Vampire Dead-tective

Vampire Dead-tectiveLiz was a normal woman working at a 9 to 5 job with a roommate that was a little eccentric. Her world will be flipped upside down when her roommate will be killed and people want her dead and the ring that had belonged to her roommate. Liz will quickly find that there was another world out there, a supernatural world, and she was now part of it.

Vampire Dead-tective is the first novella to the series Dead-tective by Mac Flynn. So first off I liked the book. I had gotten it free on amazon for the kindle. I thought it sounded interesting with a vampire and human having to work together.

The story held some humor with these two characters. Liz was a normal human who thought that vampires didn’t exist. She asks a lot of questions, gets no answers, and I believe is in shock pretty much throughout the story, though I couldn’t really blame her given the situation. Then there is Vincent who is the vampire. He is sarcastic and mean with a strange sense of humor. He doesn’t want to be around Liz or to be tied to her. I would think that if his life was at risk then he would be a little nicer to the person who could end his life.

So what I found interesting with the story was the ring that both Liz and Vincent wore which tied them together. You find that out pretty quickly. Then there is the special abilities that Liz acquires which I would assume she will get better using as the series goes on, at least I would hope.

It looks like the series is with five novellas which you can get on amazon, though only the first one is free. I know that I will be back to read more from Mac Flynn especially as I would like to find out what had happened to Tim, Liz’s roommate, and why he had taken off the ring that had helped end his life.

The Princess in His Bed

This sounded like a simple plot line for a book but I was surprised to find Lila DiPasqua’s The Princess in His Bed¬†is a collection of three stories. They are each a short novel which is interlaced with erotic writing leaving you breathless.

The Marquis’ New Clothes

Aimee de Miran must save her cousin from going to jail but it will not be simple. Aimee will have to confront a man who is a rake and master at seduction especially when it comes to her.

The Lovely Duckling

Joseph d’ Alumbert is haunted by his past and wants to make amends but the plot thickens when he starts to feel more things to the one he has hurt the most. ¬†Emilie hates Joseph but thanks to his misguidance she will fall for the one she does not want.

The Princess and the Diamonds

Princess Gabrielle has a mission to help her brother but she will find herself getting too close to a Marquis. A Marquis who is on his own mission. As they tangle into each other they will discover each others carnal talents.

What all of these stories had in common they were dealing with women who were finding their appetite through the acts of sexual desires with the wrong man. But of course these wrong men were the right ones to bring happiness to these women.

Aside from the erotic writing DiPasqua brings interesting characters to create these three plots. I liked that all of the men were rakes and the women were all hiding themselves in one way or another.