Taking a break with “Just A Taste”

Got a taste for passion open up one of the books to the New York Blades series from Deirdre Martin and find out how two chefs will heat it up in the kitchen.

Anthony Dante is head chef of Dante’s for years. Its his families business and he loves it. Over a year now he has become a widower as his wife was killed in the line of duty. Sparks will soon fly as a woman from Paris will try to make her way into his block.

Vivi Robitaille is from Paris but she can’t be there and have her dream, a dream of creating a Bistro where people will fall in love with the food and each other. With the help of her half sister Vivi will strive to make this Bistro work. What she doesn’t not factor in is how her heart will find it to another, Anthony. But as the two battle for their restaurants will there be any room for love?

As the first book I read from Martin I liked it. It was cute and the characters were real in being stubborn with their feelings and they had to be worked on to realize what they truly wanted.

The back story on both Vivi and Anthony led to further their character development which added to the appeal to the plot.

Just A Taste is the seventh book in the series New York Blades.

Gift of Fire by Jayne Ann Krentz

“Gourmet restaurant-owner Verity Ames determines to secure herself in a relationship with the lean and sexy Jonas Quarrel.  She suspects that Jonas is not the marrying kind, and soon enough her adventuring lover sets off to hunt for missing Reniassance jewels on a Pacific Northwest island.  Verity follows him to an ancient mansion of hidden passageways and mysterious perils, where she hopes to discover the most precious treasure a woman and a man can find.”

When I picked up the book, Gift of Fire by Jayne Ann Krentz I had already read the first book Gift of Gold and I didn’t know it was about the same characters.  I was pleasantly surprised since Krentz left the first book at an ending but more could happen.

I loved to see how the characters progressed in their own relationship and their own persona.  The book was charming and intriguing with the plot and the paranormal activity that centered around the book.

Gift of Gold by Jayne Ann Krentz

“Being a tough taskmaster and a great cook made Verity Ames Colorado restaurant a success.  Her new employee, Jonas Quarrel, followed her orders to a “T” during working hours.  But when the day was done his lazy smile and bedroom eyes threatened to turn his boss from a she-cat into a kitten.  So Verity taunted him that she would never surrender to a drifter who had left behind a prestigious career as a Renaissance scholar.  Jonas crumbling her defenses with nibbles, bites and kisses; melting her resistance with passion; making his love seem like heaven-until his hellish past caught up with him.  For Jonas was not at Verity’s kitchen by accident.  She was the key to a chilling secret that had nearly destroyed him…”

This is one the first book of two book series.  Gift of Gold I found showed Jayne Ann Krentz’s early collection for the paranormal of psychic powers.  Her newer books are displaying the paranormal world and this one gives you a display of a man who has a secret power that gets out of hand until the right woman is by his side.

Gift of Gold was intriguing and exciting with the world of paranormal.  You didn’t know what the real reason for the act of revenge until the end.  I loved the interaction between the two characters and how they were meant to be together.

Gift of Gold was a fast pace action pack book to read and very enjoyable.