I’m In No Mood For Love

I'm In No Mood For LoveClare Wingate thought the bridesmaid dress was bad enough, but she was wrong. Finding her fiance with the repairman was damaging for Clare but waking up after a night of drinking to a man who was her childhood crush was almost worse. Clare will find out that night wasn’t what she thought but will find out that her involvement with Sebastian will not be over.

Sebastian Vaughan was there at the hotel for the night and had no idea he would be running into Clare who was getting very drunk. Sebastian did the right thing and took care of her but let her think differently. He will find himself enjoying spending time with her and teasing her like old times, but he knows he doesn’t want anything series.

I’m In No Mood For Love is the second book to the series Sex, Lies and Online Dating by Rachel Gibson. I have now read several of Rachel Gibson’s books and have liked them. This one was no exception but it was not been my favorite of her books.

The characters were almost enemies at times throughout the book as they had an animosity to each other, of course that turns to passion pretty quickly. I liked that they didn’t just fall into bed but fought the attraction. That of course leads to bumps in the road for the characters but ultimately gives them a happy ending. It was interesting that both the main characters were writers and I did like that Sebastian started to read her novels and got inspired with her detail in the scenes she wrote.

I will be on the look out for more on Rachel Gibson.

Mr. Cavendish, I Presume by Julia Quinn

After finding the author Julia Quinn I was excited to read the sequel to the first book to the series Two Dukes of Wyndham but I was surprised with the second book of Mr. Cavendish, I Presume.

Thomas Cavendish has been the Duke all his life until his cousin comes into the picture then everything changes. The race to find out if he is truly the real Duke begins but for Thomas it seems that there is no doubt. He regrets this since this is the only thing he knows. He will loose his house, title and is engaged to Amelia Willoughby whom he had been betrothed since birth. He soon finds though that thought scares him as he is now seeing Amelia in a different light.

I was eager to read this book because the first one was amazing to read. The characters had depth and wit while the plot was fun to read.

I was confused at first how Quinn would write Thomas’s story and I was surprised that she started back to the beginning but from his side and Amelia’s. At the end of the first book you got what had happened in the future but Amelia and Thomas were not known if they were together which I thought Quinn did well. She didn’t give the second story away by giving that fact.

It was fun to read but at times I was bored because I read this part but then when you got to read Thomas’s and Amelia’s thoughts it explained parts into the plot. It was a creative way of writing the plot.

I love to see how Amelia’s and Thomas relationship was revealed and grew because of this new heir stepping in and the reader got to see how their characters really were.

Mr. Cavendish, I Presume was a great sequel and final book to this series.

Seduction by Amanda Quick

Seduction was the last thing Sophy wanted but that is what she will be getting when she is arranged to marry Julian the Earl of Ravenwood. She had been in love with him since she was eighteen but her motives are to first find her sisters lover who abandon her after ruining her but Julian will have a lot to say about the fact that his wife will not do anything dangerous.

The playfulness of Seduction was fun to read. Julian’s character gave the book edge with his own roughness which lead the reader to want him to find a happy ending with his wife this time.

Sophy was an absolute delight to read. She was not your average female. She read and wanted her own rights in the marriage which she demands and gets to a point. But her bravery is what drives Sophy as she is looking for her sisters lover and trying to have Julian find love with her. Her strength has the reader cheering for her.

Seduction is wonderful to read with blackmail, murder, ex-mistress, the ton, a wives duty and love.

The River Knows by Amanda Quick

Quick’s book will come at no surprise as two characters will find love in the mist of murder and blackmail.

Anthony Stalbridge is hunting for his fiancee murder. He knows that she did not kill herself jumping from the bridge. His suspect is Elwin Hastings. He will come closer to the truth with the help of Louisa Bryce. She has he own reasons for searching Hastings. Anthony will help Louisa with her search and they will find companionship within each other.

Amanda Quick writes very playful characters that are entertaining to read and interact well. Anthony’s family is a delight as they are not the usual set of society and Louisa is not the usual widow.

The plot keeps the reader involved as the blackmailer is slowly unmasked and those who were thought to be murdered by one was not who you thought.

The River Knows is a great mystery romance book that will take you back to the Victorian time.

One Summer by Nora Roberts

I read the first book, Second Nature, and I wasn’t too thrilled with the story but I took the chance on the sequel which is One Summer.

Bryan Mitchell is an extrodinary photographer. She is determined and always gets her picture. Shade Colby is a cynical photojournalist who is as well determined. Together they are being thrown together to gets shots around the country of what summer is all about. Both have said they don’t want to get involved. One kiss changes everything. They will be on the road capturing moments of summer and finding love in the process.

From the first book to the second I liked reading this one. There was a sense of drama and just a strong story being told. I liked that both were teamed together to capture those summer moments but finding something else along the way.

I liked how Roberts creates Bryan and Shade to be both strong characters and a simple plot.

Happy Ever After by Nora Roberts

It seemed like it has been a while since I picked up the book of the Bride Quartet but at last the fourth and final one is out.  I was happy to see it on the shelf immediately I took the book and then went in search of the first three.  I wanted to re-read the books to go back into the friends lives.

Happy Ever After is the last book by Nora Roberts where Parker now gets her turn in romance.  Her romance comes from the cocky mechanic.  He is not Parker’s normal choice but that is what will bring the magic to their relationship.

The book was well done.  Parker was the perfect finish of this series.  I loved that all the friends were in the books.  There was humor and wit.  Mal and Parker were the perfect opposites.

When I put down the book I was smiling.  Nora Roberts has a way in evoking a simple story and giving a very happy ending filled with romance.

I think it is the inner romantic in me that always wants that happy ending.  You know most what is going to happen but you keep reading.  Sure excitement and adventure are fun but romance will always be with me.

The Bride Quartet is a worthwhile series to read; Vision in White, Bed of Roses, Savor the Moment, and Happy Ever After.