Ice Games

Zara Pritchard had been an Olympic but her reputation was in ruins when she walked away during her routine when she was fourteen. Now Zara has a second chance at figure skating with a reality tv show. She is hesitant and even more so when she meets her partner.

Ty Randall did not think that a ice skating show was going to repair his reputation with the MMA but he was forced to go with it. He will fight with his partner every step but then something will change between them.

Ice Games is the third book to the series Games by Jessica Clare. I really enjoyed this novel. It was a fun story based on Dancing with the Stars.

I liked Zara’s character because she had learned from her mistake. She had been young and thrust into the limelight. She was doing her best to still make something of herself. The reality tv show was funny with how it was rigged, which you have to wonder how many of those shows are rigged. Ty’s character was at first someone I thought I would hate. He was going to be too cocky but all he really wanted was a second chance at his career. He got it together with the help of Zara. The romance reader in me loved the ending because it wrapped up everything in a nice bow, and I was happy with that.

I am moving forward with the series and will be reading the fourth book next.


The Billionaire Takes a Bride

The Billionaire Takes a BrideBillionaire Sebastian Cabral never wanted to be famous like his family. He avoided their reality tv show like it was the plague. He will get worried when his ex shows up and wants to get back together. Sebastian will do something drastic and ask Chelsea to marry him. He will be shocked that she agreed to his proposal. The marriage was supposed to be platonic but Sebastian could not stop from wanting his wife.

Chelsea Hall was a happy person on the outside and around other people but when she was alone and in the dark she was terrified. Chelsea will have too many things happening which will lead to her to make a rash decision and get married to Sebastian. She will feel safe with him but she will be worried when her past and his reality collide.

The Billionaire Takes a Bride is the third book to the series Billionaires and Bridemaids by Jessica Clare. I really liked this book. It was fun with lighthearted writing, steamy scenes, then it will get darker as a secret from Chelsea’s past will come out.

I loved Chelsea. She was a young woman who had a tragic past and to help her handle the nightmares she becomes part of a derby. Playing lets her become stronger and not the scared woman that leaves on all the lights. I liked how Sebastian’s character will be a big help to Chelsea. Sebastian is a stand up guy who has a wacky family. I liked that Sebastian doesn’t want to be famous with his family and I liked how he finally stood up to his mother who did something bad without knowing.

The interaction between Sebastian and Chelsea was really well done. It felt real with how they were interacting together and it was sweet. Of course it will get steamy as they get closer and understand what they need from one another, especially Chelsea.

The secret that Chelsea was holding was predictable but well done. It was a tragic event that happened to her and it will get even worse towards the end which had me cringing.

I am waiting to read the fourth book which is out now. I am excited to read about Asher and Greer.

Only Mine

Only MineDakota Hendrix was serious about her job and wanted to do it well. She will have it going without any obstacles until a frantic older brother of the contestants demanded his brothers to leave the show. One look at the man and she knew to stay away but with him being so close she couldn’t keep him at arms distance even though she knew her heart would be broken.

Finn Anderson wanted his brothers back home and finish up school but found he was not able to get his wish. Too keep close to his brothers he takes the job as a pilot which lets him get closer to Dakota who he finds extremely attractive. He will start something even though he says over and over he wouldn’t stay.

I took a break from the series waiting for the books to be available to be checked out. I am starting the series once again with the fourth book, Only Mine, by Susan Mallery. Going back to Susan Mallery’s series is like coming back to an old friend. I guess it’s probably because I am a little of a sap and love all the romance stories that seem real as there are those heartbreaking and heartwarming moments.

Mallery keeps the series going with the Hendrix family, the triplets, but mainly Dakota. She was goal and worked orientated but when Finn comes into her life she starts to get side tracked. This is partly due to Finn, the show, her own problems with getting pregnant and her family who all have a part in the story. I loved that she has a happy ending for finding that family she wanted. Finn is the big protective brother who is like a mother hen. He is humorous with his over protective behavior and soon learns that his brothers are adults.

The story reminded me a little of the Bachelor or really like any dating show that is on reality tv show but with the characters Mallery writes about you are eagerly along for the ride. The side characters I loved were Aurelia and Stephen.

I decided to get as many books of Mallery’s series as I could so I can get immersed in the town of Fool’s Gold. Only Yours is next with Montana who is one of the Hendrix triplets.