Get Tempted By the Night

Picking up the book Tempted By The Night I expected a regency romance not paranormal especially as the back of the book does not reveal any other worldly activity.

Lady Hermione Marlowe is known to be part of an odd family and it made making a match harder especially as the man she wants she ends up making a fool over herself. What is worst is she is not even on his radar. But with a wish and a ring she will find her world will get a little different.

Lord Rockhurst is a rogue and a rake at least that is what they say but Rockhurst has other things to worry about. He has no time for a woman as danger surrounds him but that will change as a shadow starts to follow him and temptation will rule his emotions.

Since I was thrown it took a little longer to get into the book. I love paranormal so when you do get into Elizabeth Boyle’s book you end up enjoying the book. It does get a little confusing with what is going on with all the other worldly creatures but if you hold onto the end everything does make sense.

Boyle brings a lot of passion. The pages will sizzle as Lady Hermione and Lord Rockhurst fill the pages. She brings regency, paranormal and wit through the book which makes it enjoyable to read.

Not Quite A Gentleman by Jacquie D’Alessandro

Browsing the aisle of the library I came upon an author Jacquie D’Alessandro. The mask on the front cover intrigued me enough to pull it from the shelf. Not Quite A Gentleman:

Lady Victoria Wexhall was livid when she heard her father was sending her to Cornwall. She did not want to see a certain man there, a man that gave her the very first kiss, a kiss she remembered too well. But on this visit Nathan would get a taste of his own medicine. She would tempt him then leave him high and dry.

Dr. Nathan Oliver was a man of little means. He was also a spy, still to this day but he was in hiding. The Crowned jewels he had were taken and he was blamed. Hidden from his family he now was back and he was surprised as a certain girl was now on her way to stay at his home for a time, a girl he remembered all too well as he gave her a kiss three years ago. He did not expect to find Lady Victoria changed but he was going to be surprised and with the help of Victoria his name just might be cleared.

From beginning to end this was a delight to read. The characters were rich in description and witty from the very first page to last.

Jacquie D’Alessandro gives a modern look on regency romance with a little more romance interwoven into the pages and characters more spirit. I liked the added plot involved with spies. It was cute as Lady Victoria wanted to get involved and was too stubborn to stop until Nathan conceded.

Not Quite A Gentleman is worth reading.

The Missing Grooms by Cindy Holbrook

Regency romances are usually dramatic, a little corny and predictable, but The Missing Grooms was one of the exceptions.  Cindy Holbrook brings humor to the pages of the regency romances.

The Plot of The Missing Grooms:

Lovely Lady Julia Wexton must wed six months-or control of her fortune goes to her father’s ward, incorrigible ladies’ man, Garth Tolton.  With her dotty Aunt Clare’s help, Julia creates a master list of every acceptable suitor in the ton, and finds that each is willing to propose.  Her problems seem over…until one by one her suitors vanish!

Garth Tolton, Earl of Sanderson, had forgotten how pretty Julia is.  And now she is in terrible trouble-and so is he!  The ton is calling Julia a curse, and she’s calling Garth the cad behind the outrage.  So he’s making a proposal, too…that they join forces to solve the mystery of the missing me, not knowing that it may lead them to danger, or perhaps into the deeper mystery called love…

I really, really liked this book.  It was fast pace, the characters were irresistible and couldn’t help but love them and most of all it was fun to read.  The book was clever and humorous.  It was hilarious with the outcome of the missing grooms, when you find out the truth.

The characters are fantastic.  Aunt Clare is a riot with her words and her kitties.  Garth and Julia are the perfect team.

This book, The Missing Grooms, brings witty characters together tangled in a humorous adventure.

Under the Kissing Bough by Shannon Donnelly

I have not read any books by Shannon Donnelly until now and  I was glad I did.  I like how she created her characters within this regency period.  It was charming, sweet and very enjoyable to read.

The Plot of Under the Kissing Bough:

Shy Eleanor Glover is astounded when wickedly handsome Geoffrey Westerly, Lord Staines, asks for her hand.  Yet he makes it plain that he wants nothing more than a sensible wife-and a Christmas Eve wedding to please his dying father.  With three beautiful sisters and a dearth of suitors herself, Eleanor does not refuse-yet she soon fears that despite Geoffrey’s generous promise to give her anything he heart desires, he won’t offer the one thing she truly wants…his love.

Eleanor’s reserve is a challenge to Geoffry-he once loved another woman, and believes his passionate nature scared her away.  Yet when he finds Eleanor seated beneath a mistletoe bough, tradition demands that he pluck a berry and kiss her.  He doesn’t anticipate his lovely bride’s warm response, but as the wedding draws near, he resolves to present the surprisingly strong-will Eleanor with a gift far more meaningful than a betrothal ring…his heart.

The story was a quiet story but you found yourself enchanted with the characters and plot.  Eleanor was wonderful and cheerful but very timid which only made her character more dynamic.  I love Geoffrey for his lack of confidence in himself but to the world he is confident.  The two characters show a sense of weakness but with each other together they will find their strengths.

Under the Kissing Bough is a wonderful christmas regency tale.

The Major’s Mistake by Andrea Pickens

After fending off the advances of a malicious lord, Lady Miranda is discovered in a state of dishevelment by her husband-Julian Grosvenor-who believes she’s been in a tryst.  Betrayed and hurt, Julian accepts a major’s commission with the army and goes to war, but not before initiating divorce proceedings.  Disowned by her family, Miranda is taken in by her ex-husband’s aunt-and soon gives birth to her son, Justin.

Seven years later, Julian returns from service as a titled marquess and enters Miranda’s life once again.  Though shocked to discover that he is a father, he plans to raise Justin as his heir, but Miranda doesn’t want her son to inhabit the aristocratic world that shunned her after the divorce.  As Julian and Miranda try to decide what’s best for their son, former passions are reawakened.  But if they are to love once again, they must first learn to forgive.

Reading Regency Romance novels can be boring, can be entertaining or very predictable.  That is the nature of the books.  I confess I have been reading them.  But most of the books are so generic.  The book The Major’s Mistake is predictable but I found myself riveted by the book.  I was appalled by the Miranda’s predicament and happy for her triumph.  She is a strong character that I found myself wanting to see happy.

The tale is like so many that have been written but in this case I was drawn into the characters and their situation.  Andrea Pickens did a good job creating characters for this time period.  A man broken by betrayal and a woman suriving the best she could.  A fast pace romance book filled with betrayal, trust, kidnapping, and finding love again.

Lady Miranda’s Masquerade by Lynn Collum

Never-never!-would Lady Miranda Henley submit to the detestable marriage her wicked stepbrother planned for her. But galloping off into the night to seek a position as governess, she met with an accident on the London road. Appalled to find herself recovering at Oakhill Manor, home of the Earl of Cresswood, she took on a false identity. So how, in her new guise, could she deserve such stern looks from the elegent earl? And how long could her secret, yearning self withstand the ardor of his kisses?

Never had Charles, Earl of Cresswood, hankered after the meek and insipid beauties of the ton. But he hardly expected to be tempted by the opposite extreme: a woman whose name was the same as that of the no-good wench who’d fleeced his friend out of five hundred pounds. Charles, however, would learn there was far more to the masquerading Miranda than corn-gold hair, tantalizing lips, and a telltale name. But this exquisite firebrand would not be ruled by him-unless Charles could turn the tables and trick her heart into deceiving her stubborn will…”

I feel that these regency romances are my weakness. They are truly quick to read, most are light hearted and enjoyable to read with a few exceptions but I will keep trying them. Lynn Collum brought a smile to my face when I read Lady’s Miranda’s Masquerade. She created such a strong character with Miranda “Mary” and one with Lord Cresswood. They are perfectly matched if only Charles would see that. I loved how Miranda had to go through the house as a lowly governess, she has been a lady all her life being the daughter of an earl. She kept herself in good humor while going through this guise. I have to admit I love how Collum weaves the family into the story. They were caring for a stranger and had no idea who she really was, yet they were so caring to her. Collum does an amazing job with giving all the characters their own dynamics through the plot.

Lynn Collum brings a delightful, charming romance in Lady’s Miranda’s Masquerade with betrayal, disguise, tragedy, and finally finding love in the mist of everything.

Magic at Midnight by Sandra Heath

“At First she could not believe it. She was no longer Kathryn Vansomeren, a twentieth-century career woman trapped in a trouble marriage. Instead she was Rosalind, a Regency beauty torn between her husband, the cold but compellingly commanding Sir Dane Marchwood, and handsome, adoring Thomas Denham, who begged her to break her marriage vows.

Common sense told her she could not have plungged back through time to find herself in this tangle of Regency romance and deception. But when Denham took her in his arms and whispered his pleas to her, and when Sir Dane showed her passion’s power at its dizzying what her heart knew was true…”

Truly when I first read the back I wasn’t sure that Sandra Heath would be able to deliver this strong story but she was. I have read other novels where characters switched places for a time and some stayed and some didn’t. The switch for these two women were perfectly made and needed to be done, even though Kathryn was hesitant.

I really liked the plot and characters they were fascinating and the sensuality of the characters was interwoven perfectly. Although at times during the book I wasn’t really liking the characters of Kathryn and Rosalind but in the end I found myself cheering them on, well really more Kathryn. And I was estactic to read that Heath put the ending so you know everything was truly perfect for both of the women in their new lives.

Magic at Midnight was a delight to read and Sandra Heath delivers a truly intricate, suspensful, charming plot through this book.