Scandal and the Duchess

Scandal and the DuchessRose Barclay was hounded by reporters where ever she went. She was not good at dealing with them always but then Steven McBride will be there to help as he will provide a fake engagement. With Steven so close Rose will find herself falling in love with him.

Steven McBride was home for a mission which would only bring sadness to him and the receiver. Steven will delay the news when he stumbles upon Rose and will find it necessary to help her. Steven will find that with every moment he spends with Rose the more he will want her.

Scandal and the Duchess is a novella in the series Mackenzies/Highland Pleasures. This novella is number 6.5 in the series. I really liked this novella. It was quick and fun. I liked that Jennifer Ashley is continuing on with the extension of the McBride brothers.

Steven McBride is mischievous but you know that he is a good man. He works hard and is a man who understands honor. Rose is a young woman who has been through enough but she still finds herself able to help others. Together they are on a mission and things will get heated. It is lustful but there is a sweetness between them, and it builds to a sweet romance.

I liked the mystery of the two pieces of furniture that Rose’s husband left in his Will. I was intrigued with what the Duke had left for his wife and when you found out the mystery it melted your heart. I loved the thoughtfulness of the Duke, it gave Rose something in the end.

I am reading Rules for a Proper Governess next.

Not So Snow White

The Glass Slipper, Inc. series is new to me from Donna Kauffman but I thought I would give it a try. I ended up picking the fourth book to the series Not So Snow White.

Tess Hamilton was a top tennis player since the age of fifteen years old. She was known as the wild child for her stunts on and off the court. Tess regretted her brazen behavior but owned up to it. Two years after her financial issues and injury Tess is trying to find a way back but with all her sponsors dropping her she is out of luck. Tess will find luck at the Glass Slipper Inc. and in a sixteen year old rising tennis star but the only problem is the brother.

Max Fontaine’s job was to protect his sister and her dreams she held. She was fierce on the court and determined but Max wanted her to hold back. Max thinks when Gabby meets Tess all is lost as he thinks Tess is nothing but a wild child like the gossip column view her as. They will be part right but once Max gets to know her he will find she is the one that will be able to help his sister find her place in tennis, and not to mention help him find what he has been missing.

I wasn’t thrilled at the beginning. The story wasn’t one to grab you right away but once you really get into the characters that is when you want to continue to read. I liked the simplicity of the story. Kind of reminded me a little of the movie Wimbledon with Kristen Dunst and Paul Bettany. Not the same story line but similar in a way.

Not So Snow White is a good novel to read and is playing off a modern fairy tales with the title like that. I liked that these woman from the company were like godmothers it kept humor invested in the book. After reading the fourth book to the series I found myself interested to start at the beginning of the series to see how Donna Kauffman started it with the modern day Cinderella.

Partners in Crime or Partners in Love

Nora Roberts brings two dynamic reporters to the page in Partners where they must join forces to discover who committed the crime.

“He had wanted Laural Armand for years, through professionally she was his nemesis.  But once the two rival reporters headed down to steamy New Orleans to investigate a murder, Matt Bates  was determined to make his lovely adversary his willing partner in passion.”

Nora Roberts brings in the reader straight into the plot as the characters are already at each others throats professionally but as they continue down the path the sexual tension that has been blooming strikes hot.  Matt and Laural will be going down the path to bring in the murderer but they will also find what they have wanted out of each other.

Partners was entertaining to read and a fast book to complete.  The characters of the two reporters were interesting, intense with secrets of their own and had desire.  But the most outspoken character was the grandmother who was priceless.  She didn’t give a damn about what she said or did and had no qualms about letting you know.

“Jude’s Law” by Lori Foster

So this book was another that went by very quickly.  I loved reading about how Jude and May.  These two characters were funny, interesting and real.  The story line is that Jude Jamison is a celebrity living now in Ohio trying to get out of the lime light of Hollywood, but not just for his celebrity status.  Jude is hiding out because he was called a murderer.  A young starlet, Blair was killed by a bomb while in Jude’s limo.  Jude left a few moments before the bomb went off.  So he is hiding out in Ohio and finding interest in other things, May Price.

May Price owns the local art gallery that Jude buys from.  Although May is fascinated by Jude she doesn’t show it.  She is too self conscious of herself.  This is due to her self image.  She has curves so what!  That is not a bad thing but to May it is.  Also her family doesn’t help matters.  Of course Jude finally lets her know that he has real interest in her.

Their romance is enhanced as trouble comes to Tim, May’s brother, who owes a lot of money to a loan shark.  Jude is then mixed into this problem as a victim to be killed by Tim instead of Tim owing money.

Okay so this book was really good.  The characters were fantastic.  I was drawn into all of their lives.  May and Jude were my favorite but Denny and Ashely were absolutely fantastic.  Ashley was the best thing for May.  She was like a sister or something more.  I liked the excerpt of Quinton Murphy and his interaction with Ashley.  I am interested in seeing how that blossoms in the next book.

But there were characters I didn’t like.  Of course there was Elton but he was the bad guy.  The ones I didn’t like were May’s family, her parents and Tim.  Tim I could handle as he changed his attitude and ways, but he was just too spoiled and ungrateful to May it made me mad.  Though her parents were the worst.  While I read about them I wanted to have them thrown on their butts  and out of May’s life.  I think that a book that can get me frustrated while reading is great to read.