Tidings of Great Joy by Sandra Brown

Ria Lavender is the last woman in the world to be swept away by a smooth line and a seductive smile.  Talented, sophisticated, and determined, she’s carved out a place for herself in the most prestigious architectural firm in the city.  And she’s just beginning to savor the fruits of her success when she meets a man who will change everything.

Mayor-Elect Taylor MacKenzie is handsome, charming, and charismatic.  Still, Ria never imagines that she’ll leave a Christmas party with him, or that, caught up in the magic of a snowfall and a bottle of champagne, she’ll give in to desire.  But the next morning she faces the stunning truth: she’s slept with a man she barely knows.  And that’s not the only surprise in store: eight weeks later, Ria Knows she’s carrying Taylor MacKensie’s child.

Desperate to spare her baby the pain and stigma of illegitimacy, Ria makes the only decision she can.  Somehow she must persuade Taylor MacKensie to agree to a temporary marriage.  Yet how do you propose marriage to a relative stranger?  How do you react when he meets your news with anger and disbelief?

Within hours, Taylor’s outrage cools and he insists that they marry immediately.  Suddenly Ria is sharing his house, his name, and something infinitely more dangerous to her  heart…a tenderness she never expected, a passion she can’t seem to control.  But afraid that Taylor’s motives have more to do with protecting his career-and his baby-than with his feelings for her, Ria will try her best to keep her distance…until the day tragedy strikes and teaches them both a lesson in miracles-and love.

Sandra Brown created a quaint story on two people who were not looking for love  found it in the mist of it all.  The characters are  unforgettable filled with passion and warmth.

A heartwarming story filled with mistakes, tragedy, blessings and an enduring love. Just right for the holiday season.

The Mason Sisters Series by Sandra Brown

The Mason Sisters series was not one that I heard of before I picked up Sandra Brown.  This series consist of two books one each about the two sisters, Elizabeth and Lilah.

Fanta C

Elizabeth Burke’s days are filled with the business of running an elegant boutique and caring for her two small children.  But her nights are long and empty since the death of her husband two years before, and she spends them dreaming of the love and romance that might have been.  Then Thad Randolph steps into her life-and man right out of her most intimate fantasies.

Elizabeth doesn’t believe in fairy tales, and she knows all too well that happy endings only happen in books.  Now she wishes she could convince herself that friendship is all she wants from Thad.  But the day will come when she’ll finally have to make a choice-to remain forever true to her memories or to let go of the past and risk loving once more.

The first book starts off very sensual, erotic and fun to read.  I loved that the character Elizabeth is a mother of two and has an alter ego for a closet erotic writer.

Adam’s Fall

Over the past few years Lilah Mason has watched her sister find love, get married, and have children, while she’s been more than content to channel her energies into her career.  A physical therapist with an unsinkable spirit and unwavering compassion, she’s one of the best in the field.  But when Lilah takes on a demanding new case, her patient’s life isn’t the only one transformed.

She’ll never had a tougher patient than Adam, who challenges her at every turn.  Yet Lilah is determined to help him recover the life he’s lost.  What she can’t see, until it’s much too late, is that while she’s winning Adam’s battle she’s losing her heart…as Adam makes her question her most intimate beliefs about men, about love, and mostly about herself.  Now, as professional duy and her passionate yearnings clash, she must choose the right course for them both.

The sequel to the Mason Sisters series was fantastic to read.  I loved the heated arguments they got into and how Lilah is always surprising everyone with what she does and what she believes.

Sandra Brown brings love to each of these sisters but in completely different ways.

The Rana Look by Sandra Brown

They called it the Rana Look…the exotic, one-of-a kind allure that only supermodel Rana Ramsey could deliver.  Now her beautiful eyes are shielded behind tinted glasses, her famous figure hidden under shapeless dresses, her trademark wild hair falling straight down her back.  Rana knows she’ll never attract a man this way, and that’s just fine with her-until she meets Trent Gamblin.

Ruggedly handsome, charming, and undeniably charismatic, Trent is the kind of man Rana finds irresistable…the kind she’s certain would never look twice at the “new” Rana.  But to her surprise, Trent seems unfazed by her Plain Jane look.  For he is drawn to a beauty that Rana can’t hide.  But the outside world cannot be kept at bay forever.  And when tragedy strikes, Rana and Trent will learn whether theirs is just an impossibly erotic dream-or the kind of love that lasts forever.

The secret identity is great and brings some fun for the characters.  There was wit and intrigue to the plot and characters.

But the fact that you get to read about models was interesting.  It makes me sick knowing what models go through.  What the public expects to see out of them.  All it is skin and bone but it is all fake.  Nowadays it is getting better but we are not there yet.  I liked that Brown dove into that topic.

Brown creates this sexy, fun and sensuous romance that you will dive right into.

Play Dirty by Sandra Brown

Brown is known for her romance.  Play Dirty brings that intrigue and thriller aspect to the plot and characters.

After five long years in federal prison, Griff Burkett is a free man.  But the disgraced Cowboys quarterback can never return to life as he knows it before he was caught cheating.  In a place where football is practically a religion, Griff committed a cardinal sin, and no one is forgiving.

Foster Speakman, owner and CEO of SunSouth Airlines, and his wife, Laura are a golden couple.  Successful and weatlhy, they lived a charmed life before fate cruelly intervened and denied them the one thing they wanted most-a child.  It’s said that money can’t buy everything.  But it can buy a disgraced football player fresh out of prison and out of prospects.

The job Griff agrees to do for the Speakmans demands secrecy.  But he soon finds himself once again in the spotlight of suspicion.  An unsolved murder comes back to haunt him in teh form of his nemesis, Stanly Rodarte, who has made Griff destruction his life’s mission.  While safeguarding his new enterprise, Griff must also protect those around him, especially Laura Speakman, from Rodarte’s ruthlessness.  Griff stands to gain the highest payoff he could ever imagain, but cashing in on it will require him to forfeit his only chance for redemption…and love.

Griff is now playing a high-stakes game, and at the final whistle, one player will be dead.

I was impressed with Play Dirty it grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go.  At first when I was reading I got to the middle and seemed like it should be done.  But then something big happens and the action takes over.

The plot is intense to read.  When one of the characters is killed you suspect the other one of murder but did they do it.  It was intriguing to see how the plot panned out.  You didn’t know the murderer then you found out but it didn’t make sense.

Play Dirty brings many surprises, tragedy, and romance to the pages.

Heaven’s Price by Sandra Brown

Blair Simpson embraced a life most people merely dreamed about.  She devoted her nights as well as her days to dancing-in the chorus line of Broadway musicals and in occasional high-paying TV commercials.  Nearly thirty years old, she had never considered another career, believing that dancing was what she’d been born for.  Now an injury has sent her to a small town for six long months of recuperation.  All around her are couples her age who are raising families and building dreams together.  And there she meets a man who forces her to come to terms with a part of herself she has long denied.

From her first encounter with her new landlord, Sean Garrett, the powerful sexual attraction between them catches her off guard.  For the first time she’s unable to lose herself in her dancing, as Sean’s passion and tenderness urge her to open her life to him.  Sean is a contractor who restores old houses-and what he most wants to build is a future with fiery, raven-haired Blair.  But Blair’s own passion for dance has ruled her for so long, she may not be able to break its hold-even if it costs her the love she had thought she’d never find.

I thought Heaven’s Price was heartwarming and really incredible steamy scenes between the two characters.  Brown opens up the story with an amazing scene between the two.

I really liked this story for the sole purpose that it was about the creative side of a person, artistic nature.

Heaven’s Price was a joy to read, even with some sappy love scenes but a very enduring story.

Exclusive by Sandra Brown

Heart pounding thriller, sabotage, blackmail, but in the end you still didn’t know what really happened.  At the end there is a conclusion but who is really guilty the lines get blurred with who really killed the baby.  Exclusive is intense and fantastic to read.

A second-string with first class talent, Barrie Travis is stuck at a low-budget independent television station struggling to survive among the giant networks.  Then, suddenly, she recieves an invitation from First Lady Vanessa Merritt for an off-the-record conversation.  Barrie’s reporter’s instincts are instantly aroused.

During a furtive, emotionally charged meeting, Barrie sees that the President’s beautiful wife is stunned by grief after the crib death of their infant son.  Vanessa’s motive for meeting Barrie seems to be to share her headache with another woman.  What Barrie overlooks in her excitment at hearing the confidences of the First Lady are the questions she should be asking: Why would Vanessa Merritt call her?  And why would the President’s wife hint to an unknown reporter that her child may have been murdered?

Blind to everything but getting her exclusive, Barrie is determined to investigate the death of teh President’s child.  But she soon realizes that getting the story will test her ethics and her patriotism.  Would she expose information that could topple the presidency?  She confronts this problem when she tracks down Gray Bondurant, a former presidential aide and war hero who shunned the poltics of Washington in favor of life on a remote Wyoming ranch.  And when they both begin to follow a trail of lies and intrigue right to the White House door, Barrie’s exclusive puts at least three people on the firing line: First Lady, Gray, and herself-as crimes and ambitions combine to endanger their lives and the future of the nation.

Finishing reading you are in awe and still confused in a way.  Excluive was an intense thriller and a joy to read about.  I liked that this concentrated on the first family with a reporter who gets a hunch and runs with it.

Reporters usually come out on the bottom and dead somewhere with these types of novels but with help Barrie is able to survive, barely.

I love the sexual tension between Gray and Barrie, it is intense just like everything else about them.  But it is not easy for them.

The secret of who is the babies father for the first lady will shock you.  It drove me crazy and you wanted to know the truth but only at the end do you find out.

Sandra Brown delivers a suspenseful and heated novel with the sensual tension and adventure.  A novel worth reading.

Long Time Coming by Sandra Brown

Sandra Brown is an author who keeps on delivering different types of love stories that you get caught up in.  Long Time Coming is just another one of those examples.

He arrived out of the blue-a fresh and blood phantom from the past in a sports car as sleek and sexy as Law Kincaid himself.  The world famous astronaut was a devastatingly attractive as teh first time Marnie Hibbs had laid eyes on him, seventeen years before.  But she well knew the perils of falling for a ladies man like Law.  And this time she had someone besides herself to protect.

Law is determined to discover who is sending him anonymous letters claiming he’d fathered a son he knows nothing about.  Showing up at the Hibb’s return address from the letters seemed like a step in the right direction.

Marnie swears she isn’t the guilty party, but when Law meets her son, it’s like a one-two punch to his solar plexus.  The boy is nearly the spitting image of Law.

Law can’t remember sleeping with Marnie then again, he can’t remember much about his crazy past.  But there’s more to it than that: Marnie claims the boy isn’t biologically hers.

As the tension between them becomes unbearable and the attraction undeniable, Marnie is forced to reveal a long-held secret…one that might cause her to lose both the boy she loves more than anyone and the man she desires more than anything.

Sandra Brown delivers a short romance novel which makes you melt.  Marnie’s character is a perfect woman but I hated when she felt the need to conform to Law’s word.  She shouldn’t feel the need.  And I got a little frustrated that she thought she was going to lose it all.  That would have been unfair.

Other than that the novel was a cute thing to read and let you see that love can find it’s way even from the past.