MacGregors: The Early MacGregors

As Daniel and Anna’s lives were revisited so will be the MacGregor family in the early past.  Nora Roberts brings the early members of the clan to the pages in Rebellion.

The Plot of Rebellion:

“Scotland, 1745.  Against the bloody background of the Battle of Culloden, another war waged and won-the price of honor, the victory, love.

Scottish beauty Serena MacGregor’s hatred of all English began as a child when she watched as a band of Englishmen attacked her mother.  Her brother’s friend Brigham Langston was no exception to Serena’s loathing-despite his supposed loyalty to the Scottish cause…and his good looks.

Although Brigham eventually proves himself worthy of the MacGregor family’s respect, Serena is still reluctant to abandon her hatred for him and his heritage.  But Brigham has other plans.  Serena has captivated him with her beauty, her passion for life and commitment to her beliefs-and he refuses to let her antagonistic attitude keep form winning her.  And Serena must learn to open her mind-as Brigham opens his heart-to see the true love awaiting her.”

The sixth book is intriguing and fantastic to read.  I like that we were taken back in time to see the earlier members of the MacGregor family.  The firery MacGregors are not a thing from the past.  Their stubbornness is as old as time.  You got to see how they were spread out and finally made it to America where some will stay permentanly.