The Mechanic and The Architect

Going through the first book of Tumble Creek I wanted to read the next one once I found it. Start Me Up was another witty book that continued Victoria Dahl’s series perfectly. The scenes are steamy along with humor thrown in but there is that degree of betrayal and sabotage which found its way into the book.

Lori wanted to get out of Tumble Creek but things did not run that course when her father was in an accident and she took over his garage. Lori was frustrated and needed more. After reading Molly’s novel’s she knows now she wants to experience more sex. She wants a fling. And the only man that is interesting her is Quinn Jennings.

Quinn Jennings is a brilliant architect and is often not paying attention to those around him but he gets attentive when he hears Lori’s confession. Quinn finds himself very interested and is willing to let her know.

Lori’s and Quinn’s character were hot and cold which gave more realism to the book and humor. I liked how Victoria Dahl brings in the sabotage and betrayal that you weren’t sure was really happening from that person. So the twist was good as you didn’t know until the end.

Dahl keeps you interested and wanting more throughout the novel that I already looked up the third and final book of Tumble Creek series, which is Lead Me On. I am excited about the third book as Dahl brings in the character Jane to the forefront who is introduced in the second book Start Me Up.

So far Tumble Creek series is one to read.