The Duke in my Bed

The Duke in My BedBray Drakestone was part of a club that were reckless. One night one of the club members, Nathanial, dies and Bray makes a promise on Nathanial’s death bed that he would marry Nathanial’s sister. Bray made the promise to ease the mind of Nathanial, never did he think to actually marry the girl. Though two years later it seemed that Bray would have to follow through, but Miss Louisa Prim would not have him.

Miss Louisa Prim was heartbroken when her brother had died in an accident. She was even more furious when she was promised off to one of the men there that night. Louisa waits to hear from the Duke but it takes him two years to come to them. Louisa will not have him especially as she had to care for her sisters.

The Duke in My Bed is the first book to the series The Heir’s Club of Scoundrels Trilogy by Amelia Grey. I really liked this book. I thought it was fast paced, had some humor, and of course passion. I think what pulled me into the story was Louisa and her sisters.

Louisa’s character was the strong willed sister who did what she had to for her sisters. She protected them, loved them, and wanted them to make something of themselves. I loved that Louisa declined Bray’s proposal, well it really wasn’t a great proposal to begin with. Now I did find that Louisa was a little too quick to judge Bray. She already had her mind made up when it had come to Bray and she only really saw the faults in him. That will obviously change. Bray’s character was a carefree gentleman who had no thought to settling down. Bray doesn’t do a good job with Louisa and her sisters, but only at first. He does try and help out which showed that he was changing and for the better. It wasn’t like he was really bad, just inexperienced when it came to family.

I am reading the second book to the series next.

The Unexpected Duchess

The Unexpected DuchessLady Lucy Upton has a sharp tongue and will use it which will make her unappealing to most of the ton. This time she is using it to help her friend discourage a suitor that Cassie does not want, the Duke of Claringdon. But Lucy will find it will take more to discourage him.

Lord Derek Hunt, Duke of Claringdon, has made a promise to a dying friend to marry Lady Cassie. He will do his duty and marry the girl but there will be her friend that keeps getting in his way. She also gets in his head and stays there making him think only of her.

The Unexpected Duchess is the first book to the series Playful Brides by Valerie Bowman. Alright now even though this story was fairly predictable with what was going to happen between Derek and Lucy, also who the sick friend was I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The story just made me smile. I know I will be back to enjoy the sequel of this series and the third when it comes out.

So now back to the first book which was a book I loved reading. I thought the characters were fun. There was some silly characters but it wasn’t that annoying silly which was then fine with me. I loved Lucy and her spirit. She was a firecracker with her attitude and she was not afraid to back down from challenges. There is the softer side which you find out with how she was neglected by her parents which made sense to how she became. Then there is Derek who is all about decisions and his duty. I liked that about him but it made things difficult with how he would get to Lucy.

Bowman makes it happen as this is a romance and she makes sure there is a lot of it in this book. The dynamic between Derek and Lucy is fueled by annoyance which is really just that attraction that is there but they are trying to hide it. As that never works the characters will find themselves in lust and coming to love. I was happy that this did not break Cassie as she had no love for Derek only her Julian.

As the book is finished I want more especially the second book to the series because I really want to read Julian and Cassie’s story and read about their happy ending, which might be hard to do as Julian doesn’t know she loves him. Though I will be waiting because I really want to have the third book available to read.

Join the Search of the Brides

After reading Heartless by Kat Martin I was hooked and wanted to read another book. I chose the first book, Royal’s Bride, from the Bride Trilogy. The series is all about three brothers who in one way or another will find a bride but that doesn’t mean love comes with it.

Royal Dewer made a promise to his dying father. His promise to marry the heiress and then he would be able to restore his families lands. Royal thinks he stumbles upon his fiancee but is stunned to find out that Lily is Jocelyn’s cousin.

Lily is penniless and is cousin to Jocelyn who will be marrying the duke. Lily knew it was hopeless to want what she could not have so she tried to have Royal leave her mind. But that did not work. As passion built Lily surrendered her body and heart. She wanted to help Royal and because of her past she will be able too but it means putting her heart on the line.

I really liked the first story with the brothers. Lily was independent and had a goal and she did not need some man to help her. I liked that her heart was involved wholly but would give it up.

Royal was a steady character that you fell in love with as he bids his fathers wishes to marry the girl he will never love. Even at the loss of his own heart.

The side characters were just as intriguing and dynamic as the main two leads. Jocelyn is spoiled and you come to hate her but in the end she turns to be decent. And Christopher is the rogue who you are not sure of until the end where Martin puts the pieces together perfectly.

As the reader you want to urge the two characters of Lily and Royal together and find that happy ending. Martin will not disappoint as the ending will leave the reader smiling.

Royal’s Bride is a fun first book of the series that is filled with adventure and love all the things needed to entice a reader.