLean’s book for the heck of it.

Evelyn Foster now known as Evelyn Wheaton is now off to find a husband. She is an heiress and is wanted for that but that will all change when the boy who saved her life comes back into it. But this boy is still that scoundrel who is all charming and a rogue.

Lord Martin Langdon is known to be a scoundrel and reckless ever since his days a school. Martin is in for a surprise as he finds himself face to face with the one woman who they say cannot be tempted. Martin will try his best to tempt that woman who has haunted him.

After reading I have to say it was a book which held your attention. MacLean keeps the plot simple but the characters complex with their own inner demons that are threatening them. I liked how the past paved the road for these characters and who they have developed into.

Evelyn’s character was comeplling to read about as she makes a judgment about Martin and keeps that fresh in her mind to remind herself to hate him. But I liked how MacLean allowed Evelyn’s character take back her words and truly see from a new perspective.

Martin’s character was the normal rogue and rake but reformed and then back again. I liked how MacLean shows the pain not in the words but by actions which happen in the book.

The villains in the book are described well and are played out. The reader knows exactly who is at fault but all you can do is read how it will unfold.

After reading Surrender to a Scoundrel I know I will be checking out the earlier additions to the American Heiress series to see how the series started.

The Renegade Hunter

Nicholas Argeneau is on the run for fifty years now for murdering an innocent woman. As an ex rogue hunter he is good at getting away but when an innocent woman is trouble he helps and this time he finds his own trouble. The woman he saves is his lifemate and this time he doesn’t want her to die so he will keep away but when he does things keep going from bad to worse. Nicholas has to stick close to Jo for her own safety.

Josephine ‘Jo’ Willan was stunned to be attacked at her sisters party only to be next kissing her hero and wanting more from him. Jo is soon thrust into troubles regarding the immortals and finds all about them. She wants a life with Nicholas and will fight to save him from himself if necessary.

So going back to reading the series I found myself once back into the immortals. For some reason it disappeared in the eleventh book but its back with the twelfth, The Renegade Hunter. Lynsay Sands gives Nicholas a chance to clear his name and join his family once again.

I like that Nicholas was a tortured immortal but did right by those who needed help. You knew that something was wrong about him killing an innocent and Sands will explain but not all the way. There will be a cliff hanger leading us into the next book to find out why his stepmothers were killed, why Annie was killed or for him to be executed.

I was happy to read that Jo was Sam’s sister. Not remembering their last name I was surprised to read the book. I was excited to see Sands was going to bring the sisters into the series so Sam would be able to keep her family. The party at the beginning was humorous with Sam’s attempt at matchmaking for her sisters.

Now I will admit before this book and The Immortal Hunter I didn’t remember reading about Nicholas which is why I wish the book had a family tree. The ones before had them. Its hard to keep track of all the Argeneau family.

Can’t wait for Armand’s chance at finding a wife that doesn’t meet a tragic end.

Lie By Moonlight by Amanda Quick

The last and fourth book of the Vanza series was an absolute delight to read.

Hired to tutor four orphan girls to remote, ramshackle Aldwick Castle, Miss Concordia Glade is pleased to find her pupils both eager and bright.  Indeed, they are bright enough to have noticed some oddities about their situation.  Provided for by an unseen benefactor, they are surrounded at all times by hard-eyed guards in the guise of gardners and their previous tutor, she learns, disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Stepping into this uncertain atmosphere, Concordia sees at once what must be done.  The plan is daring in scope and execution, but with the help of her four students, the great escape stands a good chance of success.  Of course, even the best laid plans can go awry…and even the most independent, strong-minded lady must occasionally accept an offer of help.

During an investigation into a woman’s death, private inquiry agent Ambrose Wells finds himself on the castle grounds  and in the middle of chaos.  The building is in flames.  People are dead.  And a woman and four girls are fleeing on horseback.  A confirmed loner, Ambrose nevertheless finds himself taking Concordia and her students under his wing.  His past has made him eminently suitable to protect them from the person behind the events at Aldwick Castle: a notorious London crime Lord who will stop at nothing to destroy those who know his secrets.

Their lives at risk, Concordia and the girls must remain safely in hiding until Ambrose is able to unravel the dark conspiracy.  But if the girls have learned anything from Miss Glade, it is the value of curiosity a quality their teacher possess in great abundance.  She has never been one to sit back quietly and let others take care of her.  As the danger circles ever closer, Ambrose adn Concordia must work together to discover a way out of the darkness.  In the process, they will learn a few lessons themselves about stubbornness, courage, and love.

The last book of the series was wonderful to read.  There was intrigue, excitement and entertainment.  I loved the plot of a teacher who takes four of the girls and manages an escape.

The characters were creative and enduring while the plot was entertaining.  I love each trait of the characters as they worked their way through the plot, each were unforgettable.

Quick leaves you with a smile at the end where everyone is moving toward the future.