The Viscount and the Vicar’s Daughter

Tristan Sinclair, Viscount St. Ashton lived in a world of debauchery and wealth but then it all goes away. The life that he loved just did not feel right. He will visit a notorious house party and expecting to enjoy a month of drinking but then he meets Valentine March.

Valentine March is a companion and someone who is unnoticeable but she will be noticed by a notorious rake, Tristan. He will soon learn that she is not the drab little spinster she appears to be. Valentine will be tempted by Tristan, she will know that he is not for her but with one scandal her life will get turned upside down.

The Viscount and the Vicar’s Daughter by Mimi Matthews is the first book that I have tried from the author. I found this book to be enjoyable and refreshing. There is nothing new to this story line to make it original but the fact that I have not been reading a ton of romances could be the reason. This book was lighthearted and intriguing with Tristan and Valentine. I was cheering for Tristan to get his act together and to be ready to be with Valentine. I wanted him to be the man that was hidden behind all the debauchery. Then there was Valentine who was trying to get answers about her past. I found her story interesting and enjoyed the mystery of her life.

Based on this book I will be back to read more from Mimi Matthews.

Last Night with the Duke

The Duke of Griffin needed a chaperone for his sisters and he immediately found one with Esmeralda Swift. He was determined she would be the right one. The problem was he started to feel things for Esmeralda and he needed to be clearheaded with a possible threat to his sisters.

Esmeralda Swift was working hard to keep the agency afloat. When The Duke of Griffin comes for employment her prays are answered. Though the job will get tricky when Esmeralda will start to have feelings for her employer.

Last Night With the Duke is the first book to the series The Rakes of St. James by Amelia Grey. This was a cute romance that was very quick to read.

I thought that Griffin’s character was wonderful. He was a rake but those were the old days. Now he just wanted to make sure his sisters had a chance in society. I liked that he took the situation seriously and wanted the best for his sisters. I also liked that his wanting of Esmeralda was more sweet. He didn’t act the rake he had been and rush her to the bedroom. Esmeralda’s character was all about business and keeping herself and sister safe from the poorhouse. She took her work seriously and I liked that she didn’t given into Griffin the moment the attraction was known between them. It was sweet as they became friends, then something more.

The scandal that happened with Griffin and his friends was a mistake and one that was making things difficult. It was cruel but no one had been ruined. Now with Griffin’s sister’s making their coming out he had to protect them from possible threats of ruination. I will say the threat was more overplayed in the book, that I had wondered if anything would happen.

The next book to this series will be coming out December 2017.

A Rake’s Midnight Kiss

A Rake's Midnight KissGenevieve Barrett was highly intelligent which lead her to know that her father’s new student was up to something. She will be on her guard but will find that he will get under her skin and she will start to fall for the rake.

Sir Richard Harmsworth was out to find the Harmsworth Jewel which in his mind would help society accept him. Richard will find the jewel but Genevieve was blocking him from obtaining his heirloom. He will find his solution was to be seduction but as he got to know Genevieve he wanted more than just to steal the jewel back.

A Rake’s Midnight Kiss is the second book to the series Sons of Sin Trilogy by Anna Campbell. I had read the first one awhile ago so of course I re-read the first book then started off with the second book. Loved the second book. I was engrossed with the story right from the beginning. There was mystery, some evil doers and lust that turns to love.

Richard’s character was not an evil man but one who was on a mission to show society that he was worthy of being the heir. Richard was already worthy but he was not his true self and that was brought out with Genevieve. Now Genevieve’s character was smart and clever but that will not save her from Richard’s seduction. I liked that she was a bundle of emotions. A lot of the times she was strong but there was a lot of hurt that went along with her life, and she will be continued to be hurt with Richard who was not very truthful. I also liked that Richard had to work hard for the seduction because Genevieve did not just give into the seduction.

The Harmsworth Jewel was all that Richard cared about but there will be a little twist. I liked how Campbell wrote the jewel into the story and how it altered things for the characters. Now connected to the jewel are the thieves. There was Richard but there was another who wanted the jewel bad enough that they would do whatever they could to get it.

I have the third book to read which will be with Camden who is a duke that is connected with a scandalous history. I will be reading the third book next.

A Tale of Two Lovers

A Tale of Two LoversLord Simon Roxbury was a rake and had no desire to change that is until his father too away his way of living. He was to marry or become penniless. Roxbury liked his wealth and reluctantly chose marriage which he found out would not be easy when a columnist decided to give rumor to him liking the opposite sex.

Lady Julianna Somerset created her column after her husband died. She lived for writing and was good at discovering peoples secrets. She will write a scandal relating to Lord Roxbury which will earn her an enemy with Roxbury.  This will lead to her downfall in reputation which will lead her needing to work with Roxbury.

A Tale of Two Lovers is the second book to Maya Rodale’s series Writing Girls. This was another great book from the author. The plot flows easy as I read the story about Julianna and Roxbury.

Now this was a romance novel certainly as you can tell from the cover but these two characters were not in love whatsoever, at least not in the beginning. In the beginning they were mortal enemies. It was like they brought out the worst in each other yet underneath that anger was the wonder of seduction and lust. Roxbury was all about the seduction but it was more to teach her a lesson and Julianna thought about lust but did not want to push that idea to reality as she had been burned before in her previous marriage. They start getting along as they spend time with each other which is partly due to the need of repairing their reputations. I liked that they bonded over the hunt for the mysterious Man About Town and his identity.

Alright so now about the Man About Town this was a mystery. This person was a columnist who is competition for the Writing Girls. The person could be anyone but an older man since he had been doing the column for forty years. So my guess for this man was not even possible until Rodale gave one clue and then I knew exactly who this person was. I liked how Rodale ended it with this person which certainly gave Julianna the upper hand.

I am reading the fourth book next. I had previously read the third book to the series which featured Eliza. I can’t wait to find out more on Mr. Knightly.

Love and Other Scandals

Love and Other ScandalsJoan Bennet wants an adventure, like the ones that she has read in a scandalous books but knows the likely hood of that happening is very slim. Joan will be surprised when excitement starts to come to her life in the form of Tristan, Viscount Burke, her brothers best friend.

Viscount Tristan Burke has a reputation that precedes him and one that has been earned. He will soon though finding himself change as his eye starts to follow Joan Bennet. He knows that since she is his best friends sister she is off limits but he can’t help himself.

Love and Other Scandals is the first book to Scandals series by Caroline Linden. I was taken with this book as I found it charming.

Joan’s character was not the stick figure woman that fit the mold of that time period, she had curves and with every outfit she had it did not suite her. I liked that she will embrace those curves finally in the book with the help of her Aunt. Tristan was very similar to your normal types of rakes as he liked to wager which got him into a lot of trouble. These wagers were for fun. I liked that Linden didn’t make him overly roguish in the book.

The story itself was lighthearted with the plot and it flowed. I liked the side characters of Douglas, her parents, her aunt, and then there are her friends. I found out that Abigail will be having her story told next in the series which I am definitely interested in reading.

The Scandalous, Dissolute, No-Good Mr. Wright

The Scandalous, Dissoulte, No Good Mr. WrightMiss Eliza Cade has not been out in society but that doesn’t seem to bother a certain man, Harry Wright. She will be bothered by this gentleman for a couple of years as he will be persistent of his seduction with her and Eliza will not be a shy woman when it comes to him.

Mr. Harry Wright wanted Eliza the moment he saw her as he saw something in her. Harry will find ways to stay close over the years to Eliza and he will attempt to pull her scandalous side out of her. He will not be disappointed as she will not shy away from him.

The Scandalous, Dissolute, No-Good Mr. Wright is a novella from Tessa Dare. I have read most of Tessa Dare’s series and found her to be an author I have really loved. She writes her story’s well and her characters. This one is a novella so it was pretty short but was not lacking whatsoever as Dare writes a good story between Harry and Eliza.

I liked Eliza’s character which was adventurous by nature but had to be quashed. She was ruined long ago by reputation and had to stay in the shadows not to ruin her sisters chances. Harry surprised me with the person he was behind the facade. He was caring when it came to Eliza, he just didn’t show it as much. I thought the ending was perfect with how they were finally able to be happy after all that had happened between them.

I am looking forward to more story’s from Tessa Dare especially more on the Spindle Cove series. I need to read the two novellas from that series which I am looking forward too and hopefully will be getting them soon from my library.

Nine Rules to Break When Romancing A Rake

Lady Calpurnia Hartwell or known as Callie has been put on the shelf knowing that she will never find that love, never find a husband. Seeing her sister find love will make her want more and Callie will do something about it this time.

Gabriel St. John, Marquess of Ralston is in a bind when he meets his sister he never knew about. Gabriel will want the best for his new sister and that requires a proper companion to steer her in the right direction. That woman comes to him in the middle of the night in the form of Lady Calpurnia.

Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a RakeAs Rules of Scoundrels series is not out with another book I wanted one more from the author so I looked to another series. Love By Numbers looks to be a trilogy and Sarah MacLeans first book Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake. I really love how MacLean can weave a tale that has you wanting more. This story was well done and something I couldn’t wait to finish. It was also charming and funny especially with how Callie’s mission was to complete her list. I liked that Callie was becoming a reformed spinster with how daring she soon became. Now Gabriel was a man you did not want to tangle with with his icy glares. He softened at the right moments especially when facing with Callie. He almost became a reformed rake with Callie around as she kept him on her toes. He was a man who did what he liked but found it baffling in a woman like Callie but needless to say he kept up with her. I liked their interaction throughout the book as it was playful and passion filled. They kept you going throughout the book waiting to find out what would happen next from Callie’s list. I thought the product of the list was clever and made you want to cheer for Callie’s success all the more, in love and finding the new Callie.

In the book there is a mention of the Duke of Leighton who is mentioned in A Rogue By Any Other Name. It was interesting to read about him as he was the one that jilted Penelope and it looks like it will be for Gabriel’s new half sister if I am not mistaken. I am taking a break from Sarah MacLean for the moment but by no means am I done with the author.