Duke of Midnight

Duke of MidnightArtemis Greaves was a companion to her cousin but what occupied her thoughts was her twin brother who was locked up. She will find herself distracted by a certain duke who will be more than he lets on to the public. She will use the knowledge to free her brother but will get more than she bargained for.

Duke of Wakefield, Maximus Batten, was looking for a wife that would fit his title. He finds the perfect one but it is her cousin that has his attention even as she is blackmailing him. Maximus will fight the blackmail but will soon get sucked into helping Artemis while trying to find his parent’s killer.

Duke of Midnight is the sixth book to the Maiden Lane series from Elizabeth Hoyt. I placed my request back in October and finally got it. I had several books to read first before I could even crack open the pages of this novel, but once I got to it I knew I would not be able to put it down and I was right. Personally for me this series gets better and better but I have to say this one was my favorite. I sat down and read until the very last page taking no breaks. I wanted to find out what would become Maximus’s act of revenge and how would his story with Artemis be written.

The characters of Artemis and Maximus were made for each other but his need to do his honor held him back. He sought out another, Penelope. She really wasn’t a bad person but not that smart either. It did look like Penelope was to be the wife for a good part of the book but Hoyt would never let that happen for Artemis and Maximus were truly meant to be together.  There was something sensual and raw about them together. There was no holding back with what they wanted sexually and they filled a void in each others lives that was enduring.

The whole mystery of Maximus’s past kept the novel going without a doubt as there were a lot of little clues that led you closer and closer to the truth. The other ghost played a small part at the end which I loved. I liked how Apollo was brought into the story and look forward to learning more about him and what happened that night of the murder he was accused of. One clue was an emerald which was leading you down a path that I had thought was the killer but was completely mislead.

With the tragedy that fell upon Maximus’s, his parents murder, and his valet reminded me of Batman and Alfred which was not a bad thing only an observation as I love the movies of Batman. So aside from the similarities I found this was an amazing book to read and I really can’t wait for the next one which I have no idea when that will be but it will be interesting as Asa looks to be the main character.

After the Kiss

After the kissSullivan Waring has his mind set on two things and two things only, revenge and his rightful inheritance that was taken from him. He will find his revenge but will stumble upon Lady Isabel Chalsey who will find out his identity. He will soon be blackmailed but find this not to be too much of a hardship.

Lady Isabel Chalsey never expected to find a thief in her house let alone to kiss her. She will find out the thief and use that knowledge to find out more about this man. Soon finding the man to be everything she wanted.

After the Kiss is the first book to Suzanne Enoch’s series Notorious Gentleman. I had read the second book of hers and really liked the book. I am back with the first and third book to complete the series with Sullivan and Bram.

So the plot was fun and simple. The act of revenge is used often but Enoch writes it well for Sullivan who I really liked reading about. He knew what he wanted and wasn’t going to stop at anything but that leaves him to be lonely. Then there is Isabel who I wasn’t too thrilled at first with her. I didn’t like the idea that she was blackmailing Sullivan but she did see him for the man that he was. She does get better which makes her a good heroine after all.

The villain is Sullivan’s family clearly as you read through the book. They don’t really get anything bad happening to them but there is a lesson that is learned, Sullivan particularity.

This was another book that could stand alone on its own and you could understand perfect what was going on. The characters of Sullivan, Phin and Bram are mentioned or there in the book. Bram’s story is the next and last book.

Mistress by Midnight

Mistress by MidnightMerryn Fenner had revenge on her mind since Garrick Northesk killed her brother in a duel. She will be getting her chance but a problem will occur when her thoughts start to drift romantically towards Garrick.

Garrick Northesk wanted to make amends for the past for the sisters who he ruined by killing their brother. Garrick will though have a secret he must hold on to as too many people would be hurt over the news.

Mistress of Midnight was more than I had thought when I first started reading, but it seems that all the books from the series Scandalous Women of the Ton have that element. Nicola Cornick does a good job writing Merryn’s and Garrick’s character and how their past and present are connected without them knowing all the details.

First of all I loved this book. There was anguish and guilt from both characters that had driven them to do penance for years. You don’t understand for what reasons right away but Cornick will slowly give us clues until the very end when you will know everything.

The love story within the story is not an easy thing. There are certainly steamy scenes in the story but the path is not an easy one. Of course once you get to that point Cornick romances Merryn and Garrick’s relationship.

What I have found out throughout the series is that Mr. Churchward, the lawyer, has always been there in the background helping someway. He does the same with Merryn to help her find the truth without telling her.

Now that I am done with the series leaving me now to go on a search for another series from Nicola Cornick.

Lip Service

Lip ServiceSkye Titan always had done what her father asked her to do, she proved that by dumping her boyfriend to marry a man he selected eight years ago. Now that Skye is single her father is telling her once again to marry the man of his choosing. This time around Skye is not as cooperative especially when her old flame shows up.

Mitch Cassidy did not consider himself to be a hero even though he fought and saved many. He lost a leg in the Navy Seals and thought himself finished. He will travel back home to see many things have changed except for the intense feelings for his ex girlfriend.

So already reading the first book  of the series Lone Star Sisters I already know who the villain is supposed to be in Lip Service but Susan Mallery goes further and gives us more to hate. Jed is the ever loathing father that I really am disliking especially how he pins his children against each other and of course uses threats against them. Then there is TJ who is the new suitor who I knew was working for the ultimate bad guy, Garth who seems to get worse and worse. There was also Mitch had a moment of being the villain and even Izzy had played a little of the villain by not thinking about what she was doing. In the end she was doing it to show her sister but it could have been done a different way.

Now even though I really love reading so far this series it made me cringe. My hands were curling the pages of the book as you went further and further wanting to know when everything will burst. Lone Star Sisters has no readily happy ending as there are many obstacles that keep getting in the way. I hated that Skye was a little on the weak side when facing her father but with her past it is understandable. I thought Mitch was a diamond in the rough after he got over trying to get his own revenge on Skye.There was a lot of hurt that happened throughout their interaction but they were able to heal.  I loved that through it all there was a second chance that brought them together and a happy ending for them is possible.

So the ending has two big things that happen. There is a very harsh threat from Jed to his daughter which finally severs the ties she held on to and then Izzy is in a dangerous situation where she could have been killed. Is Garth going after Izzy now? Is he going further in the plan and trying to hurt them not just their reputation? The answers will hopefully be answered in the next book which I will be starting next.

Under Her Skin

Under Her SkinLexi Titan is in a bind when the loan of two million dollars was owed at the end of the month. Not wanting to go to her father Lexi tried to think how she would get it, then opportunity landed in her lap when Cruz Rodriguez was willing to make a deal. Lexi knew it was a bad idea especially with the past they shared but it was the only way.

Cruz Rodriguez wanted the privilege that went along with the royalty of Texas. He was a self made millionaire but to those of the rich he was still a barrio boy who would amount to nothing. He was going to use Lexi to gain that what he desired. What he didn’t expect was for the old feelings to still be there.

After I read a couple of books from Fool’s Gold series I was expecting Lone Star Sisters to follow the same path of heartwarming tales. Susan Mallery surprises me with this story as it has a little more of an edge to it along side with mystery. There is of course still a heartwarming tale and heartbreaking situations.

The characters of Lexi and Cruz are strong in their own right and each have their own flaws. I felt for Lexi and all that she had to deal with in her personal life. Cruz you felt for but you wanted him to be less cold and to have a way to open up to love. At times he was a hard character to like.

The one thing they shared is sex which is the only thing they were good at together at least in the beginning. I liked that everything started to unravel making the farce of an engagement into something permanent. Of course that is not an easy path to go down especially with problems occurring from a man named Garth. You are introduced to this character and at first you don’t know what to think but it gets pretty clear its personally. I knew that Garth was the illegitimate brother of these sisters but what I wasn’t expecting was the sinister way he was being played out. He wanted to hurt this family that he was estranged from and it all stems from whatever happened to his mother. I really want to know what happened. I have a feeling that he will be the villain throughout but as he will be staring in the fourth book there has to be something redeeming about him.

Now I liked all the sisters so far but the father Jed Titan is one less to be desired. He is an ass to his children and thinks he is the one to rule them all especially with the mind games he play. He is not an easy character to warm up to.

Under Her Skin was a page turner and so far turning out to be a very engaging series. I checked out the other three books already knowing that I would want to read them all in a row. I am especially glad as I want to know what other secrets these books will be uncovering.

Enticing the Prince

Katerina Pavlova wants revenge for her family. Fleeing Russia with the remaining family she has they travel to England. With a new identity of the Countess de Salerno, Katerina makes a name for herself in jewelry design making it easier to mingle in society. With only a name of a prince she will find him and get her revenge. Upon meeting Prince Drako she is confused and thought that a mistake has been made. He does not seem the villain Katerina expected. Katerina will find help from the Prince and will be finding love in his arms.

Prince Drako Karanov has seen the Countess with his own eyes and knows he wants to know her more. Drako will use his charms but the Countess does not bend so easily. Drako will work around Katerina and enchant her daughter and befriend her brother, which is when he will find out her true identity and need of revenge. He will help Katerina on her need of revenge and to the alter.

As I started the book Enticing the Prince I thought I would miss the Flambeau sisters as they had captured my complete attention in the last two books. Patricia Grasso may have diverted her attention more on the Karanov’s, who are ones you are drawn to as well, but kept the Flambeau sisters in the background as they are still part of the story. Through this book Grasso is also continuing on the story that had been partly told in the last one. It does get a little confusing with all the information but you are easily entertained by all that goes on.

Drako was a new character from the last book. I thought him to be less serious and almost more of a playboy prince but I was pleasantly surprised. Of course there are moments in the book. Katerina was a really well developed character. In the last book you got to know her a little but Grasso really develops her character to one that you like. You want her to find revenge for her family. Her revenge goes to one man and throughout the story you have a very good hunch who is the villain.

This book was almost like a game of cat and mouse. Grasso keeps the mystery in with who is threatening Katerina and Drako. Reading the book I had a feeling of the villain but there was more to the story which was almost comical as the situation unfolded. I liked that she keeps our detectives, Alexander and Raven involved within the story. Alexander’s character is ever growing and you like him more and more. Raven plays a coy individual who is very strong in her thoughts. Grasso now is having her show different emotions especially when she has to play spy. I can’t wait for their own story.

Blaze Flambeau will be next with Marrying the Marquis.

To Tempt an Angel

Continuing on with Patricia Grasso I have found my way to the series Douglas Trilogy. A couple of years ago I read the second book to this series but I was never able to read the rest. Now with To Tempt an Angel in my hands I get to know Angelica and Robert.

Angelica Douglas needs to feed her family which is why she carries loaded dice. Angelica uses her dice to cheat men out of their money but she does not want just anyone’s money. She wants revenge on a select few who ruined her family and left them to poverty. Angelica will find help in the form of Robert Roy but she will find it hard to trust a man who has only lied to her from the very start.

Robert Campbell, Marquess of Argyll has seen an angel. He follows her and assists her not knowing at first of the resentment she holds for his father. Robert will find a way seducing her and helping her with the revenge plot only hoping to make her his mistress but all is not to be as the situation becomes chaotic with his father intervening and assassin attempts.

Personally when starting out in To Tempt an Angel I was immediately confused. Not because of the plot as Grasso delivers it perfectly but to the character of Robert. I remembered reading about the Campbell’s who resided in Scotland in the Devereux series. I knew I didn’t remember Magnus having a son named Robert. Quickly I found what I was looking for, the year these novels were being written about. There is a three hundred difference between the two series which now made sense. Grasso is continuing the line of these families but bringing them to the 1800’s instead of the 1500’s. Once that was solved I was quickly immersed into the story. Angelica was a angel to be sure but one that had a little bite to her thanks to how she had to survive. Robert was a man who was haunted by his past but chose most times to ignore it.

The pages sizzle between the two but there is also laughter and betrayal that comes when the two meet on the page. Along with the Grasso’s main characters she gives the other two sisters to make a name for themselves so the reader will know who they are. Samantha and Victoria will be in the second and third book. For the older generation we had the older Duke Magnus and Aunt Roxie of the girls who only added flavor to the book.

With most historical romances a villain will start to make their way known to the main characters. Grasso will create several villain and rivals throughout the story. You are left guessing why and who the true villains are at least until the end. Grasso gives us a twist at the end with a supposed villain which will certainly set the next book up and possibly follow through to the third.