Valentine’s Day That Never Ends

Reliving a day over and over is not something that is always positive when trying to find what to fix. Stephanie Bond will bring in her character Carol Snow to find out just how hard it will be to relive days in Her Sexy Valentine.

Carol Snow is not loved at her job. She is know as the Ice Queen with her chilly attitude. Carol had been in love and reckless but that was long gone as she got her heart broken.  A rugged coworker Luke Chancellor now threatened that reserve but today was going to be long as it will never end. Carol relives her day Friday the 13th, a day before Valentines day. Carol is reliving to change her attitude about love and giving chances.

Stephanie Bond gives a spin off of a Christmas Carol in this modern romance story, Her Sexy Valentine. I like Carol and how she is playing scrooge. It was cute that is was about Valentine’s day and all about finding love and herself. Stephanie Bond gives a heated and passionate story which heats up the pages between Carol and Luke. You will want to finish to find out how Carol will prevail and find herself.