Dukes Are Forever

Dukes are foreverEdward Westover, Duke of Swarthmore has lost his brother in an accident and Edward was bound on revenge against the murderer. He would stop at nothing to get his revenge against Benton and he will succeed, he just didn’t know that through the revenge he would encounter Kate Benton.

Kate Benton loved her home and would do anything to protect it, especially against her father who took everything away. Kate will be stunned when she hears she had been given as a ward to Duke of Swarthmore. She will try to make the best of things but it will get complicated when she starts to feel things for Edward.

Dukes Are Forever is the first book to the series The Secret Life of Scoundrels by Anna Harrington. I really, really liked this book. Right from the start I had gotten into the story and I wanted to know what would happen next.

Edward was a solider through and through and even though he was rough around the edges, at least in the beginning, I really liked him. He shows his good side with trying to be kind and doing what he could to help Kate. Now he could have consulted her on a few things but he was doing it to help. Now Edward did have his fault which was that he was too angry and wanted revenge. Kate’s character was a loving girl who wanted to believe in the good and to help. Kate was also stubborn and protective especially when it came to her farm and the people that worked there.

The villain was obviously the father. He was a user and he used his daughter especially as he preyed on her kindness. He was a character that would never learn from his mistake or change.

I was able to pick up all three of the books at once so I am off to read the second book next.

The Serpent Prince

The Serpent PrinceLucy Craddock-Hayes was country bred and lived a quiet life. That life will be shaken when she finds an injured man. She will nurse him back to life and will find that her life will never be the same. Lucy will want to be with Simon who was different from any man she had ever met.

Viscount Simon Iddesleigh had been beaten to death but that would not stop his plan for revenge. He had to make sure the men who had killed his brother paid, their payment was death. Simon though will be distracted when Lucy will help him and have him wondering if death was the answer.

The Serpent Prince is the third book to the Prince Trilogy series by Elizabeth Hoyt. I liked this book a lot more than the previous books. I was drawn into the story pretty much right from the beginning. I will admit its still not my favorite of Elizabeth Hoyt but it was good.

I liked Lucy. She was quiet but there was a fire that was inside her and that was drawn out by Simon. Though she was still very much the voice of reason when it came to Simon. The character of Simon intrigued me. He was out for revenge because of his brothers death. I found Simon like two people, a good man and a bad man, and he is explained that way in the book, so I think Hoyt does a good job at that.

The quest for revenge was one that went throughout the entire book. Hoyt does a good job at writing Simon’s mission of revenge and how he changed as he got closer to his goal.

I am reading the last book to the series next.

The Seductive One

The Seductive OneBrenna Marcelli passion was the winery but for the last ten years that life had died thanks to her ex husband. She wants to now prove herself that she is good enough to run a winery which will lead her to her family’s nemesis to ask for a loan.

Nic Giovanni was a direct competition to the Marcelli’s winery and his only goal was to claim it. His opportunity comes when the woman he loved ten years ago ask him for a loan. He will give it knowing that when he calls it in she will be ruined.

The Seductive One is the third book to the series Marcelli Sisters of Pleasure Road by Susan Mallery. With each book I love this crazy family even more. This one I will say had a little more of cruelty within the book as revenge was a focus. On a side note I had thought this was already published on my site as I was reading these books in order last week. I guess I just saved it instead of publishing it, so here’s the review.

I liked Brenna’s drive and courage to try the winery business on her own. I thought she was wrong ten years ago for not following her heart with Nic but life is messy. Alright now I liked Nic but he was too headstrong with the idea of revenge. I could understand Nic’s pain but he was taking it too far and when the truth came out he would be the one left with heartbreak. Now besides revenge there is a steamy chemistry that these two characters have with each other. It was something that they could build from.

One character that is still driving me crazy is the grandfather. He was so old school that you wanted to smack so sense back into him. Though there will be a little surprise at the end with this family that will show you they have a chance to move into the twenty first century.

So the new brother, Joe, was not what I expected which I liked. I am looking forward to reading his story and finding out how his life with the Marcelli family will change him.

Again the Magic

Again the MagicLady Aline Marsden had loved one person and one person only but she would never have him again after she had hurt him. She will see him twelve years later and know that he is there for business but also revenge. She will go along with it as she owed that to John.

John McKenna was of low birth and had found a woman that he loved but knew it would never work. It did not hurt any less when she told him to leave. Twelve years later she still haunt his dreams and knew that he had to find some revenge but he will find that everything he knew might not have been correct.

Again the Magic is a book from the series Wallflowers by Lisa Kleypas. I really loved this book. I have only read one other from this series, The Devil in Winter, which I will be rereading so I will read the entire series in order.

In this book there are two people who belong together and would have been if not for their birth. The beginning is very happy for the couple so you knew that the fall would come very quickly and Kleypas will make sure the couple are broken up by blackmail and betrayal. You end up hating the villain which is obvious the father but their story is not over because Kleypas will continue their story twelve years later. There is hatred on one side but there is longing on both their sides. I wanted to shake the characters every now and then for being stubborn and not to be truthful. I wanted John to find out the truth about Aline for why she did what she did in the past and present, and I wanted Aline to be truthful and to get over her fear. What she feared was not as bad as she thought. I knew that John and Aline would work it out in the end. I think throughout the book I cheered for that happy ending which I knew would be coming but I wanted the details of that event.

What I thought was interesting was that there was another story being told which is Livia, who is Aline’s sister, and Shaw, who is the partner of John’s from America. They are both flawed characters, one with scandal and one who has a drinking problem. It was sweet how they brought out a new side of each other.

I am continuing on with the series with Secrets of a Summer Night.

Crouching Tiger Forbidden Vampire

Crouching Tiger Forbidden VampireRussell’s main goal was revenge. Since turning into a vampire he had wanted to kill Master Han who had held him prisoner for thirty nine years. Russell will be getting unwanted help from a weretiger, Jia.

Jia was a princess weretiger whose quest was to get revenge. She needed to kill Master Han who had butchered her family. She will find the chance with the vampire, Russell, who will not be happy with her tagging along.

Crouching Tiger Forbidden Vampire is the sixteenth and final book of the series Love at Stake by Kerrelyn Sparks. Over the years I have enjoyed the series and think overall this was a great vampire series. The sixteenth book was a great finish to the series.

The character of Russell I wasn’t sure about. You knew a little about him but it was only little pieces and within this last book you get to know his character a lot more. I found him to be very honorable and a good man though lonely. He finds some fire when he is with Jia whom I loved. Jia was a great weretiger. She was a little naive in life but fierce with her conviction of justice for her family. These two were destined to not be together but Sparks will make sure that another vampire and wereanimal will find happiness together.

The surprise of Master Han threw me. I did not figure out the mystery of Master Han until the secret was revealed. I liked that Sparks had Russell keep to his path of revenge even though there was a twist that made him rethink everything.

Sparks has the ending wrapping up everything for all of the characters which will have you smile and know that all your favorite characters are having their happy ending.


BreathlessMiranda Rohan had wanted an adventure but will pick the wrong man for the task as she will have her innocence taken and her reputation ruined. Her life might have been over in society but her family stood by her. Miranda will find herself in trouble again when Lucien De Malheur sets his sights on her.

Lucien De Malheur otherwise known as the Scorpion wants revenge for his sister who killed herself thanks to the Rohan’s son. He will find revenge when he sets his sights on Miranda and will start to weave a plot that will keep her by his side forever and hurt her family all at the same time.

Breathless is the third book from the series House of Rohan from Anne Stuart. This story centers in on Adrian’s daughter Miranda. He had three other sons, Charles, Benedick and Brandon.This was once again a story that I loved. It was gripping and I could not put it down just like the other two. I think so far out of all the books this one was probably the harshest and with the most cruelty. It is a book that will draw you into to its story and keep you until the end because you hope that the characters are redeemable. That is the hopeless romantic in me and personally I was half wondering if another hero would be coming into play because Lucien was at times too cruel to be redeemable but he was still the main lead to the story. He had a need for revenge as his sister killed herself after a broken engagement. I understood the need for revenge but I wonder if there was more to the story. Now his abducting Miranda did not make him a hero but more like a villain and he does stay that way throughout most of the book. Miranda’s character had been naive in the beginning of the book with her spoiled ways but she learned that is not enough as she gets tangled up with Lucien. She does have backbone and fights this man at every turn. There will be passion but it starts out with cruelty for most of the times.

There are plenty of betrayals throughout the book especially at the end when Lucien wants his final revenge which does not go exactly the way that was intended. A happy ending does come into play for Lucien and Miranda but at the end they almost could be at odds. Though from their interaction it seemed that heated arguments was something that would be present in their lives.

There was once again another story being told with Jane and Jacob Donnelly. Their story was unlikely as she was a lady and Jacob was a thief, a rather known one but together they did find a way. I was happy they did and that she got away from her fiancee as it looked like he used his fist when angered.

I liked how Stuart keeps this series going with the offspring of the previous Rohan. It looks like Benedick will have his story next so it wouldn’t be Miranda’s child but a continuation of Adrian’s children. This is fine with me because I am interested in how Benedick’s past and what will change as he is married and already has a child and another on the way.

Sweet Trouble

Sweet TroubleJesse Keyes had been away for five years. She had changed a lot but she turned back to that scared girl when facing the man she once loved and to the sister who hates her. Jesse will take the chance to reconnect and will find feelings for Matt were still there and not leaving anytime.

Matt Fenner had grown a lot in the last five years. He was colder and avoided any attachments. Now he will find he had a son all this time and his need for revenge against the mother will know no bounds. Matt will be consumed with revenge only to find that he will find out love for her was still there.

Sweet Trouble is the third and last book to Keyes Sisters series by Susan Mallery. After reading the two previous book I was waiting to find out how Jesse will fair. Mallery gives a back story with her and Matt which was interesting how they had evolved into a couple. It was heartbreaking to know what was going to happen to them. I was happy that Nicole finally does forgive and there is clarity with the sisters. It was nice to see that Jesse had grown up and had done something with her life. She wasn’t that scared kid anymore and was determined at least when she wasn’t facing down her sister or her ex.  Now Matt was a sweet man who was now scorned with rage and wanted revenge. You wanted him to take the chance to really connect and be with Jesse and Gabe but life is never that easy. It was interesting to read how he progressed from his revenge to acceptance.

All the side characters were great. I liked Matt’s mom who gave acceptance to Jesse right away. She was a person to stand in Jesse’s corner when the time was needed. Gabe, the four year old, was precious and gave Matt and Jesse the chance to even open up to the possibility to have a relationship once again.

Now the book had its up and downs throughout most of the pages. It was predictable because you knew exactly what would happen when Matt got a conscious. It would be too late but I liked that he did not give up. I sat there wondering if Jesse was being overly harsh but from her point of view he was trying to take away her son so she had a right to be furious. A happy ending does happen but it was one to be earned. Matt had to grovel and Jesse had to forgive. They both had to let go of the past.

After reading the Keyes Sisters series I wanted to read more from Susan Mallery but for right now I am taking a break from her and moving onto Donna Kauffman whom I have read before.