Dreaming of You

dreaming of youSara Fielding was in need of new research for her next book. She will be traveling the the unsavory parts of London to discover more about gambling. She will soon stumble upon something else when a man is being beaten to a pulp by two others. She will save this man and be soon wrapped up in the world of Derek Craven who owned one of the more popular gambling clubs.

Derek Craven was raised in the slums and survived. He created the gambling club to make money as this was a vice most men had. He will soon find himself in an impossible situation when Sara waltz through his club making him want her. He will be tempted and pursue after a battle with himself but danger still lurks which will be threatening his life and Sara’s.

Dreaming of You is the second book to her series Gamblers. I immediately fell into the book and plot as the characters had drawn me into their lives and I wanted to know more. I was also curious at how the first book was with Alex and Lily which I know that I will have to read once I find it.

Derek’s character intrigued me as he portrayed to be almost a man with no soul but that was far from the case. He shielded himself away as he didn’t want to be hurt, but make no mistake that he wasn’t a dangerous man. He just wasn’t dangerous when it came to Sara who brought out the best in him and filled him with passion. Sara was inquisitive by nature which was good as she was a writer. I liked that she wrote about the topics people ignored back then but it also made life difficult for when she had to do research for her book.

I was surprised by the intensity of the obsession that is from Derek’s ex lover. She was very vindictive and certainly the villain of the story. She gets what is coming to her which will leave Derek and Sara in peace and a chance to live a happy life.

A side note in the book The Devil in Winter I was introduced to Evie who was Jenner’s daughter. Jenner is Derek’s competition if you could call it that in this book. I thought it was interesting reading a little about this man as I have read the book about his daughter.

I decided to pick up several more books from two different series from Lisa Kleypas which I will be reading next. I did not get any from the Wallflowers series as that is a harder series to get at my library but I will be on the look out for the other books from that series.

Captivated by Nora Roberts

Witchcraft is fun to read about. I love reading the supernatural world. Nora Roberts creates a family of witches in the Donovan Legacy. Four cousins are part of this series as they will find love. The first story is Captivated.

Morgana Donovan is a self proclaimed witch who owns her own business. Then trouble comes in the form of Nash Kirkland. He is a screen writer interested in doing research on Morgana who thinks she is a witch. Things will heat up and Morgana will tell him the truth but will Nash believe it. If it is destiny it will happen.

This book at first was something I had to get into. I will admit that. I heard witches and thought it would be cool. They do have powers but this novel is based towards more romance. So the witchcraft is interwoven through the story.

Personally though I loved how Roberts created this unique type of family. She creates this pair with a uniqueness that is appealing to read. I like how Morgana is whimsical and Nash is stubborn. The other two characters who will have their own story are Sebastian and Ana which show promise of creative story plots.

Deception by Amanda Quick

Quick is and will always be my go to romance author for the Victorian time period.  She creates that stage of intrigue which draws you into the novel.

Once Olympia Wingfield had been free to devote all her time to her true passion: the study of ancient legends and long-lost treasure.  But now, with three hellion nephews to raise, the absentminded beauty has very little time for research.  Which makes it seem all the more serendipitous when a handsome stranger strides into Olympia’s library unannounced and proceeds to set her world to rights…

Tall and dark, with long, windswept black hair, Jared Chillhurst is the embodiment of Olympia’s most exotic dreams…a daring pirate, masquerading in teachers grab, whose plundering kisses and traveler’s tales quickly win her heart.  Yet all too soon innocent Olympia will discover that the enigmatic and wickedly sensual Mr. Chillhurst is no lowly tutor but a future earl with a wealth of secrets the kind that will lead them both on a perilous quest for a hidden fortune and a love worth more than gold.

This was a light hearted story that was very sweet.  The main characters of Olympia is enduring because her of child like ideals in life but she is a wonderful person.  Chillhurst is a menacing man who looks like a pirate but he is playing the role of a tutor yet he is anything but that.  I like that you know who he really is and get to see how Olympia will discover the truth.

The addition of the wild nephews added fun to the novel.  They were spirited and created an opportunity to let each character show a side of themselves.

Amanda Quick brings intriguing characters and creates an enjoyable novel to read.

Thursday’s Child by Sandra Brown

Two sisters, twins, will make the switch but one sister is going to have a hard time getting rid of one of the men.  Ane and Allison Leamon are twins.  Anne is going under surgery and wants Allison to impersonate herself.  Allison doesn’t want to.  She can’t lie but she goes anyways.

Davis, Ann fiancee, loves her and wants to show her off.  Allsion gets the task to show off and to meet his best friend.  Spencer is the friend.  Allison stops breathing as she gazes on him.  She can’t play the cool sister like Ann.

Spencer falls for Ann, really Allison.  Falls hard and fast and lets her know.  Allison can’t handle it.  She finally tells everyone the truth.  But the story is not over for Allison.  Spencer still wants the woman he meet that night.  But who is Spencer and will Allison really have a chance.

This love story was fun to read.  There were humorous parts that left you smiling and sensual scenes.  Switching places is done a lot but Brown creates it to be fun to read. 

I loved Allison’s character and felt for her as she had to deal with her sisters liveliness when she was so shy.  But it was nice to see that she could get out of her shell.

Thursday’s Child is enjoyable, has a witty plot, and creative lovable characters.

Getting What You Want by Kathy Love

Finding Kathy Love was a relief in a way.  Finding new authors is a challenge because it is a 50/50 chance whether you will like the story.  The first book, Getting What You Want, of the series the Stepp Sisters was enchanting.

Remind me to have my head examined.  What exactly possessed me to come home to Millbrook, Maine, where nothing changes but the weather?  Oh, right.  A six-month grant to do genetics research at Rand laboratories.  What can I say-I’m a smart girl.  And smart girls get what they need and get out again.  Smart girls don’t dream, they settle.  And smart girls do not get completely tongue-tied while holding a basket of fried clams when they bump into the most gorgeous man they haven’t seen in fifteen years: Chase Jordan.

Remind me to have my hormones removed.  Chase Jordan.  Town bad boy.  Rebel with a cause to show up in my dreams unannounced.  Oh boy, this is not good.  Not smart.  It’s like high school all over again.  But in a good way.  A heart-thumping way.  An I-have-no-idea-what’s-going-to-happen way.  A way that’s making me feel like maybe settling for what I have isn’t so smart…but really going after what I want is the craziest thing I may ever do…

The characters are delightful and enjoyable to read about.  The plot is real and very relatable which is probably why I find the plot so enjoyable to read.

Abby is a perfect woman to have that chance to be with that chance with the bad boy, the bad boy she has been in love with.  You heart will bend back and fourth as Abby goes through her own problems.

Kathy Love brings loveable characters and an irrestiable plot to the pages of Getting What You Want.