Midnight Ride

Midnight RideTyler Jenkins was working as a ranch hand but will quickly find he will be doing twice the work when he starts to help out a widow. Tyler didn’t find the task exhausting as it gave him an excuse to be by Janie.

Janie Smithwick has been widowed for a year now and the pain was still there, though she will find that she was mending as she started to desire again. Janie should have been wanting someone closer to her age but she will be attracted to a ranch hand.

Midnight Ride is the first book in the series Midnight Cowboys by Cat Johnson. I really liked this book. I thought it was a great start to this cowboy series. Within the book there was some fire and passion that burned between these characters but it was sweet as it was a courtship as well.

Ever since reading the series Oklahoma Nights I was waiting to read Tyler’s story where he had appeared. I had liked his character right away. He was charismatic, a flirt, funny and sweet. Now although he had a way with the ladies I wouldn’t say he was a true player. He definitely got around but it wasn’t as much as others thought. I liked that he was giving up his ways the moment he saw Janie. Janie’s character was someone who was still healing. Although she was ready to move on, she was scared especially to move on with a man who was over 10 years younger than her.

Throughout the book I kept thinking that nothing can really come of this because of the age difference but love does not work around ages. If you love somebody, you love them. I liked that Cat Johnson was letting the woman, a thirty six year old, find love with a younger man, a twenty five year old. For me this age gap is pretty common with historical romances, though its usually the man who is 10 years older than the young woman.

So the second book will be coming out this month and the third book will be coming out in February of 2016. Can’t wait to continue the series.

Three Weeks with a Bull Rider

Three Weeks with a Bull RiderJace Mills needed a break from his stressful ex girlfriend and going on the rodeo while helping out Tara seemed like a good idea. The only problem was Jace was starting to see Tara in a different light.

Tara Jenkins had an internship for three weeks with the rodeo circuit and needed a ride. She will be shocked that Jace volunteered, even more so when feelings of lust come between them.

Three Weeks with a Bull Rider is the third book to the series Oklahoma Nights by Cat Johnson. Alright so I liked the book but I was weary of it. The characters of Jace and Tara were not my favorite. I had thought them immature, especially Tara. I get it since the man she had loved for years rejected her but she had to know it would never work in the back of her mind. Logan was just too old for her. Tara does get more mature towards the end of the book which I liked.

Tara and Jace seem completely wrong for each other but then opposites attract. Their relationship is chaotic as they make each other angry but there is an attraction that will lead to very steamy foreplay then sex. It was kind of entertaining with how curious and pushy Tara started to become when it came to Jace and wanting experience.

So that is it for this series but I saw that Tyler had his own story in another series, which I would be interested in reading.

One Night with a Cowboy

One Night with a CowboyTucker Jenkins was not looking for anyone special but he will be immediately interested in Becca. After one steamy night his thoughts will be focused on her but seeing her again was not possible with the distance. Tuck will be shocked to find out that she will not be in New York but right at the college he worked at.

Becca Hart was ready for a new start after losing her job and boyfriend all in the same day. She will get a fresh start in Oklahoma as an associate professor. The only problem was the one night stand she had happened to be working at the same college.

One Night with a Cowboy is the first book in the series Oklahoma Nights by Cat Johnson. This was my first time reading anything from Cat Johnson and was I was not disappointed. I thought the book was good and was entertaining to read, and of course the cover on the book isn’t too bad to look at.

Alright so this book starts out pretty simple with Becca who is heartbroken, well not too heartbroken, but is encouraged to let loose. Becca will have a steamy hot one night stand. The steamy attraction does not die overnight between Becca and Tuck as they will still have it throughout the book. The only problem is that they are fighting a real relationship. Becca is just out of a relationship while Tuck doesn’t want anything serious. Of course that will only last so long.

I liked Becca’s character who took a chance, which was risky, though it was what she needed at the time. She was shy but passionate, especially with Tuck. Tuck’s character was not the cliche cocky cowboy, although he had his moments. Now from the cover you think its going to be all about sex but it wasn’t. There was a romance that was building between them, but there was a problem at the school. Faculty members were not allowed to date. In order to save Becca’s job Tuck will find a way to distance himself. I thought it was a little much when Tuck thought about how to distance himself but it got you to the happy ending.

I will be reading Emma’s story next.

Big Sky Summer

Big Sky SummerWalker Parrish has lived for years on the sideline when it came to his kids. They only knew him as a friend but that will soon be changing when Casey moves to his town. He will finally start to have a relationship with his own kids and the woman he has loved.

Casey Elder wants a normal life for her children. She loves music and performing but wonders if she has made a mistake with how she raised them and that she kept them away from their father, Walker.

Big Sky Summer is the fourth book from Parable, Montana series by Linda Lael Miller. I had been wondering how the story of Casey and Walker would play out. It was an uphill battle between them and the kids as they got over the shock of finding out who their father was and where to go from there.

I liked the story for the characters as they had flaws like Casey who I wasn’t warming up to all the time. I think it was because of the situation she put her kids into along with Walker, but she does redeem herself. She is a good mother who was scared and on the verge of a big career. I liked Casey and Walker’s explosive passion that happened every time they were together alone. Now Walker was a cowboy through and through. He played the part of friend to the kids and it kind of broke your heart that he was only on the sideline. With the turmoil that happened there is still a happy ending that brings the family together.

The last book I have from Linda Lael Miller is Big Sky Wedding.

Big Sky Mountain

Big Sky MountainHutch Carmody is coping with a new relationship with his half brother, running the ranch and discovering that he still wanted to be with Kendra. He will keep by her and find more reasons to stay close.

Kendra Shepherd was back with now her four year old adopted daughter of her ex husband. She would keep her daughter close and start a new life with her but she didn’t expect that it would include Hutch.

Big Sky Mountain is the second book to the series Parable, Mountana from Linda Lael Miller. This was a sweet book of second chances for the two main characters.

Hutch was a cowboy who grew up to be a better man. He is kind and loving but doesn’t always see things for what they are. I liked that he was relentless when it came to pursuing Kendra after he no longer was too be married to the woman he didn’t love. Kendra is sweet and a loving woman and now mother. She is a strong woman and tries to resist the attraction that is still there. It takes a while for them to realize that life together would be better than apart. I found it interesting that both characters were willing to marry people they didn’t love. Kendra actually makes that step and had married the man she did not love, but it will work out in the end especially now she has the chance at happiness again.

Within the story there are several other stories that are being told and all those characters will have their own story. Casey and Walker’s seem a little strange which is the fourth book. First though I will be reading the third book, Big Sky River, with Sheriff Boone and Tara.