Against the Mark

Against the MarkHaley Warren knew that her father’s death wasn’t accidental after all she learned. Haley will get some help to investigate the truth which leaves her to discover more. More on her parents marriage, the woman her father left them for, but the real danger will be who will soon be after her and Tyler.

Tyler Brodie was helping out Ellie when he took the job to help investigate with Haley. He had a hard time keeping his mind on the job as his thoughts went to Haley who was not to be touched. Tyler will protect Haley from the danger with his life.

Against the Mark is Kat Martin’s ninth book from Raines of Wind Canyon series. This is a very easy series to get wrapped up into. The characters are easy to like and the plot is very easy to understand. Raines of Wind Canyon series tends to have those really tough guys and very attractive women who need help that only they can provide.

Tyler and Haley fit the requirement but there was more to the story than boy saves girl. There is the instant lust and sexual relationship that will follow these two but there is also mystery, the mystery of what happened to Haley’s father. It looked to be a simple accident and digging further there is more to the story. I liked that Martin goes through the plot with the intention of finding the killer. There is a little surprise with who a bad guy was which I didn’t expect to read. Safe to say the bad guy will fall and Haley and Tyler will have that happy ending we all wanted.

I can’t wait to read the next installment of the series.

Against the Night

Against the NightJohnnie Riggs is on assignment when he finds a dancer he wants. Exotic dancers were never his thing but this woman pulled him in with begin confident on stage and almost shy on the floor. He will find that Amy is not all she seems to be and in way over her head.

Amy Brewer took her sisters job in hopes to find a way to locate her sister who disappeared. Amy will be out of her element when dancing and investigating but will find help with Johnnie. They will keep going with the clues they find even with danger breathing down their necks.

Against the Night is the fifth book to Kat Martin’s series Raines of Wind Canyon. I keep going with the series and with every book Martin keeps the action, romance and the adventure continuing with those tough guys you love to read about. Johnnie was no exception to the rule. He was a tough man who knew what he wanted and that included the woman Angel or really Amy. Now Amy’s character is a contradiction and really fun to read about. She has fire and naivete all in one.

Now for me I think this had a little more violence in this one but there was a good plot and good characters. There was also a good amount of sex but the action of the situation kicks up and the plot becomes intense. There are some very intense scenes that will have you biting your nails and wonder what will happen next. The scenes become gritter when it comes down to the sister, Rachel. You weren’t sure throughout the book what would happen and if she was alive. You find out half way through the book and what happened to the sister is horrific but there will be justice seen for the villain of the story. Against the Night will be next.

Against the Odds

Against the OddsSabrina “Rina” Eckhart was going to fulfill her Uncle Walter’s dream of discovering silver in the mines he had left for her in his Will. Though getting to the mines was troublesome especially when accidents on her life started to become more frequent. She didn’t want to admit needing help but with Alex by her side she felt safer, just maybe not her heart.

Alex Justice wasn’t into life long commitments which worked for him but with every minute he stayed around Rina he saw himself staying a little bit longer. The task at staying beside Rina was no hardship but it kept getting difficult as accidents kept happening around her. Alex would protect Rina with his life.

Going into Against the Odds I knew that this was the seventh book of the series Raines of Wind Canyon. I had read Kat Martin before and wanted to try more from her which lead me to the series. I was impressed with the book. There was suspense, romance, betrayal, love, passion, and good twist throughout the story.

I read the book quickly as it was a very fast pace book with non stop scenes between Rina and Alex. I loved their dynamic between them as she was a dreamer and Alex was a practical and hard man, they pushed each other further. There was also Rebecca and Joe who were another story that collided with Rina and Alex’s. Martin does a good job at drifting through the characters and different scenes with the various characters.

Since I already knew this was an on going series I knew I would be walking in on characters and plots that were already in the process. Against the Odds is easy to follow and you are drawn into the plot easily and stay with the danger at every step. Not to mention the mystery that revolves around the book on who is the one behind all the accidents. I was surprised by the outcome. You know only a portion but there are more villains on the side. You don’t know everything until the last couple of pages which gives us a new twist right at the end. After reading the book I found myself intrigued to find the others, of course after the giant stack of books I have to read, and compare if they are all suspenseful as the seventh book.