Pride and Pleasure

Anything titled with the word pride in it I have to check out as my love for Pride and Prejudice. The word triggers that love of the book and I make myself look further into what this particular book has to offer. Pride and Pleasure by Sylvia Day did not disappoint as I have already read a few books by Day I know that I like her style of writing and stories she creates.

Eliza Martin is in need of a man to protect her. Her life is not be threatened but her freedom of choosing a man she could spend a life with. For Eliza becoming an heiress was not all that it was cracked up to be so now she will resort to hiring a man to protect but what Eliza got was completely the wrong man as she required. The man was everything she wanted but could not admit to.

Jasper Bond is a thief and is good at his job. Taking the job for Eliza seemed relatively easy except when he keeps thinking about how beautiful Eliza truly is. He wants to perform his job but passion is getting in the way until finally he will give into the passion which Eliza and himself create.

Day brings these two character who are the most unlikely to get together and she creates a plot which will have the reader cheering them on. There was a good couple twist in the plot which the reader only discovers towards the end which was a surprise.

Overall Day brings in creative and a lively cast of characters which will entice the reader to finish Pride and Pleasure.

Get caught up with “My Favorite Countess”

Reading all about Simon and Sophie in Sex and the Single Earl you are introduced to Bathsheba who is the villain of the book. You pretty much despise the woman throughout and don’t really feel sorry for her but Vanessa Kelly changes that in My Favorite Countess.

Bathsheba Randolph is in need of a man of wealth. Her cousin is letting her stay there at the manor but their finances are in grave danger of being poor. Bathsheba sets out to seduce a new husband even though she has no real desire to do so. A husband is something she could deal without or a love affair but then she gets terribly ill sitting with her sister and a doctor comes into play.

Dr. John Blackmore was fascinated by Bathsheba from the moment he set his eyes on her. The moment she was violently ill he stayed and nursed her back to health ending their interlude with a passionate kiss that left them breathless. With intimacies shared and some on their way John wanted to be with Bathsheba. He knew she felt the same thing but the Countess was hiding things from him. He would use seduction to find a way to break through.

Having the book to be on  Bathsheba was actually pretty fun to read about. The seduction and passionate scenes scorched the pages but what will get to you is the story. She does not play the character of helpless damsal, she hides everything and that makes her character more intriguing.

I liked that as the reader you got to see her side of the story and saw she is not such a bad person after all only had a rough past.

My Favorite Countess is a delight to read and is all about looking beyond the rumors.

Getting “Wild” with Margo Maguire

There is nothing tamed about this story from Margo Maguire. Wild is a sensual story that is set in the nineteenth century which you will fly through as a journey for revenge is interrupted as desire is pushed forward.

Anthony Maddox was abandoned at age 11 in the river of Africa. He has lived there for the past twenty years in hated of the man who was his father who just left him but Anthony does not understand all that happened. He is found and taken to see his grandmother who wants to restore his right to his Earldom. Anthony has no interest in that expect when Grace appears.

Grace Hawthrone is the companion to Lady Sutton for a year now. Lady Sutton is requiring her to play tutor to her wild grandson. Abandoned by her fiacnee and left empty by her mothers death Grace is willing as Lady Sutton is very dear to her. But playing teacher is causing Grace to view this wild, untamed man as not just the grandson but someone she could fall in love with. Grace knows she can never as he only wants to go back to Africa.

As far as a story goes this went by very fast. The untamed Anthony left the pages filled with passion and drive to accomplish his revenge. I liked how Grace was strong in her conviction that she would have to marry for a home, she knew that it would not lead to love. Of course she then understands her own heart and realizes a loveless marriage is not for her.

The savage is tamed by love and readers will like the play by play between Anthony’s rekindling of his relationship with his old life and the new one he is creating with Grace.

Divorced, Desperate and Delicious by Christie Craig

Finding that I liked this author a lot I decided to go for her series Divorced, Desperate. The first book is Divorced, Desperate and Delicious.

Lacy Maguire is a successful photographer who is going through some problems in her personal life. She is divorced from her cheating husband, has a mom that only wants to help the only way she knows how and now a man who is wanted by the police standing in her living room. Things couldn’t get much worse for Lacy until she starts to feel attracted to this supposedly dirty cop. But Chase Kelly will set her straight on what really happened and how things are going to be between them.

This was a fun start of the series. I like Lacy’s how strange life is with all her gadgets and the many Christmas items that were floating in her living room it added to the comical part of the novel.

I liked also how Craig created Lacy and Chase’s character. Lacy was a broken down women but there was passion still there only hidden. Chase was going to bring it out. Craig created her characters to have humor and wit in a not so funny situation.

Craig created a quirky set of women who solve their own problem with being divorced in a clever way. Lacy was the first but her two friends Sue and Kathy wouldn’t be far behind.

Shut Up and Kiss Me by Christie Craig

I picked up a great author that I had not read before. Christie Craig. Her writing is fresh and witty. Something fun to read. The book I found is her most recent book, Shut Up and Kiss Me.

At first I wasn’t sure I was following the plot. She separates the characters and the reader is switched back and fourth. But after a chapter or two you were into the story and the characters.

Sky Gomez is the tough Chief of Police a small town. Shala Winters is here to help the town get on the map but a problem happens when her camera is taken and now people are starting to look for it. With Sky’s help, his foster sister Maria, his foster brother Jose and foster dad Redfoot things will be put together for Shala.

The story was heated with romance and suspenseful. With the character Maria I didn’t know who I wanted her to be with but in the end the right decision was made.

Christie Craig gets the reader to feel for the characters because she is making them real. There is real emotion and actions from these characters and this story will leave you smiling when you finish.

Island of Flowers by Nora Roberts

Island of Flowers is set in a seductive setting but it is anything but. There will be heartache and problems but underneath everything there is a young girl seeking comfort and a father.

Laine Simmons has not known her father for fifteen years but now is her chance to know him. Only person standing in her way is herself and a man named Dillon O’Brian. They will be up against each other only to protect Cap, Laine’s father and Dillon’s friend and business partner. But together there will be something that can’t be ignored only if prejudice gets in the way.

This was a quick romance novel but in this instance I wished it was longer with a more drawn out plot. I wished there was more detail about her family and more courting. I found that it was romantic but it seemed to easy in the end that all is forgiven. There would have been better for a little more detail giving a little more fight.

But then again this was still a great romance book by Roberts that will want you to believe that romance is not dead only hidden.

Dual Image by Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts for me is an author that I can usually always like and find her books intriguing. Dual Image is another book that will set you up for a romantic ride.

Ariel and Booth are two people who couldn’t be more opposites. They are both in the same field of entertaining but emotionally they are complete opposites. Ariel is fun loving and doesn’t want to hold grudges while Booth holds nothing but grudges.

They get the chance to work with each other and fireworks are ignited. Passion is overwhelming on both sides but will that be enough for Ariel to hold on to Booth and to heal him.

The moment that I started to read I was drawn into the story of this woman Amanda who you find out is really just a character Ariel plays in a soap opera. Needless to say I was excited to read the book.

I like how the characters are completely opposite of each other. Each are tough in their own ways but finally that exterior is cracked especially on Booth’s side. That action alone gives a romantic connection to the characters.

Overall Dual Image is a cute plot with entertaining characters.