Between a Rake and a Hard Place

Between a Rake and a Hard PlaceSir Jonah Sharp was tasked with ruining a young innocent to help clear his name. Jonah figured it would be an easy task as he thought Serena would be a just like all the other silly young women. She was not as Jonah found out and with each moment he stayed at her side the more he wanted her and started to care for her, but he needed to make sure to keep his mind on finding a way to redeem his reputation.

Lady Serena Osbourne was to be considered for a royal marriage. She was going along with the idea to please her father. She knew it would not be a love match which was why she made a list of things to do before she was wed. They were her own adventure. She will find help from Sir Jonah as he will give her the chance to cross certain items off her list. She will even complete the one that was not on her list leading her to start to love the man but she will find out that he is not being entirely truthful.

Between a Rake and a Hard Place is the third and final book to the series Royal Rakes by authors Mia Marlowe and Connie Mason. I have enjoyed this series as a whole. I thought the plot of ruining a young innocent to redeem those gentleman’s reputation was not something I have read before.

Jonah and Serena were a good match for the most part as she wanted adventure and he would be able to give her a good amount. There was that little act of deceiving Serena to save himself so that wasn’t so good but he will redeem himself in the end of the book. I liked Serena but thought she needed a little backbone when sticking up for herself. She is able to do a little on her list which will give her a small adventure on its own.

There was a little side story with Amelia, Serena’s governess, and Serena’s father. I had not expected to find them really together. They acted distant to keep the gossip at bay. It seemed hypocritical that the father would think Jonah was below Serena’s station when the man was involved with a governess. Now the father will not be all overbearing as there is a kind man inside of him and that will give his daughter a chance at happiness.

The true villain in the piece was no real surprise as he was a shady man throughout all the books but I will say I didn’t have him pegged as the main bad guy. Now like all bad guys he will meet his final end like most bad guys in romance books which will result in Jonah and Serena’s happy ending and a conclusion to these soldiers mission.

One Night with a Rake

One Night with a RakeNathaniel Colton was one of three who was propositioned to ruin an innocent girl who was to marry one of the royals. He will be tasked to ruin Lady Georgette as he was once engaged to her sister who passed away. Nate will do his duty but he will find that Georgette was one person he wanted to be with and protect as danger was coming closer to her.

Lady Georgette was to marry a royal and was going to do her duty as that was what she always had done but little by little she was breaking out of that mold. This was thanks to her stubborn streak and need to do something and to Nate who woke something up inside of her.

One Night with a Rake is the second book from the series Royal Rakes. It is a collaboration from Mia Marlowe and Connie Mason. I have read the first book from these authors and really liked the book, the same can be said with the second book.

The stories are very similar so far as they are following a basic plot with ruination of innocent girls but the characters have their own voices and dilemmas that follow through the plot. I liked Nate as a rake who wasn’t really a rake. He was a broken man who was trying to earn his name back. Even though he was setting out to ruin Georgette he would have married her in the end no matter what as he was starting to feel things for her. Georgette was a headstrong girl who thought she could do things by herself which get her into trouble. Now their passion is definitely combustible when they get together on the pages but there wasn’t perfect harmony as Nate was guilty for ruining her and Georgette wanted a declaration of love, that all will happen a little later.

The villain is not overly obvious but is rather a slimy kind character who is bent on killing and has Georgette as the next victim. I guess I wasn’t overly surprised by the identity but it was still well done and I liked how the authors progressed the story.

I have the third and final book from the series which I am reading next.

Waking Up with a Rake

waking up with a rakeRhys Warrick has been dishonored for what happened during a battle but what the rumors were saying were not true. Rhys would do anything to restore his honor which meant he was to use his ability to seduce. His objective was to ruin a young woman who had the eye of one of the royal Princes.

Miss Olivia Symon was wanted for marriage because of her families fertility. Olivia will do what she is told but things will change when she meets Rhys who was supposed to be there from her intended. He will start to seduce her as he keeps her protected from accidents that happened around her.

Waking Up with a Rake is the first book to the series Royal Rakes from Connie Mason and Mia Marlowe. I really actually liked this book. It was a easy, fast paced and passion filled read.

I have not read too many where the man is being instructed to actually ruin a woman so he can have his reputation saved, but that is what Rhys has to do. I found him a loveable rake as he is one but he doesn’t want to actually go through with ruining her because he didn’t want her hurt. Olivia was the obedient daughter but when she is provoked her voice will come forward along with her passion when squaring off with Rhys. I thought the twist of marriage between them was humorous but there was still the accidents that kept happening around Olivia and Rhys honor to restore.

The villain was a toss up. The person that was being presented was too obvious so I figured it was not her. Now there was some who just seemed too nice but the only problem was I didn’t know why they would want Olivia hurt. The truth will come out and I was right about the person.

As I now have finished the book I immediately looked up the next two book and requested them from my library. They are both out so I will have to wait a little but I have plenty of books to keep reading.