Stranded with a Billionaire

Stranded with a BillionaireLogan Hawkings was a billionaire and had been burned before with relationships. Though when he meets Bronte he will find himself falling hard. To make sure he wouldn’t be burned again he will test her while he keeps a distance, emotionally.

Bronte Dawson was on a free vacation but it wasn’t the paradise trip she had expected, especially when there was a hurricane. She will be rescued by a man who she found herself wanting to love but that will all change when she finds he had lied to her. Bronte will not stop loving the man but will be afraid to step into his world.

Stranded with a Billionaire is the first book to the series Billionaire Boys Club by Jessica Clare. Alright so I really liked this novel. Everything about this story is predictable but it doesn’t matter as I really liked the characters who kept the book going for me.

Logan was not a nice man and he had some trust and control issues. I didn’t really mind Logan and his control issues, frankly because it wasn’t that controlling. He needed to learn to trust that Bronte would not want his money but Logan goes about things very wrong and I liked that because it showed he wasn’t mister perfect. So then there is Bronte. She is someone who needed a break and she gets it but she doesn’t let this life consume her. It is partially because of her past with her father. I liked that she drew back from Logan but then didn’t like it at times. She was running because she was afraid of this new world she had stepped into with Logan.

The passion between them is well done and you can believe that Bronte would be swept up by Logan and his charm through the disaster. It would be hard not to form an attachment. Though I liked that Jessica Clare did not just make this into a fairy tale between the two characters. There were lies, some betrayal, still a lot of a passion, and both characters were scared to truly start something real between them.

After reading this one I am excited to read what will happen to the next set of characters. Well, I am off to read the second book to the series.

Seduce Me

Seduce MeJack Latham was a partner at his firm and was known to be the office hottie and ruthless in the court room. What he doesn’t let people know is his intrigue to Mallory. He will have a chance to get to know Mallory at a clients resort and find there is much more to this woman.

Mallory Sinclair was the only female associate in the firm. She worked hard and wanted to be a partner. She finds out that she will have to make a trip out with Jack who she has her own fantasies about but never would come forward, that is until they get to the resort. Mallory will show Jack she is not as frigid and cold as she comes off.

Seduce Me is a standalone novel from Carly Phillips. I liked the story as it was fast paced and had two characters who had a lot in common for not having the best childhood. It was enduring with what you learned within those few pages of the novel.

Now the book truly follows the title and the main character Mallory sets out to seduce and give a little lesson but she will be the one that will be seduced as well. There are plenty of steamy scenes of passion and teasing but I kept wondering when their job would be coming into play with them being lawyers. Of course their jobs are there as they try to get to the bottom of which spouse was cheating and what leverage they could use.

I liked that in the book the lawyers do change and become more than people who would do whatever they could to help their client. The ending gives us a fairy tale ending that will have you smiling that Jack and Mallory got it right.

So Tough to Tame

So Tough to TameCharlie Allington had been wronged and had come back home to scrap her life back together. She will find that her high school crush will be living next door and she wouldn’t be the shy girl anymore. Charlie just hopes that he wouldn’t think she is like the girl the news said she was like. Walker Pearce needed work now that his job was down the drain thanks to some moments of weakness. He will get a job but his thoughts will go straight to his friend who he is seeing in a completely new light.

So Tough to Tame is the third book in Jackson Hole series. Victoria Dahl is an author I like, she has good characters and it seems even more steamier scenes with this book which has scenes that will make you want to fan yourself as you read about them. I really liked the book with the secrets behind those closed doors with the main and side characters. There are some good small twists that come forward within the book as the secrets are revealed. At first I wasn’t sure I really liked Charlie or Walker. They had their faults that made them human but it was all about cheating that they had done not in the distant past. Charlie didn’t know but Walker was going in with his eyes wide open in his situation. You know they are not bad people but ones who just made bad choices. In the end justice is given for those who have done wrong and Charlie and Walker do have that happy ending that they deserve. I am on the look over for the novella where Eve will take center stage but until then I keep reading.

The Heart of a Hero

The Heart of a HeroJulie Campbell has had a string of bad luck but she is doing her best to get her life together along with her siblings. Being the children of the town drunk was no picnic nor having a less than perfect reputation. Julie was innocent of the lies her ex-husband spilled but not many believed her. Julie had to work that much harder to prove herself. She would not let anything get in her way especially a meddling security guard for the resort.

Nicholas was living at the resort for a year finally coping with this new century. He will find himself playing the knight in shinning armor for an employee who certainly fell into that category. He will take it upon himself to save Julie from the things that have been holding her down and to give her more.

The Heart of a Hero, the fourth book to Janet Chapman series Spellbound Falls, just got to my library and quickly I snatched it up. The series Spellbound Falls is one of the more unique series I have read and so far it captivated my attention with the lighthearted stories mixed with magic, the fourth book was no exception. Nicholas has been a little mystery in the series and here we find out more on him. I like his kind and gentle ways as he was making it easier on Julie. The added part of his cats were cute to read and added some humor to the normally stoic Nicholas. Now Julie was a damaged woman walking around the town, but determined to do better. I liked how her character kept going and didn’t turn to violence with hitting those people who ruined her reputation. She kept cool and went on with her life. You will feel for her character hoping for her to find that happiness. Within the book you are also treated to reading about the previous characters in the series. I liked that they were not forgotten in the story.

I found the story charming and had some humor especially with the women who were all married or dating to these magical men. Peg was among the funnier ones with the attitude she consistently has in the story about children. I liked that they were all banded together in dealing with the strange things that were happening. It was cute at the end when they all seemed to be in the same predicament and held promise for future books. I wonder who will be next in the series.

That Thing Called Love

That Thing Called LoveJake Bradshaw is thirteen years too late to start raising his son but it was better late than never. Jake is back to take custody of Austin and start a life with him but life is never that easy. He is not his son’s favorite person and there is also the woman who helped raise Austin. He will have to win both of them over which will be a challenge.

Jenny Salazar has helped raised Austin like her own and when his father comes back into town she is terrified at the news that Austin is to leave. Jenny  knows she has no right to him but cannot stop her heart from breaking. She will give in as it is right only to discover more to Jake.

That Thing Called Love is definitely a heartwarming story by Susan Andersen. I liked that several stories were going on at the same time one of them being with the teenager Austin. It was fun to read from different points of views with the characters. Andersen does a good job with creating the characters to be likable even Jake who abandoned his son. You want to give his a second chance and hope this works. She creates the story to be realistic with the idea of the relationships between a son and his estranged father. Andersen also keeps the readers engaged as Jake and Jenny find the chemistry between them to be irresistible. The pages are steamy and sizzle at your fingers. Now with the exception of a little heartache a happy ending is to come but Andersen leaves it to the last minute.

Charmed by His Love

Charmed by His LoveDuncan MacKeage has been charged with the task for watching out for Peg and her children. He has no desire to tangle himself with this group but Duncan will find himself falling for the widow.

Peg Thompson does not want charity from her friends. She works hard and earns her own way in the world. She will be infuriated with Duncan who is barging in, but will simmer down and soon let him in. But with letting him in her children will start to fall for him as she is but she has to worry about her family curse and a different kind of magic altogether.

As the series of Spellbound Falls continues I find myself liking it more and more. In Charmed by His Love you are getting to know the characters more and knowing more about their past. I loved Peg and her stubbornness as well as the curse. It was unexpected thing to read especially as she is mortal.  What I found adorable was the heathens (Peg’s four children). They were all strong characters as a family and added humor to the story. As this story is surrounded by magic and time traveling highlanders it was an interesting twist with Peg’s own curse. The story is heartwarming as our hero Duncan will not back down once and sooner than later he will be hooked with Peg and her children.

Gift of Gold by Jayne Ann Krentz

“Being a tough taskmaster and a great cook made Verity Ames Colorado restaurant a success.  Her new employee, Jonas Quarrel, followed her orders to a “T” during working hours.  But when the day was done his lazy smile and bedroom eyes threatened to turn his boss from a she-cat into a kitten.  So Verity taunted him that she would never surrender to a drifter who had left behind a prestigious career as a Renaissance scholar.  Jonas crumbling her defenses with nibbles, bites and kisses; melting her resistance with passion; making his love seem like heaven-until his hellish past caught up with him.  For Jonas was not at Verity’s kitchen by accident.  She was the key to a chilling secret that had nearly destroyed him…”

This is one the first book of two book series.  Gift of Gold I found showed Jayne Ann Krentz’s early collection for the paranormal of psychic powers.  Her newer books are displaying the paranormal world and this one gives you a display of a man who has a secret power that gets out of hand until the right woman is by his side.

Gift of Gold was intriguing and exciting with the world of paranormal.  You didn’t know what the real reason for the act of revenge until the end.  I loved the interaction between the two characters and how they were meant to be together.

Gift of Gold was a fast pace action pack book to read and very enjoyable.

Call It Destiny by Jayne Ann Krentz

Looking through some of the books I found that I still have not read a few of Krentz’s books so I picked up Call it Destiny.  The book is one of her older ones but still amazingly good to read.

“Heather Strand is a successful businesswoman, and is looking for a marriage.  Ready to assume control of her family’s Tuscon resort, she wanted one man at her side, Jake Cavender.  It was a calculated deal, pure and simple, one that would be profitable for both.  Nothing stood in the way of their successful partnership.

Except betrayal.  Now she’s leveraging an impromptu buyout, leaving her groom standing at the alter.  Heather is not a woman willing to relinquish the upper hand, especially  to a man who’s getting under her skin and awakening in her something she lost long ago.  A man who wants her on his terms.”

The book was excellent in the simple fact that it was well written and had well thought out characters.  I especially loved the two main ones, Heather and Jake.  They are complete opposites and perfect for each other even if they do not see it.

Heather is a wild child but toned it down until she came back home.  I found it strange that she was going into a business deal marriage but then she finds out that all it not what it was thought to be.  Jake and her father are holding back information that makes Heather resort to her impulses.

Jake is a cool, calculated man that is very good with the business.  He wanted Heather working beside him and in his bed.  When she leaves the wedding he does not sit ideally by and wait for her.  No he goes and finds her.  He needs to be with her.

Once the two reach the point of going to bed together Heather knows that she loves him but needs more time and Jake lets her go to the cabin where something will be waiting for Heather.  This something is Rick Monroe her once boyfriend and he wants something of Heather.

And when danger strikes Jake will be there for Heather but will that be enough for her to really give in to marriage?

This was a very entertaining book to read with Heathers continual changes of moods.  But the romance behind it is wonderful.  It is a modern take of a romance novel and enjoyable to read.