The Gambler

The GamblerLibby St. Clair was expecting the curse to cause havoc on her wedding but everything was going perfectly. Libby will find herself running from her own wedding into a car that was outside the church. She will be surprised that the driver was her friend Noah. With the impending wedding curse just days away Libby will have to make a choice.

Noah McMillan wanted Libby but knew that she didn’t feel the same way. So Noah became her friend. She was someone who understood him and did not judge him.

The Gambler is the third novel to the series The Wedding Pact by Denise Grover Swank. I really liked this novel. It was definitely wackier than the others but that was because of Libby’s character who was more of a free spirit.

Libby was the extreme personality of the three woman. She was very impulsive. I liked her character especially as you got to know her more. What happened in her past was just too sad but I liked that Libby will finally realize that she is able to be loved. Noah’s character was a screw up but really he was doing something that he almost resented. Again he has a sad past but there will be something you find out later that helps Noah get over that past.

I liked the interaction of these two character. They are really alike in some ways which let them understand each other better than their friends or family every could. I thought it was great that they started off as friends because they got to know each other a lot more and that built a strong relationship. The few days they spend together is a little wacky but it fits with who these two were.

So, I had thought that I was done with the series but found there is another story that goes back to Blair and Garrett. I am reading that one next.

Double Dare

Double DareLouisa “Lou” Honeycut could not marry a man she didn’t love, so she ran as fast as she could. Lou will need a way to get faraway from her father as quickly as she could, which will lead her to taking an adventure.

Sam Rawlins is an adventures tour guide, his job was to make sure the people who signed up got their perfect adventure. Sam will be in over his head when dealing with Lou and her need for adventure.

Double Dare is a novel by Rhonda Nelson. I thought this book was cute. It was a simple plot, quick and fun to read. I had gotten this free from amazon. I have never tried anything from Rhonda Nelson but I always like to try new authors, so I gave her a shot.

When I was done with the book I found it interesting to read some comments about this book that I had found. A lot of people thought there were typos and the whole tour guide falling for the runaway bride was unrealistic and not interesting. Now I am not saying that this book will win any awards but I thought it was just fun to read. Its a book that is fiction. Plots don’t always have to be realistic. I will admit I do like when the books are realistic but this book is also a romance novel. Things in romance evolve quicker than real life.

So now back to my review. Well as I said above I liked the book. I thought that Lou was a young woman that needed to live a little to realize what she wanted to do. Sam was a man that needed to break the rules and have fun. I liked that together they helped each other get what they needed without them knowing what they truly needed.

Within this story there were things that were out there and on the verge of being silly but it still brought an element of fun to the book. I did think that the scandal that Lou makes is a little over the top but again its fiction and in a way it is kind of believable since gossip magazines are over the top.

Now as far as reading another book from Rhonda Nelson I would have to say that I would be up for another book by her. It will probably be much later on as the pile of books I want to read never gets any shorter.

When Strangers Marry

When Strangers MarryMaximilin Vallerand has suffered from rumors of him killing his wife. His place in society was no longer welcomed by everyone. His goal was to get revenge on the man that had an affair with her and who Max suspected had killed her. Max will get his chance when Lysette is brought to his home but he will find that revenge might not be as important.

Lysette was fleeing from an unwanted marriage that her stepfather was forcing her into. She will find herself being helped by the Vallerand family and soon married to the head of the family. Though her troubles will not be over as there are secrets she was starting to uncover.

When Strangers Marry is the first book to the series Vallerands. I absolutely loved this book from Lisa Kleypas. There was romance, betrayal, and action. From the very first page I was drawn into the story. I wanted to know more about Lysette and already hatred her family, hoping that she would get away from them. She obviously does and gets into a situation with Max. I liked them together. They were not a likely couple but they made it work. I liked how rough around the edges Max was but when dealing with his wife he was a softer man especially at the very end of the book which was sweet.

Two of the characters who I really loved other than Lysette and Max were the twins who were Max’s children from his first marriage. They were troublesome without a doubt but very entertaining to read about. I hope that they are in the second book.

The story for me held some intrigue with the mystery of who killed Max’s first wife. Throughout the book I wanted to know who was the murder and I had guessed the right person but you wondered for what reasons. Then a second murder happened and the person I had thought then did not make any sense. It turns out the person I thought was the murderer was. Kleypas reveals all in the end. There was some justice but I still felt that the murderer could have gotten a little more of a punishment but since Max and Lysette got their happy ending I was fine with how Kleypas ended the book.

I am reading the second book next which will finish up the two book series.

Scandal Wears Satin

Sophy Noirot is a natural born saleswoman but now she must put her skills to another use, save the reputation of their most prominent customer. Sophy would team up with Clara’s brother Longmore in search of finding Clara before more damage was going to be done. She knew that going with Longmore would be tempting as she was finding it hard to resist the man any longer.

Earl of Longmore ears are ringing as his mother is always ordering and telling him things that are not going as they should. He became worried when Clara disappeared and was reluctant to accept help from Sophy but did as he knew she would be able to help. Having Sophy in close quarters was hard on Longmore and soon he would stop fighting it.

Scandal Wears SatinAfter reading the first book of Dressmakers series I wanted to know more with what would happen to Sophy and of course to Lady Clara. As Scandal Wears Satin is only the second book I have read from Loretta Chase I am still new to her but can tell you that I will be hooked on this author. The second story of the series once again swept me away with the story. There is humor and wit that burst through the pages. I loved the character of Longmore. I am not thrilled when the characters are portrayed stupid but for some reason it worked for him, well he wasn’t completely stupid just got distracted a lot. Chase made Longmore lovable with his nonsense of not always knowing the right thing to say but when it counted everything worked. Sophy was fabulous as well with her quick wit and a way with words. Once again it doesn’t seem like these two kinds of people from different stations in life but as they interact you only want them to find a way to make it work. The ending was wonderful and there is a little happy surprise with the all powerful mother of Longmore and Clara.

Now I want to find out more with the third Noirot Leonie who you don’t know as much as the other sisters just that she is  good with numbers. But Leonie is not the only one I want to know more, there is also Lady Clara who I hope that she finds a happy ending as it seems that in each book something bad happens to her to ruin her chance at happiness.