Prince of Dreams

Prince of DreamsEmma Stokehurst was in love with one man but she could never have him which had her turning towards another. She does not claim to love Prince Nikolas but he allowed her the life she wanted. Emma soon starts to care for her husband when he turns distant. She will force herself to do the same but will be baffled when he changes once again.

Prince Nikolas had lived through abuse and saw what it had done to his brother. He wanted Emma since he had first meet her and he watched her bloom into a woman. He will get what he wanted but then he starts to truly care and even love. He will need to push her away before she understands that she was important to him but then every thing changes.

Prince of Dreams is the second book to the series Stokehurst by Lisa Kleypas. The second book finishes up the series and I have to say it was a really well written novel and I loved that this story was with Emma. I really loved her character. The story provoked a lot of emotion for the romance reader in me. I wanted Emma and Nikolas to have that chance and it seemed that they were doing well but then he becomes a cruel man towards his wife. I hated to read that side of him. I hated what it was doing to Emma. So there were definitely parts that I did not like in the book but it got you to feel and want that happy ending even more.

The paranormal aspect is once again in the book. Nikolas will be having visions but his will go much further. Alright this is a SPOILER ALERT so beware. If you don’t want to read what is going to happen to Nikolas stop reading now! So Nikolas will be thrown into his past but will be his great great grandfather. He will find love and happiness with his wife who looked just like Emma. As I read this part of the book I worried that he would be staying in this time. I wanted him back to the present, to love Emma once again. Well he will get back and become a different man, a man who is not completely tormented.

I loved the change in him but felt that he would really have to work hard to get back in the good graces of his wife. That will happen and there will be a very happy ending but there will be other bumps in the road which will threaten their happiness and safety.

I am continuing on in the list of books from Lisa Kleypas with Somewhere I’ll Find You.


Enticing the Prince

Katerina Pavlova wants revenge for her family. Fleeing Russia with the remaining family she has they travel to England. With a new identity of the Countess de Salerno, Katerina makes a name for herself in jewelry design making it easier to mingle in society. With only a name of a prince she will find him and get her revenge. Upon meeting Prince Drako she is confused and thought that a mistake has been made. He does not seem the villain Katerina expected. Katerina will find help from the Prince and will be finding love in his arms.

Prince Drako Karanov has seen the Countess with his own eyes and knows he wants to know her more. Drako will use his charms but the Countess does not bend so easily. Drako will work around Katerina and enchant her daughter and befriend her brother, which is when he will find out her true identity and need of revenge. He will help Katerina on her need of revenge and to the alter.

As I started the book Enticing the Prince I thought I would miss the Flambeau sisters as they had captured my complete attention in the last two books. Patricia Grasso may have diverted her attention more on the Karanov’s, who are ones you are drawn to as well, but kept the Flambeau sisters in the background as they are still part of the story. Through this book Grasso is also continuing on the story that had been partly told in the last one. It does get a little confusing with all the information but you are easily entertained by all that goes on.

Drako was a new character from the last book. I thought him to be less serious and almost more of a playboy prince but I was pleasantly surprised. Of course there are moments in the book. Katerina was a really well developed character. In the last book you got to know her a little but Grasso really develops her character to one that you like. You want her to find revenge for her family. Her revenge goes to one man and throughout the story you have a very good hunch who is the villain.

This book was almost like a game of cat and mouse. Grasso keeps the mystery in with who is threatening Katerina and Drako. Reading the book I had a feeling of the villain but there was more to the story which was almost comical as the situation unfolded. I liked that she keeps our detectives, Alexander and Raven involved within the story. Alexander’s character is ever growing and you like him more and more. Raven plays a coy individual who is very strong in her thoughts. Grasso now is having her show different emotions especially when she has to play spy. I can’t wait for their own story.

Blaze Flambeau will be next with Marrying the Marquis.

To Love a Princess

When I had finished the last series of the Douglas Trilogy I took a little break from Patricia Grasso. Now I am ready to start the series Karanov with To Love a Princess which is I think the first book or second book of the series Karanov. I am going off two websites, the authors website and But then I turned toward the dates of publishing and if I go by dates I think I will get the order right. Now enough about that and my little ramble.

Princess Amber Karanov needed to leave Russia this moment. Her uncle would no longer protect her as he was her enemy now. Amber flees to England to find her cousin who she hopes will have a solution to her problem, finding a husband and getting an heir. She will be given a solution in the form of Miles Montgomery. They will find a way together eventually as Miles will move past his own tragedy but danger lurks at every corner.

Miles Montgomery, Earl of Stratford has seen and been in love which was taken from him four years ago. He was cursed with a scar that left him deformed those many years ago. He knows that no woman would want him and he can’t bear to let another woman into his heart. He thought he could be safe from Amber but with every moment they spent together the more and more he fell. Miles though will not have a perfect love as a man from her past is threatening to intrude.

Completing my list of names, which I did previously with the other set of books, as these series tend to overlap on certain characters left me with no confusion.  With the last names of Karanov and Montgomery I was able to recall their family very easily. For me this helps letting me enjoy reading as I like to connect the dots.

So for me once again this was a tale of love that is never to be or at least it isn’t until our hero opens himself up. While reading this story I had a flash back to the Disney story Beauty and the Beast. Of course Patricia Grasso tales are no Disney stories. Yes there is a happy ending but a lot of turmoil is thrown into the mix not something children get to see with those movies.

Our heroine was sweet and determined but is new to a world where she can have some happiness  and our hero was almost the villain with his moods. In the story  the villains are several but you are not given the identity of all until of course towards the end of the book. You don’t suspect right away until it is too late.

Another fantastic story down another to go. The next one will now be with Viktor Karanov in Seducing the Prince.


Noah Di Luca knows life is short and he only has a couple precious weeks left thanks to a new problem his other family has given him. Noah’s life depends on him finding the wine bottle his grandfather had hidden away with the diamonds. What Noah did not need was another complication but one came along in the form of his first and only real love Penelope.

Penelope Alonso was back in town to start a new but little did she know that coming here would uncover all her old feelings of Noah at the mere sight of him. Penelope will nurse her broken heart that never healed while she discovers her own mystery regarding her mother and father.

Reading the third and final book, Betrayal, of the series Bella Terra was one I truly could not put down. I started late at night first thinking just to read a few chapters which turned into the first one hundred pages and I could not put it down. In each story the brothers play their part to this feud and are placed in danger. Noah is no exception but his story was compelling to read even more so than his brothers. For me there was more intrigue as Christina Dodd reveals Noah’s involvement throughout the story. You were able to guess what happened but mostly in this case I just read enjoying the story.

The story was certainly a dramatic one with love that can never be and time being too short for those involved. There seemed to be a lot of espionage which added to the drama. Penelope was a strong character and she was almost the missing link that helped clear up the feud. I liked that Dodd gave an ending for the trilogy that settled the feud. There were a couple good twists with one villain which I did not see coming.

Overall the series Bella Terra was another great addition to Christina Dodd’s books.

What Happens In London by Julia Quinn

Following up on first novel Olivia is now in the picture and staring beside Harry Valentine in What Happens in London by Julia Quinn.

Olivia is bored with gossips and has no mind for the ideal chatter but she has nothing else to do. That is until she comes across her neighbor who might have murdered his fiancée.  Olivia knows that would not happen but she is curious about him. Setting her sights on him she watches from her window.

Harry Valentine knows he is being watched and is annoyed. Eventually he finds out who this girl is and is fed up but intrigue and a mission lead him to staying close to Olivia. He does not know if she is a spy but there will be danger at her door with the prince knocking at her door.

I liked that Quinn gave another book with Olivia and I’m excited to read about Sebastian who has his own book out. Olivia in the first book was fun to read about as she was pushy. She still is and it plays to her advantage.

Quinn keeps the characters at arms length until the tension can be broken then romance is thrown into the mix. There was a good twist that was not seen with a couple characters which was great as it had you guessing.

What Happens In London was a great continuation of the Bevelstoke line.

Taming Natasha by Nora Roberts

Taming Natasha by Nora Roberts is a great first book to the series of The Stanislaski Family. Romance readers will love to read how Natasha and Spence will come to terms and find more than comfort in each others arms.

Natasha Stanislaski is the oldest daughter with three other siblings. She once was a ballet dancer but now she owns a toy store. Spence Kimball is a famous composer now turned teacher. Each have been burned by the ones they thought they loved. Now they will find love in each others arms but will Natasha be able to let go of her past to invite love again.

I wanted to keep reading. Nora Roberts I find goes very quickly. I keep turning the pages wanting to know what is going to happen. The first book of the series was not a disappointment.

I love Natasha’s character and how solumn she is but still very warm. Spence is practical but filled with love. The Stanislaski family is perfect. A real warm loving family that will do anything for each other.

I liked how Roberts created the family to be Russian and kept it going with the broken English.

Taming Natasha a fantastic first book to the series The Stanislaski Family. Romance readers will fall for Spence and Natasha’s love story.

Marrying the Marquis by Patricia Grasso

“Daughter of a wealthy duke, Blaze Flambeau has no shortage of gentlemen vying for her hand in marriage, yet all she desires is her independence.  She’d much rather devote her energies to caring for her prized thoroughbred than to the fortune hunters who knock her down her down.  But her father is ready to see her wed, so he makes her bargain: she may participate in the racing season only if she gives each suitor a fighting chance at her heart.

One man, however, makes Blaze a far more scandalous proposition: her reputation or his bed.  For Ross MacArthur, Marquis of Awe, knows something that could ruin her, and he will not hesitate to use it to win her.  Blaze cannot let the Scottish rogue have his way, or her innocence, but never in her life has she been so tempted.  Perhaps the Marquis’s scheme doesn’t pose such a dilemma after all…”

Reading this book I knew beforehand it would be very enjoyable to read.  “Marrying the Marquis” is the latest book of the series with the Flambeau sisters.  The story behind them is that the Duke of Inverary was very active with Gabriella Flambeau, back in the day and that produced seven daughters that were now finally acknowledged and living with him and Roxie his wife.  A few of the sisters are already married and now it is Blaze’s turn but she holds a secret like her sister Raven.  After this story there will still be four of the sister to find their significant others.

Throughout Patricia Grasso’s series they all seem to connect with the characters that are written.  They are either family, half siblings, brothers and sisters, cousins, daughters and sons or friends.  Every book that I have read so far has been very enjoyable to read and entertaining with all the antics which happen to the characters.  Of course with most of the books I feel like I want to throw the book at the wall since the characters are sometimes dense and can’t see what is in front of them.  This is why I love the books because there are those moments that a very frustrated emotions comes out of me.  In the end there is the happy ending but it was a struggle at times to get there.

When Patricia Grasso was recommended to me through my mother I instantly fell in love with “To Charming a Prince”.  The characters were fantastic and humorous.  They were interesting, entertaining, funny and determined, which all the books have been.  I knew that I had to find her other books and continue to read which I have been doing.

Finding the books I went to a site that listed all of her books.  I wanted to try to read them in order.  The site that I went to was Fantastic Fiction.  This site has been very useful with locating authors.

The books can be read out-of-order because Patricia Grasso retells what happens to her characters.  I have yet to read one series which I am going to start on.  Of course once I finish that one there will be no other books.  “Marrying the Marquis” is the latest book, so the other books will have to wait until they come out for the public.  There should be four more with the other sisters and I am sure more on the way.  I recommend this author and all of her series.