Grit: A Love Story on 7th and Main

Melissa Oxford is a widow and a rancher, with a ten year old daughter. She gets by and is trying to make a profit with her farm. Melissa does not like to ask for help but she will get it with her neighbor and friend Cary. He was strictly in the friend zone but when he kisses her, everything changes.

Cary Nakamura has loved Melissa from afar. He has been patient and helping out when he could but he knew that he had to make his move. He wanted to have Melissa in his life as more than a friend.

Grit is the third book to the series 7th and Main by Elizabeth Hunter. Since reading Ink and Hooked I have been anticipating Cary and Melissa’s story. I am absolutely in love with this friends to lovers book. Everything about this book was charming, sweet and steamy. If you have not tried Elizabeth Hunter’s series 7th and Main check it out.

Melissa is a hard working woman who does not take handouts from nobody. She is stubborn and prideful but a good person. She makes sure that her daughter is provided for, even though her in-laws keep trying to make it seem that she could be doing more, that they could be giving more if she lived with them. Melissa was not going to do that. I was happy that she was fighting them, she should not be under their thumbs, but I was frustrated with Melissa since she kept Cary out. She does let Cary help some but only a little at a time, though it did make sense because of Melissa’s fear when it comes to relationships. She does not want to be alone again. Cary was amazing. He is a man who knows what he wants but is patient and gentle, and playful when he needs to be. It was also so sweet that he never gave up on Melissa, he kept going because he knew that she was worth it.

Abby, Melissa’s daughter, was too precious for words. She is ten years old and has a head for business and a love of goats. Her obsession with goats was pretty darn cute. There was one part that Abby had that was a major part in and it made me cheer for the little girl. She was brave to say the words that were needed, which also let some of the healing begin.

I hope that the series continues but will have to wait and see. If it doesn’t this was a great finish to the series. If the series does continue I would like to see Adrian, who is the lawyer in the story, to be the next main character in the book.

Lucky Penny

Lucky PennyBrianna O’Keefe was alone in the world with her daughter and to save herself she invented a husband, David Paxton. She will send a letter to her fake husband asking him for help. She only hoped that there was no David Paxton in Denver.

David Paxton was on his way to possibly engaged when he receives a letter telling him of a child he never knew. When David meets the woman and his child he knows that she is his but Brianna denies it.

Lucky Penny is the fourth book to Keegan-Paxton Family series by Catherine Anderson. I have never tried anything from Catherine Anderson but I liked the book. I don’t always go for the wild west themed romances but I thought that this one was well done. I felt the environment and the troubles that came with the time.

Brianna was a woman with secrets and they were not secrets that were shared all at once as she was a guarded woman. I had a feeling about her big secret and I was right but I didn’t know about the circumstances. I liked Brianna who was a strong woman with all that she had to deal with. David Paxton was a good man but a little pushy especially when doing things his way. The relationship was in a way like a courtship but it was a strained one at that. They didn’t exactly trust each other with the secrets between them but love does blossom and will become strong.

I liked Daphne, Brianna’s daughter, but there was a mystery about her as Brianna said she was not Paxton’s daughter. The problem started as Paxton and her daughter looked very much alike. Anderson will give an answer to that particular problem but it will be right at the end of the book.

Throughout the book I was trying to figure out how the story would play out as the secret was told but David didn’t believe it. There will be two big obstacles that have to be gotten over and they will be conquered and a happy ending will happen for them.

Texas Brides

The Rancher & the Runawy Bride

Tate Whitelaw was tired of being under her brothers thumbs and wanted to have a chance at love. She will leave the family ranch and find herself living at a new ranch who will be owned by a rancher who will have her heart raising.

Adam Phillips owned Lazy S ranch and worked the land. He will find Tate on the side of the road and take her home with him and put her to work at his ranch. He will fight his attraction but the fight will not last long.

When I got this book I thought it was the first book to the series Mail-Order Bride and I was completely wrong as it contained two stories  so I made sure to order the right book from my library. So that first book hopefully I will get to read soon. Now back to this book, The Rancher and the Runaway Bride, which was a good book from Joan Johnston. It is the second book to the series Hawk’s Way Family. There was something I didn’t like about the book and that was the men were way to dominating when it came to Tate. I get that she was their sister and I get it from Adam with what happened with his sister. I thought Johnston didn’t need them to be so commanding but it will all worked out for the characters especially Tate when she works away those problems that kept her getting close to Adam.

Texas Brides

The Bluest Eyes in Texas

Burr Covington was an undercover agent who was infiltrated in the Texas Mafia. His next assignment will lead him to help kidnap the Governor’s daughter but he will risk it all and save Lindsey Major.

This was a story story from the author, actually both of these stories were rather short. I was able to fly through them as combined they reached 250 pages. So Burr and Lindsey were put in a difficult and dangerous situation but through it all they found that passion that resided between them. I almost wish this was a longer story to give the characters more time to have their say and for the plot to breath. Johnston does provide a story with them but it was very fast paced.

Overall both stories were fun to read and I am looking forward to reading more books from this author.

Big Sky Wedding

Big Sky WeddingBrylee Parrish had been left at the alter by a man she thought she loved. She had gotten over it but it felt as if she was just waiting for something to happen. Then she meets her new neighbor Zane and her heart starts beating a little faster.

Zane Sutton is taking a break from the Hollywood scene and back to his rodeo roots. He will be jaded when it comes to women but Zane will be changing his tune when he meets his neighbor Brylee. He will have to convince her that he will not be going back to Hollywood and was here to stay.

Big Sky Wedding is the fifth book to Linda Lael Miller’s series Parable, Montana. Now I did like the previous book with Casey and Walker but I would have to say that Brylee and Zane’s story was better. I was able to be drawn into the story more with these two characters. They were both broken or had their trust misguided at one point and were learning with each other. I guess I am a sucker for these types of characters.

Brylee was still bitter but not because of Hutch it was because she hadn’t found someone she wanted to be with. I liked Zane who was more down to earth actor which was because of how he was brought up. He had it tough but survived. They were both survivors which made them perfect for each other.

I am waiting for the next book Big Sky Secrets to be available to checkout which is with Landry and Ria.

Big Sky Country

Big Sky CountrySheriff Slade Barlow had known his whole life who his father was but his father never acknowledged him. Now it was time for Slade to be shocked when his father dies and leaves half of the ranch to him and Hutch, his half brother.

Joslyn Kirk is back in the town that she ran away from thanks to her stepfather who stole from many in the town years ago. Joslyn feels responsible for this and wants to make sure those people get back what they lost all those years ago.

Big Sky Country is the first book to Parable, Montana series by Linda Lael Miller. I have heard Linda Lael Miller’s name from time to time and figured to once again try a new author. I was lucky to take several of the books from the series which were available from my library. So for the next several days I will be surrounding myself with cowboys from the Parable, Montana series.

I liked both characters of Slade and Joslyn. Slade was the gun towing sheriff who looked to be done with his sheriff days. I liked that he was a caring man, especially towards his stepdaughter, but that he was also very much the silent type giving small grins most of the time. Joslyn was someone who felt guilt and needed to fix that. I liked that she did not advertise that she sent the checks or looked for appreciation that she was giving the money back.

Now there are some uphill battles that Joslyn and Slade have to conqueror like actually liking each other. They have a lot of heated battles but it all steams from the passion that is underneath. They get the happy ending and things even look better for the half brothers mending their fences.

Big Sky Mountain is next with Hutch who was introduced in the first book along with Kendra. I am interested in how Hutch will win back Kendra.

Should’ve Been a Cowbow

Tyler O’Connelli is back for the week visiting her now very pregnant sister. Tyler is excited about seeing her sister, but there is something that is worrying her and that is seeing Alex again. She was caught off guard with his appearance. Feelings are brought back to surface of their one night stand. She doesn’t want to love Alex as she likes her life on the cruise but she knows it is possible.

Alex Keller is over his ex wife and is struck with feelings still for Tyler. After a one night stand his feelings were still strong with just one look at her. He wants something from her but is a little timid to let his heart get involved as he knows she wants much more.

The fifth book, Should’ve Been A Cowboy, is another for the series Son of Chance. I find myself drawn to the series from Vicki Lewis Thompson and its not just the very steamy scenes, which Thompson writes well. There are the characters which you love to love.

Once again the plot is simple but nevertheless it is a fun series to read. Start at the being so you get to know the Chance brothers.

Tall, Dark, and Texan by Jodi Thomas

“Teagen McMurray would ride to hell and back to protect his land.  He’d certainly never felt that way about a woman.  At least not until Jessie Barton showed up with her three little girsl, desperate for a place to stay.  Suddenly he finds himself proposing marriage, telling himself it is only to protect her and her children…

Jessie had no place to go except Whispering Mountain-and to Teagen, the one person who couldn’t deny her, thanks to the correspondence he shared with her dead husband.  But what will happen when the man she’s loved through his letters discovers her tangle of lies?”

Jodi Thomas brings her third book of Whispering Mountain, Tall, Dark, and Texan.  Wow is all I can say.  Each book I read of this gets better and better.  I love the basic plot of the characters.  That Teagen is a man who likes to trust and Jessie is a woman who will be honest unless she is protecting the ones she loves.  I love that she is the actual pen pal of Teagen’s and not her husbands.  I also like that Teagen will teach Jessie what it is to have a pleasurable sexual experience but Jessie will teach him what it is like to love.

The three girls are a pleasant addition to this witty family of Texan men.  Then we have the character of Drummond Roak who is back and is planning to take Sage as his woman.  I have a feeling that the fourth book will give Drummond that chance.

Tall, Dark, and Texan is a charming, humoress, and touching third book of the series.