Missing You

Missing YouJess was getting back to her life after living through war because of her job which made her lose her ability. Though Jess is not happy with her life in New York. She likes teaching kids but not becoming a professional musician. She will be shocked to find Rob, the boy she loved and who she broke up with, was at her doorstep and asking for help to find his sister.

Missing You is the fifth and final book to the series 1-800-Where-R-You by Meg Cabot. I was happy that she was able to write another book after the four books. With the fourth one she ended it and it was good but I wanted to know more with what was going to happen with this group Jess was working with and how Jess and Rob progressed in the relationship department.

So as I was reading the book I started to remember more and more of what the book was about but I was still missing little details. I was shocked to read about how Jess got post traumatic stress disorder which resulted in her losing her powers. Then there was Rob who was seen kissing another girl. Well I knew that Cabot would not disappoint us with Rob and Jess not being together, and she doesn’t. Its hard at first but when you find out what Rob has done to better his life and it is for Jess which will make your heart melt.

The missing sister was interesting and led them on a path of some pretty bad things that involved girls being taped and who were underage. I liked the end scene as the bad guy does not get the happily ever after ending since that is reserved for Jess and Rob.

So since the beginning Jess’s mom, Toni, has not been my favorite. It is like she wants Jess to be the perfect daughter and Jess is not that girl. I hated that she disapproved of Rob and kept reminding Jess that he kissed another woman. I was happy that she changed towards the end, well to a point. Her dad though was pretty great especially the last book. It surprised me that Cyrus, the FBI agent, was also pretty nice. He wasn’t bugging Jess to join back up since her powers came back. Mostly I figured it was because of her post traumatic stress but it was still nice he didn’t try to manipulate her.

So with that ends the series I read from Meg Cabot when I was a teenager. I have only read one other series which was Insatiable. That one was not bad. There are others out there like the Princes Diaries but I was never into that one and the fact was after this series I stopped reading a lot of young adult books. Down the road I might try another one of her series.

Safe House and Sanctuary

Safe House and SanctaryAfter reading the first two books of the series 1-800-Where-R-You I was ready to start the third and fourth book that are in this book titled Vanished by Meg Cabot.

Safe House

Jess is back in school and finds that something is different. A girl was murderer over the summer and people blame Jess for not being at home to help them find her. Jess will have a chance to help this time when another cheerleader goes missing.

Safe House is the third book to the series. I have noticed with each book the situations get a little darker and more dangerous. Plus Jess’s power is growing but still doesn’t work always when she needs to have it. I thought Cabot did a good job with how Jess finds these girls and how it was her powers that helped her even though she was not sleeping.

Meg Cabot keeps Jess with her spunky attitude and I felt that she was more of a Nancy Drew in the book but one with attitude. Rob is still by her side and it looks like he is getting used to the idea of liking Jess but he is still worried.

In this story there was more of a mystery with who killed the cheerleader and it really could have been anyone in the town. I wasn’t sure for the most of the book who the killer was which I liked and I thought it was interesting to read how Cabot wrote the story with misdirection.


On Thanksgiving evening Jess and her parents will find out that her neighbor, a teenager was missing. That night Jess will find him in the cornfield. Another kid will go missing and Jess takes it upon herself to look for him which will land her in hot water along with Rob. They are going after the cult the True Americans and they wouldn’t do down with out a fight.

The fourth book is Sanctuary and as I keep reading I love the series more and more. I love revisiting authors and their books, and since it has been over ten years since I have read the series it was fun to revisit the Lightning Girl.

The danger was all from this cult and it looked that Jess and Rob were in even more danger as they tried to get close to the cult. Cabot escalated the amount of danger for the characters which was entertaining to read. This matured the book to a point as with more dangerous situations Jess grows up just a little more.

So the end of this book I was happy as Jess was finally getting her happy ending with Rob and I couldn’t be happier. Jess was even going to work with others like her with the FBI. This is how the series ended and I liked it but I wanted more. But the series doesn’t end because in 2006 the fifth and final book was written giving this series a look into the future with Jess out of high school. I am reading Missing You next.

The Mediator-Ninth Key

The Mediator-Ninth KeySusannah is having a better start to her new life than she thought. She is going to parties and has friends but it will all start to go strange when a boy, Tad, who likes her. The problem happens when she sees another ghost, a woman, and she is pleading to tell Red a message. Susannah will have to find this Red which will lead her to Tad Beaumont’s family and more trouble than she can handle.

Ninth Key is the second book to the series Mediator by Meg Cabot. I once again liked this book a lot. I mean what’s not to love with a spunky heroine who gets in way over her head with trouble but makes it out alive.

So Susannah is still hard at work trying to deal with the dead and getting their messages across to the intended person. It is interesting how Susannah knows two ghost, her father and Jesse, but when she needs information about this mysterious woman ghost they can’t help. It makes Susannah’s job harder to do but you need that when telling a story. If everything was easy then you would get bored.

I liked that Cabot is writing more on this gift that Susannah has, first from the priest and then from the psychics. I liked that the psychics were able to see what Susannah could do.

The villain is defined in the book, I am not going to say who, but they are certainly a lot of trouble for Susannah. Jesse, who still around Susannah’s room, will be helping her out of these tight situations that she will be getting herself into. Still love Jesse and will continue to do so.

I am reading the third book, Reunion, next.

You Don’t Know Jack

You Don't Know JackThe second book to Erin McCarthy’s series New York Girlfriends is You Don’t Know Jack.

Jamie Peters is a free spirit and tends to pick her guys who are down on their luck but from what the psychic told her she would find her soul mate when she has an accident that included food. She will find her soul mate in Jack but he is not who she believes him to be.

Jonathon “Jack” Davidson knew better than to lie to Jamie but he knew she would never talk to him or give him a chance if she found out who he was. The truth will come out quickly and Jack will have to find a way to get Jamie back even if it meant begging.

The sequel was humorous like the first and there was a little more mystery especially with the hippie looking guy who was watching Jamie. The mystery man is revealed and he stays in the plot but at first I thought he was villain with how McCarthy was staging him to be. I liked the other outcome than what I was thinking.

Now Jamie and Jack steamed up the pages throughout the entire book. I liked that it wasn’t an easy affair to start and there was an endless banter back and forth about whether Jamie could give Jack a chance, but it was not annoying. It felt real as its something Jamie’s character would do. Jack was persistent which I liked and what gave him a great quality was how he treated his grandfather.

The series is now over but I still have my eye on her other series I started Fast Track which I am looking forward to continuing.

Kiss the Dead

From reading the last book I was excited to open up the pages of the next book in Laurell Hamilton’s series Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter. Kiss the Dead kept you wanting to read. This book is the twenty-first book of the series and still going strong.

Anita Blake’s next mission with the U.S. Marshall’s is to find a kidnapped girl who is going to be turned into a vampire. Under the law she is too young to turn as a fifteen year old and Anita will stop at nothing to seeing that the girl will survive. They will find the girl but will stumble on to a whole new can of worms as a new nest of vampires have been created and they are not willing to submit to any master.

I was excited to read this book after Hit List. I thought and Kiss the Dead confirmed that Hamilton is back with Anita and her work with the U.S. Marshall’s. I really liked the crime fighting and the new case which Anita had taken. As usual she is there with her fellow policeman like Zebrowski. I have to say over the years with these books he is a funny character and keeps things light and entertaining with his witty comebacks.

It was nice to have Hamilton narrow down all the men in her life where only a few were focused in on. The character of Sin is a little weird but we will see how that one turns out later on as the series continues. Detective Arnet is pissing me off a lot. You start to dislike her a lot and Hamilton writes good reasons for the reader to want to smack her. Asher is another character you wouldn’t mind smacking every now and then. He will step out of line now and I’m not sure if he will be able to get back into good graces with Anita. The one character I missed in the book was Edward. I hope in the next one he will be there along with his family.

So now what will happen next to Anita? Is Asher going to be back? And will Edward be around?

Eat Prey Love

Waiting for books from authors is sometimes hard to do. I had taken a break from Kerrelyn Sparks as I had finished all her books from the series after The Vampire and the Virgin. Now she has a few more out and I was excited to read all about Carlos in Eat Prey Love.

Carlos Panterra is a were-panther who is looking for his mate. His goal is to find one to help with the children he has acquired. A problem occurs when Carlos finds the woman he wants, she is perfect for him expect she doesn’t grow claws. Carlos will fight that attraction for the perfect mate but it will be hard as he can’t get her out of his mind and she is not taking any hints.

Caitlyn Whelan is human but unique. Animals come to her willing and any language she can pick up but what scares her most is seeing a sister who she thought forgot all about her. Caitlyn was ready to hold resentment for Shanna but soon finds out why they were separated. Anger for her dad comes quickly but soon her mind is taken over by a man she wants to get to know, Carlos. According to everyone he is forbidden but Caitlyn likes to live on the wild side.

Eat Prey Love is the ninth book of the series Love at Stake. I have to say this series is one you can just keep reading. I like how Sparks keeps adding in new characters either as guards, vampires or were-animals who will play a future role in the series.

Before reading the ninth book I went back and read the first eight books once again to get back into the series. When Carlos is introduced you love his spirit and I was excited now that he had his own book. Carlos’s character is sensual with a witty sense of humor. The banter between Caitlyn and Carlos was like an old married couple.

Caitlyn was a good addition to the book. I am interested if their brother will make an appearance in the series later on. Caitlyn was unique with her own powers which were fitting when it came to her being with Carlos.

The adventure in the book kept going from beginning to the end. I found it fun to read about the previous vampires and their love interest being happy and the children of Shanna’s and Roman’s were a nice addition to hear about.

I can’t wait to pick up Vampire Mine. Finally Connor will have his chance!

Survivor Continues

After the first book of the series Demon Hunters I couldn’t wait to dive into the second book,  Hunting The Demon. After reading about Derek I was interested in finding more about Nic, his thought to be lost brother.

Nic Diavolo is lost but does not know it. He was kidnapped at eight by his father who is a demon lord but all Nic knows is he is rich and his father is now missing. Nic is a surfer and does not take many things too seriously that is until he meets Shay and is tangled up in his own past which starts to reveal.

Shay Pearson is part of the group now of Demon Hunters and her job is to get to Nic and bring him in. She feels guilty as she uses Nic at first but he pays her back. The two hit heads until Nic figures out the truth but by then it could be too late. Shay is connected to Nic in ways she never new possible. Shay will use her psychic abilities and help her crew members to find a way to save Nic from himself and his demon family.

As a sequel Jaci Burton does not disappoint as new and old characters are placed in to Hunting The Dream. I liked how Nic’s character develops in this novel and how Shay taken into one of the leading roles. Their intensity plays through the entire novel which leaves the reader thrilled by their interactions.

The demons are taking a bigger role with some surprises and they are taking their role to a different place.

A fantastic second novel in the Demon Hunters series.